Democratic Candidate David Weprin Seeking Ex-NY Rep Anthony Weiner Vacated Seat Distances Himself from Obama


You know its bad for Obama and Democrats when …

How bad is it these days for President Barack Obama? Even candidates that seek political seats in heavy Democrat areas want nothing to do with Obama and look to distance themselves from the once Obamamessiah. The once Savior of the Democrat party is not the albatross.

State Assemblyman David Weprin is looking to fill the seat for the Queens-Brooklyn district of disgraced US Representative Anthony Weiner who resigned his office due to his ill-advised sexting scandal. What is most interesting is that Weprin is distancing himself from President Obama. Even in a prominently Democrat district, Weprin feels the need to run away from Obama. But then again as Jammie Wearing Fool states, who could blame any Democrat running for office to run as far away from the disaster knows as Barack Obama.
because Barack’s popularity has plummeted with moderate and conservative Jews.

The Democratic candidate seeking to fill the congressional seat vacated by randy ex-Rep Anthony Weiner distanced himself from President Obama today — by refusing to say whether he backed the president’s re-election.

“I’m running myself right now. On Sept. 14, I’ll be happy to address the president’s election,” State Assemblyman David Weprin said following a press conference at Queens Borough Hall, where he was endorsed by a bevy of female elected leaders.

The special election to replace Weiner — who resigned in disgrace following a sexting scandal — will be held on Sept. 13.

It is a sign of the times, do not look for Obama to be making any campaign appearances for David Weprin. What a telling sign that in heavily Democratic New York, Obama is a detriment. Is it possible that the GOP challenger Turner could pull off an upset much like Scott Brown did in Massachusetts in 2009? Turner received 39% of the vote in the 2010 election against Weiner. Could it be that with the disgust of Weiner’s actions, a terrible economy and sky-high unemployment.

Barack Obama has an aggregated job approval rating of 44.0% approve and 50.2% disapprove. Why would any Democrat politician want to have to defend Obama’s health care plan, his out of control spending and Obama’s poor at best handling of the economy. You know that it is a sad state of affairs for Democrats when you can’t brink a Democrat president into liberal New York to ride the coattails to victory.

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    One Response to “Democratic Candidate David Weprin Seeking Ex-NY Rep Anthony Weiner Vacated Seat Distances Himself from Obama”

    1. southernsue on August 5th, 2011 5:32 am

      why? ny one of the most liberal states in US.

      don’t believe it.
      they all lick obama’s bum. obama knows where all the skeletons are in every demonrats closet.
      SM: Any notion that they would not welcome him and that they look to distance for whatever reason shows just how much trouble thaat Dems and Obama is in.

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