Medical Examiner Dr. G Speaks Out Regarding the Casey Anthony Murder Trial and the Death (Homicide) of Caylee Anthony


 ”We’ll never know what happened until the perpetrator states what happened.”

This morning on NBC’s Today Show medical examiner Dr. G.,  Dr. Jan Garavaglia, discussed the trial of Casey Anthony and the issues that hampered the case against Casey Anthony and the lack of justice in the  “homicide” of little Caylee Anthony. Six months after Casey Anthony was found, “not guilty”, Dr. G explains what happened.

Dr. G. defended her position that the death of Caylee Anthony was a homicide of undetermined means. Dr G. stated that, “My job is not to determine who did it. My job is to determine what happened.”

Six months after the disappearance of Caylee, with only skeletonized remains, hair, duct tape and a few weathered objects to work with, Garavaglia concluded that “the cause of death will be listed as homicide by undetermined means.”

It was Garavaglia’s determination that allowed prosecutors to move forward and charge Anthony with murder, but many believe the “undetermined means” part of that also allowed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty.

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Dr. G will be having a TV special, ”Dr G: Inside the Caylee Anthony Case,” on Sunday on TLC  that will go into the forensic evidence and review aspects of the case that they jury obviously missed. Granted she admits that the delay in finding Caylee’s body and the willful and purposeful hiding of the body caused issues in not being able to get for evidence from the recovered remains. Dr. G. stated that she is not making any money from this, “First of all, I’m not making a penny off of it.  I never wanted to. Anything I make from that show, because it’s part of my regular series, will go to children’s charities.”

“Well, obviously we always have to look at the last person who was seen with the child — the person who is legally, morally, ethically responsible for the child,” she said, alluding to Caylee’s mother. “What stories do they give? What happened? We never did get anything from (Casey) on what happened. Yet we found (Caylee) with duct tape, discarded in the woods. That tells a lot.”

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    2 Responses to “Medical Examiner Dr. G Speaks Out Regarding the Casey Anthony Murder Trial and the Death (Homicide) of Caylee Anthony”

    1. paula on December 29th, 2011 2:54 pm

      Everyone the prosecution presented seemed so honorable and credible – especially Dr. G. Who could argue with her simple statement “there is no reason for a child to have duct tape over their mouth and nose,” This jury was tampered with, imo. Not possible to have found 12 totally incompetent and stupid people. It’s another travesty of justice if this also goes unpunished.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on December 29th, 2011 6:24 pm

      While most of the people who testified for the prosecution were honorable and credible, the Anthony family members IMO committed perjury.

      The big problem with the jury was from the get go. The selection process was rushed by the judge and the people were sequestered for a long time.

      In addition, they were from another city and were not capable of following the issues of the trial or the law. They had no interest in looking at critical circumstantial evidence to come to a decision.

      For all practical purposes, the jury paid no attention to facts after being told by the Defense in their opening statement that George did it. A jury that totally failed justice.

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