The Wheels Have Come Off the Obama Jobs/Economy Bus … Obama at 26% Favorable for Handling the Economy



HEY BARACK, ITS ABOUT THE JOBS STUPID!!! Barack Obama is at 26% favorable for handling the economy. The public is starting to turn on Obama and blame him for the economy. The public is growing weary of his excuses. That is down 11% from the last time Gallup measured Obama’s favorability in May 2011. A whopping 71% now disapprove of how Barack Obama is handing the economy. That is going to leave a mark. However, does it come as a shock to anyone, Obama has been in free-fall in his job approval.

It would appear that Obama has become the 20% President. On other important political issues Obama does not fare much better. The economy is the #1 issue of the 2012 Presidential election and Obama is not underwater, he is at the bottom of the ocean. This election campaign is going to get ugly as Obama obviously cannot run on his record, he and his minions will have to attack the GOP candidate at every turn, of course with the willing help of the MSM. How many times has this President been told its about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS? Yet, he has made so many other of his liberal agenda the priority.

  • Creating Jobs: Approve 29% – Disapprove 65%
  • The Economy: Approve 26% – Disapprove 71%
  • Federal Budget Deficit: Approve 24% – Disapprove 71%

Hot Air has more terrible polling data from Gallup where Obama finds himself below 50% with Independents on ALL of the key political issues. How does any incumbent President think they are going to be reelected when Independents have fled in mass?  Also, the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking poll has Obama at -22%. That makes 9 straight days that Obama has been in the -20′s. OUCH!!!

Oh but wait, Obama promises to have a major economic speech in September. But first,  with such rotten poll numbers Obama thinks its perfectly ok to go on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard and hobnob with the elite rich as Americans suffer. The peasants can wait until September I guess. The real questions is, will any one bother to listen? With an approval rate in the 20′s with the economy, Obama has made himself irrelevant.

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    7 Responses to “The Wheels Have Come Off the Obama Jobs/Economy Bus … Obama at 26% Favorable for Handling the Economy”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on August 17th, 2011 8:33 pm

      Meets or exceeds my expectations! He may be seeing twenty in a few weeks.

    2. Bill B on August 18th, 2011 5:49 am

      2 years and 7 months it took people to figure out this clown and I will add piglosi and dingy harry were worthless. I mean what were they thinking? This is only the beginning. Wait until the effects of printing all that “Free” money hit home. It’s going to make the housing bubble look like it was just a little bump in the road. How can anybody still say they like this guy as a person when he is nothing but a tyrant (look up the definition if you don’t know what that means, it fits him perfect).

    3. southernsue on August 18th, 2011 6:17 am

      remember, he says he has a job plan, however, we can’t see it until september.

      his puppet master must be working hard to come up with something to show for september.

      this guy and his puppet master has to go.

      too bad congress doesn’t have the guts to go after him and his ilk for the gun running fiasco.

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