OWS Protestors Cost Local Businesses $479,400 … That is Only the Beginning


What an Obamanation really looks like …

What are these people protesting again? Weren’t they supposed to be against banks? Occupy Wall Street has now cost NYC local businesses $479,400!  The very places that they are occupying, they are ruining. This is hardly the actions of the real 99%. How much longer is Mayor Bloomberg going to allow this to go on where businesses are suffering at the hands of these vagrants? Does any one not think that the business owners that are losing money are nor a part of the 99%? The Occupy Wall Street protesters have no issue with occupying a local business and spending no money in the establishment. At some point maybe Obama would like to call these people for what they really are … LAZY! Oh, that’s right, he only refers to CEO’s as lazy.

It makes no cents.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has cost surrounding businesses $479,400 so far, store owners said.

A Post survey of a dozen restaurants, jewelry shops, beauty salons, a chain store and mom-and-pop establishments tallied almost a half-million dollars lost in the 53 days since the Zuccotti Park siege began on Sept. 17.

“We’re done with them!” barked one Broadway business owner. The restaurateur — who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals — said his profits drained as soon as campers moved in.

“My customers used to take food to eat in the park, but now they can’t,” he lamented.

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