Thanks to Iowa St, Baylor, USC & NC State … The BCS is a Mess … OK St, Oregon, Oklahoma & Clemson Lose … THE SEC REIGN SUPREME, LSU, ALABAMA & ARKANSAS should be 1,2,3



Following this past weeks NCAA college football action, the BCS is in total and complete chaos.  All of the one loss teams were whining that they should be the team that plays in the National Championship.  However, DOWN went #2 Oklahoma State, DOWN went #4 Oregon, DOWN went #5 Oklahoma and DOWN went #7 Clemson. The end result of the carnage is the SEC Conference reins supreme.

(Pre-carnage) BCS Standings
1 LSU 10-0
2 Oklahoma State 10-0, lost
3 Alabama 9-1
4 Oregon 9-1, lost
5 Oklahoma 8-1, lost
6 Arkansas 9-1
7 Clemson 9-1, lost
8 Virginia Tech 9-1
9 Stanford 9-1
10 Boise State 8-1

In a stunning Friday night and Saturday college football, Oklahoma State loss to Iowa St 37-31, following the tragic death of their woman’s basketball coach and assistant coach. Then the Clemson Tigers played a terrible game against North Carolina St and were thrashed 37-13. Not to be outdone, everyone’s latest darling, the Oregon Ducks loss to the Trojans of USC 38-35.   For three quarters the Trjoans took it to  the Ducks and held on at the end to end the Quack Attacks home winning streak in Eugene, OR.  Then came the most improbable upset of them all. The Baylor Bears who had never beat the Sooners, won in dramatic fashion, 45-38,  with less than a minute to go.

The end result and what the BCS standing are projected to look like tonight with only a couple of BCS rankings left before the bowl games … there will be 3 SEC teams in the #1, #2 and #3 BCS rankings.

That is correct, every honest NCAA football fan knows that the SEC conference is the toughest one in football. This can explain why the SEC has won the last five BCS Championship games. Now comes the following unbelievable set of circumstances. Tonight the BCS ranking will most likely look as follows. Please note this is my educated projection, not the actual. However, there is little that could be different. How amazing and unheard of is it that this late in the BCS rankings that not only will one conference have the top 3 teams in the BCS, all of the teams come from the same SEC WEST division of the same conference.

  1. LSU: 11-0
  2. Alabama: 10-1
  3. Arkansas: 10-1

So what will the final BCS Championship game be, who knows? LSU still has to play Arkansas and maybe Georgia if they beat the Razorbacks. However, if LSU loses to either AR or GA, does that mean Roll Tide is in? Or what happens of Arkansas beats LSU and the Georgia Bulldogs, they would have to be #1. But who would be the other team to play in the BSC Championship game?

Look for South Carolina, Georgia or the high scoring Houston Cougars to break the BCS top 10 this week. Sorry, but ant two loss team belongs nowhere in the BCS top 10.

UPDATE I: AP agrees with me on Top 3 teams; however, teams that loss are still in top 10. What BS from the AP … hopefully the BCS will not have this BS.Sorry, but the Ducks belong no where in the top 10, especially when the #11 team is USC, the team that just beat them at home and actually dominated them for 3 quarters.

Full AP poll can be seen HERE.

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    One Response to “Thanks to Iowa St, Baylor, USC & NC State … The BCS is a Mess … OK St, Oregon, Oklahoma & Clemson Lose … THE SEC REIGN SUPREME, LSU, ALABAMA & ARKANSAS should be 1,2,3”

    1. Bill B on November 21st, 2011 7:59 am

      I agree with the LSU & Alabama but Arkansas has a habit of choking just like the rest of them done over the weekend. I told everybody when LSU & Alabama played that they were watching a preview of the National Championship game. I have always had a soft spot for Alabama (even though I’m a die hard Buckeye) so I’m going to pick them again.

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