Using a Mounted Deer Head as a Weapon … Zephyrhills, FL Woman Chelsea Harrison Stabs Ex-Boyfriend Terry Nowakowski with Deer Antlers


Ex-boyfriend get’s stabbed by a reindeer … ok, so maybe the song goes, ‘Grandma got run over by a rein deer’; however, that was not the case in Zephyrhills, FL. Imagine what this 911 call sounded like?

File this one under, get ready for a red neck Christmas in Zephyrhills, FL. Chelsea Harrison has been charged with domestic battery after she jabbed and stabbed her ex-boyfriend with the antlers of a deer head. Yes, you heard that correct, the weapon of choice of a deer head. After having locked here ex boyfriend, Terry Nowakowski, out of the house, he decided to break down the door. That is when
Chelsea Harrison, took that mounted deer head and began striking her ex in the face and body with the antlers.

He figured it was his house too, so when Terry Nowakowski’s ex-girlfriend locked him out Tuesday afternoon, he decided to break down the door.

When he stepped inside, authorities said, he was greeted with antlers.

His ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Harrison, armed herself with a mounted deer head and “began striking him in the face and body with the ends of the antlers until she lost her grip dropping it to the floor,” a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report states. Nowakowski, 20, managed to flee and call for help.

It is reported that Noakowski and Harrison live together, even though they are separated and have a 3 year old child together. They might want to rethink that living arrangement.   I guess the ex can thank his lucky stars that there were no moose heads in the home, or any unicorns.

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