New Jobless Claims Rise Again to 414,000 Prior To Barack Obama’s Big Jobs Speech


Ahead of President Barack Obama’s big jobs speech tonight in front of a joint session of Congress, new jobless claims rose again last week to 414,000.  The so-called experts called it unexpected, why? Why should anyone think what Obama has put forth as an economic plan would create jobs? Obama has failed miserably and is quick to blame every one else except looking in the mirror.

New U.S. jobless claims rose unexpectedly last week, further evidence of a weak labor market just hours before President Barack Obama delivers a major address to Congress on the issue.

Applications for unemployment benefits rose to 414,000 in the week ending September 3 from an upwardly revised 412,000 the prior week, the Labor Department said on Thursday. Wall Street analysts had been looking for a dip to 405,000.

Obama’s speech tonight has nothing to do with the economy, its a tax payer paid for campaign infomercial.  Nothing more. One thing is for certain, to be on such a stage, Obama better have specifics and not promises to pay for government spending down the road.

So what new ideas will Obama deliver to the American people tonight? Of course the question is will they be watching Obama or Packers-Saints pregame? The White has leaked some of the speech and it sounds like more of the same failed Obama economic policies that has done nothing for the US economy. Oh wait, here is Obama’s new economic policy … BLAME CONGRESS. Barack “I take no responsibility for anything” Obama unless its killing Bin Laden will use tonight’s joint session of Congress as a blame game. Please tell me that Democrats are not going to stand and cheer when Obama makes some idiotic sound bite. Word has it that Obama’s jobs plan will cost $400 billion … call it Son of Stimulus.

There is a reason why Obama has terrible job approval on the economy, he has earned it. It is not others fault, it is his to own and frankly Americans have grown tired of his and his minions whining and excuses.

This President either does not understand that private sector jobs are need, not fabricated government ones, or he just does not care. Let’s face it, the only way the economy is going to turn around is if Obama embraces GOP ideas on creating a more user friendly environment for business. However, Hell would freeze over before that happens.  2012 is right around the corner and Obama is starring at 9+% unemployment and a mere 18% think the country is headed in the right direction.  This is a direct reflection on Obama and his policies; however, what will Barack Obama say tonight … just more blame. if you do not accept and implement his failed policies, you are to blame for an already terrible economy. That’s the Obama way.

UPDATE I: Obama’s jobs plan is reported to cost another $400 billion. Are you kidding? Obama says it will be paid for but is not going to provide details, he will give another speech for that. Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like, Nancy Pelosi’s we have to pass the bill to see whats in it. Not only do we say no, but HELL NO!!!

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    4 Responses to “New Jobless Claims Rise Again to 414,000 Prior To Barack Obama’s Big Jobs Speech”

    1. Buster on September 8th, 2011 8:55 am

      Can’t wait to see how many more jobs will be lost and cost us 300 billion dollars !!!

    2. hope on September 8th, 2011 7:58 pm

      Get outta here…




    3. Questionman on September 8th, 2011 10:49 pm

      “Let’s face it, the only way the economy is going to turn around is if Obama embraces GOP ideas on creating a more user friendly environment for business.”

      Please… Their ideas don’t work. But instead of coming up with ideas that do work, Republicans are content to attack President Obama’s job creation efforts. They’ve attacked his stimulus plan, and Republicans such as Congressman Joe Walsh have already said they will ignore any suggestions presented during the president’s address to Congress.
      SM: It doesn’t work, really? The stimulus did not work. Nothing that Obama passed with consent of the Dems has not worked. Reaganomics did work … that is a fact, go and do the research yourself to see how successful it was.

      Govt spending cannot create jobs, why? Because once the initial outlay of $’s is made, how are you going to pay for it next year? Its called a sugar high jobs economy, eventually it has to be sustainable and their is no $’s to pay for the service.

      Govt spending is like a temp job, eventually it goes away.

    4. NG Boston on September 9th, 2011 7:50 am

      A strong speech from a WEAK President? Who could even stomach to watch the Teleprompting Genius spew more of his BS?

      His first $787B “Stimulus” did absolutely NOTHING for the economy—and now he is demanding that Congress pass a bill it hasn’t even seen for another $447B?

      Clearly, Barack is OUT OF HIS MIND. Who would be stupid enough to go down that road again?


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