Casey Anthony Murder Trial: With Closing Statements on Sunday, Will Defense Atty Jose Baez Get Texted What to Say There as Well?


What ever happened to turning your cell phones and blackberries off during a trial?

It would appear that lead defense attorney Jose Baez did not get that memo. Check out the video below from Friday during the State’s rebuttal when the Gentiva supervisor Debbie Polisano was on the witness stand. You can obviously see Jose Baez bring his blackberry, iPhone or Droid to the podium and look down at it as he asks questions. Since when is such a thing allowed? Its one thing to get texted if you are at the Defense table, but while questioning a witness, getting prompted by outside help. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How did Judge Perry allow this to occur in a court of law? I felt like a was watching the squeal to “Runaway Jury”.

So who was texting Jose Baez questions to ask, defense counsel Ann Finnel, Geraldo Rivera, LKB? Or maybe it was Anthony Weiner sending Baez pics.

However, to no avail Baez could do nothing with any of the GENTIVA folks. During Debbie Polisano’s testimony, she buried Cindy Anthony’s testimony of making the searches at home while her time card says she was at work.

It’s pretty obvious that Cindy Anthony perjured herself when stating that she did the many searches on the home computer when she at Gentiva at the same time working. Game, Set, Match.

One thing is for certain, there will be no one texting Jose Baez when he makes closing statements tomorrow and no one to help Casey Anthony from from the facts of the case, the forensic & computer evidence and the actions of Casey of 31 days as her daughter Caylee was thrown in the swamp like trash.


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    6 Responses to “Casey Anthony Murder Trial: With Closing Statements on Sunday, Will Defense Atty Jose Baez Get Texted What to Say There as Well?”

    1. Greg the Great on July 2nd, 2011 8:24 pm

      Cindy needs to be locked up for being a bad liar.
      Jose Baez is incompetent should be removed from the bench. George is guilty of bonking why looking for Caylee. The media needs to move on.

    2. Cinziobelle on July 3rd, 2011 6:45 am

      The people seem to feel Georges grief, and I wonder if “River cruise” was just another defence plant in this trial…Since Casey offered no explanation as to what happened to Caylee and her attorney admitted that she “died by accident”…the jury has no choice but to find her guilty. Liars are always covering their tracks and since Casey had MANY opportunities to call this pool accident…the truth remains in the swamp…right next to Casey Anthony’s primary residence. George is the only believable character in this sad saga, and he has given up on giving Casey the “benefit of the doubt”…who cares if he had an affair, that actually throws out the child abuse. George does not have the profile of a pedophile…he can get a girlfriend. I think most of the problems in this family come from jealousy and envy and I don’t think Judge Perry appreciates Ms. Anfonies heartless aliby. We will see soon enough. LOVE Judge Perry when he gets pacific-

    3. Greg the Great on July 3rd, 2011 2:08 pm

      River Cruise told the truth. George believed Cindy’s BS story to coverup for Casey. The computer searches show it was murder.

    4. sheba1 on July 4th, 2011 6:41 am

      Help pls. I was an active member during the Natalie Haloway case, and now can’t log in again, saying I have to re-register, but when I try, it says my email username is taken, but I need to validate my email which will be sent by an activation link. Still haven’t gotten that! Pleeeeeeeeese help, Casey is driving me crazy lol Username was sheba1
      SM: I can’t approve that old account from 2005. Why don’t you re-register with the nickname Sheba2 or something and use another email addy if you have one and I’ll approve you today. (klaasend)

    5. kitty on July 4th, 2011 12:09 pm

      #2. you pointed out well that who care if he had an affair, that it threw out the child abuse…he can get a girlfriend… by having an affair with a younger woman ~ that’s perhaps why it was done~ to divert and make doubt. Think about it… ? Or does he? Does have the profile of a pedophile? after all?

      Only George knows if he abused as well as his daughter… was Casey being abused? Would she have perhaps talked? Did Mommy drown her or kill her to keep her from him or someone else? Or from talking? Sick ~ yes, very sick… why all the lies and diversions… if she had an accident in the pool? why cover up? You call 911…and report it as tragically and as such, you report it… why not? Why wait a month? Why was her Mother lying about colorform? Lies, lies and more lies… the details do lie in the swamp and it all stinks.

    6. skat on July 4th, 2011 12:57 pm

      Linda K. Baden has openly bragged that she is giving Baez at least some of the questions he is asking. It’s not something I’d brag about, but there you go.

      During the first week of the trial, Kathi Belich reported that Baez was mass-texting the media in the middle of George Anthonys’ testimony.

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