TEA PARTY Already Has WON & Why Establishment GOP’ers Must Go … Senator Jon Kyl (AZ-R) Says Tea Party Republicans Remind Me a Lot of Senator Obama Who Was Also Refused to Raise Debt Limit


Tea Party like Obama … How out of touch are some Republicans and ever wonder why we have a government that spends our money with complete disregard?

Ever wonder why the debt, the economy and the jobs situation ever got to a place where we find it today? Its not just because of liberals and Progressives  like Obama, Pelosi and Reid, they cannot help themselves … the blame also falls on establishment Republicans like Jon Kyl and RINO’s who have aided in the “look the other way”, out of control spending and raising debt limits without issue. How many times were these people going to raise the debt limit with complete disregard? Imagine running your household budget by the answer being, lets just put more on the credit card.

It is obvious that establishment Republicans must go, either by retirement or voted out of office. This could never have been more evident than the comment this morning of FOX NEWS SUNDAY whey Kyl said, “Tea Party Republicans remind me a lot of Senator Barack Obama who also refused to raise the debt limit.” WHAT???!!! Are you serious Senator? As the Gateway Pundit reminds us, it was not just Obama who voted against raising the debt limit under GWB, it was most of the Democrat party. They did not vote against raising the debt limit out of principle, they did so because they were going to vote against Bush at all cost. Get real.

A note to establishment Republicans and RINO’s, make no mistake about it, it was the TEA PARTY who made it possible that the GOP even has control of the US House of Representatives and made the margin in the US Senate much closer. The Tea Party revolution that took place during the 2010 midterm elections had nothing to do with the RINO’s and tired GOP Party. You just happened to be the beneficiaries.

Also, the TEA PARTY has already won the DEBT CEILING debate for if Barack Obama, Democrats and the useless progressives in the GOP had their way, Obama would have been given a blank check and clean bill that raised the debt ceiling. The TEA PARTY lead, while Obama stayed in the wings and tweeted. It was Barack Obama who stated from the outset that he wanted a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling.

Hmm, if Obama had been afforded that request would that have meant that the US would have been down graded? From what Moody’s and the rest have stated, the answer would have been yes.  If it were not for the TEA PARTY and those young guns that were elected in 2010 to breath fresh ideas and a will of the American People, there would have been no discussion of lowering the debt. It would have been Washington, DC policies as usual.

This is the reason why 50% of the  people give Barack Obama poor marks on the economy is because he has earned it.

They say a Debt ceiling deal is close, but all it will be is typical BS government compromise.$2.4 trillion over 10 years??? Seriously? We operate at a $1.3 trillion this year.  This solves nothing.

Democratic and Republican Congressional sources involved in the negotiations tell ABC News that a tentative agreement has been reached on the framework of a deal that would give the President a debt ceiling increase of up to $2.4 trillion and guarantee an equal amount of deficit reduction over the next 10 years.
Here, according to Democratic and Republican sources, are the key elements:

•A debt ceiling increase of up to $2.1 to $2.4 trillion (depending on the size of the spending cuts agreed to in the final deal).
•They have now agreed to spending cuts of roughly $1.2 trillion over 10 years.
•The formation of a special Congressional committee to recommend further deficit reduction of up to $1.6 trillion (whatever it takes to add up to the total of the debt ceiling increase).  This deficit reduction could take the form of spending cuts, tax increases or both.
•The special committee must make recommendations by late November (before Congress’ Thanksgiving recess). (MORE)

Just curious, if the US ever gets jobs back under a different President with a different philosophy on creating a job friendly and business environment, will those surpluses go to paying down the debt or more government spending?

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    4 Responses to “TEA PARTY Already Has WON & Why Establishment GOP’ers Must Go … Senator Jon Kyl (AZ-R) Says Tea Party Republicans Remind Me a Lot of Senator Obama Who Was Also Refused to Raise Debt Limit”

    1. rightknight on July 31st, 2011 11:54 am

      A fast shuffle is underway. Raising the amount of
      unsustainable debt to astronomical levels without
      defined reductions in spending leaves the entrenched
      moldy ‘royalty’ out of control and considering our
      taxes as ‘their money’. We need a strong wind to
      blow the stink out of the barn and bring some fresh
      talent to revitalize the whole spread.

    2. Miklo on July 31st, 2011 12:16 pm

      Look children,

      They need to draft a plan that has key elements of the Republican plan and key elements of the Democratic plan – and NAME IT AFTER AN INDEPENDENT! (Lieberman?)

      Then everyone will vote to pass it!

      The only objection is that the Dems don’t want to approve a plan with the name Boehner or McConnell attached to it…

      And the Repubs won’t accept any plan with a Dem’s name attached to it.

      No one wants the other side to claim the victory!

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 31st, 2011 2:36 pm

      A big load of political theatre.

      Not one of the established politicians cares one whit about doing the right thing for the country. They have all been bought and paid for by special interest groups (the big banks and wall street firms).

      The old guard Republicans (RINO) types had better take a hard look at what happened to Charlie Crist in Florida. The TEA party people are quite aware of the problem and they plan to take care of it in november 2012.

    4. NGBoston on August 1st, 2011 1:50 pm

      Hello, Texas G—A big load of political theatre?

      That’s not all it is a BIG LOAD of, if you are feeling the drift…!

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