Occupy South Carolina Sympathizer Arrested for Facebook Threats to Kill SC Governor Nikki Haley


The Occupy protesters continue to prove they are nothing like the Tea Party.

A South Carolina man who was an Occupy SC sympathizer has been arrested for Facebook threats he made against Governor Nikki Haley. Nathan Shafer was arrested for threatening to kill Haley as he posted, “I hope someone murders you before I do.” How ignorant could one be? However, when you think that you an Occupy protest sympathizer, you expect to get away with everything and have no consequences for your actions. Isn’t that what the movement has been about from the start?

A South Carolina man is accused of threatening the life of Gov. Nikki Haley on Facebook, but he claims he was only making a point about free speech.

When 26-year-old Nathan Shafer heard about the arrests of 19 Occupy Columbia members outside the State House last Wednesday, he did what lots of people do when they get angry — he vented about it on the Internet. He saw Gov. Haley’s Facebook post about the arrests and Haley’s comment that she “appreciate[s] freedom of speech,” and that’s when authorities say Shafer crossed the line.

“I hope someone murders you before I do,” Shafer said he commented on the post. “How’s that for freedom of speech?”

BRILLIANT IDIOT! I guess this Occupy brain surgeon never learned that making threats to kill some one was protected speech. But wait, this Occupy sympathizer thinks that this has been blown out of proprtion.Really? For any individual to call for death threats against anyone, no matter what political party, should be deemed reasonable and credible. Should we ignore the obvious and have another situation occur like in the case of the Tuscan massacre and the near death of  Arizona House Rep Gabby Giffords?

At issue, according to the court, is whether a “reasonable person” would view the statement in question as a genuine threat. In Shafer’s case, that remains to be seen.

Sorry, I do not care whether such a threat was made against Barack Obama or Nikki Haley, such acts should never be tolerated. In this day and age how can anyone really determine whether a “reasonable person” would view the statement in question as a genuine threat. Because the threat is coming for an “unreasonable person.” Allow this crap to continue and it will never stop. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not a nation where anarchy rules. Sorry, but the US Constitution was never intended to protect smarmy SOB cowards from hiding behind their keyboards making death threats.

At some point a message has to be sent to the keyboard cowards, that there are consequences to your death threat actions.

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