Occupy Wall Street Protester Arrested with Handgun & Ammo at Zuccotti Park … How Long Before this Goes Beyond the Point of No Return?


AND YET ANOTHER ARREST … Okay, the OWS protests is about to cross the line from a so-called protest movement to the point of no return, if they have not already done so.

An Ohio man affiliated with the OWS protesters was arrested at Zuccotti Park in possession of  a .45-calibre handgun and 32 rounds of ammunition. 32 year old Joshua Fellows was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and released. This protest movement is a powder keg about to explode as they have been allowed to cross far too many lines. Hey Barack, do you endorse this as well? If not, you might want to actually speak out against the criminal element and violence caused from the protest movement that you have endorsed.

The Occupy Wall Street protest could have been one bad temper away from turning lethal.

Cops busted a man from Youngstown, Ohio this weekend for driving around the OWS protest and Lower Manhattan with an unregistered gun.

Law enforcement said Joshua Fellows, 32, had a .45-calibre handgun and 32 rounds of ammunition in a truck he’d rented in North Carolina.

Fellows was originally busted on Thursday at 12:40 p.m. at Broadway and Exchange Place on a reckless driving charge after cops saw up to 40 people jumping in and out of the Budget rental truck.

This is not a protest movement, it is a crime spree.  The Gateway Pundit points out that Joshua Fellows was recently arrested in Asheville, North Carolina last week at an Occupy protest. How many times must these freaks be arrested before authorities will take it serious that they are a clear and present danger to the public? Must someone be killed?

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