How Reprehensible … Liberals Want SCOTUS Ruth Bader Ginsburg Gone by Any Means … Confident About Obama Reelection?


What  happened to the Libs and Democrats who say that Barack Obama will be reelected President?

It sure seems like there is trouble in paradise and some are in panic mode begging, wishing and demanding that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire from the SCOTUS. Why the rush libs? It would appear that many want her to retire now so that Obama can appoint an uber-lib to the SCOTUS.  Their fear is that is Ginsberg does not retire soon, a republican could win in 2012. WOW, I thought Obama was a shoe in by the LEFT to win in 2012. It appears not. However, how reprehensible that the NY Times appears to have a Bader Ginsber death watch on. Just sick.

How inappropriate could one be to demand that a SCOTUS step down and take one for the team. Democrats lost the House in 2010, they are on the way to losing the Senate in 2012 and maybe even the Presidency as well. Does it really matter though? If Obama tries to nominate a liberal justice, be prepared for a filibuster.

Some legal observers would like to be rid of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Associated Press reported over the weekend. These aren’t conservatives who find her too activist but liberals who find her too old and worry that if she doesn’t get out soon, a Republican president will get to replace her

For her part, Ginsburg has said she will not yield to the ghoulish left’s entreaties. The AP reports that she “has said gracefully, and with apparent good humor, that the president should not expect a retirement letter before 2015,” the year she turns 82. (Her benchmark is the age at which Justice Louis Brandeis, the high court’s first Jew, left the bench.) Maybe, like Chief Justice William Rehnquist, she will never retire.

And there is a bright side for Chemerinsky, Kennedy and Garrow: If Ginsburg does retire in 2015, it is possible–at least for now–that Obama will appoint her successor.

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