Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack Kabul’s Hotel Inter-Continent in Afghanistan


Kabul’s Hotel Inter-Continent in Afghanistan was attacked by Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers. I am guessing these were not moderate Taliban? As the Jawa Reports states, the hotel attack was a Mumbai style attack.

Six Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers attacked Kabul’s Hotel Inter-Continental in a brazen, carefully orchestrated operation that began Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday, ending with their deaths some six hours after it began.

“All six attackers have been killed, and the situation is secure,” Interior Minister Bismullah Khan said Wednesday morning. By then, the hotel was ablaze.

Two police were wounded in the attack; the number of civilian casualties was not clear, he said.

Chief of Criminal Investigation Mohammad Zahir told CNN that at least eight civilians were killed and six were injured.

Taliban gunman killed. With Taliban action like this, guess it’s time for a military pull out. Much, much more and updates at Hot Air.

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