California AG Launching Criminal Inquiry Into Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Possible Misuse of Tax Payer Funds


Just when Arnold Schwarzenegger thought he had enough troubles with his wife Maria Shriver and his family when he finally admitted to having a baby with another woman while married to maria, comes the following new set of problems …

As reported at Radaronline, the Californian Attorney General is supposed to conduct an  “inquiry” into former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s over alleged misuse of tax payer funds to cover up sexual liaisons. Just recently Schwarzenegger admitted to an affair and having a baby with another woman while married to Maria Shriver. Now it appears that the California AG wants to see whether Arnold might have used any tax payer $’s to hush up and a cover up his marital indiscretions.

The Californian Attorney General will conduct what’s being termed an “inquiry” into former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged misuse of tax payer funds to cover up sexual liaisons.

In a bombshell exclusive, has learned the Office of the Attorney General, a branch of the Department of Justice, is conducting a preliminary evaluation into the scope of Schwarzenegger’s double life, which allegedly included using his state-funded security details to cover up women being escorted into his hotel room.

It is being alleged, that Arnold Schwarzenegger used at least some of his California Highway Patrol security detail to transport “scantily-clad” women in and out of the Sacramento hotel he sometimes stayed in while governor.

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    8 Responses to “California AG Launching Criminal Inquiry Into Arnold Schwarzenegger Over Possible Misuse of Tax Payer Funds”

    1. Michelle Smith on May 26th, 2011 12:06 pm

      Well Well

      Looks like the house of cards is being to tumble around his feet.

      He probably should have stayed in the entertainment business and out of politics.

    2. Speedypete on May 26th, 2011 12:23 pm

      California is hilarious. Can anyone verify but I thought this was the only state that gives the state senators government purchased cars to drive. And these are nice cars from what I read. If that is not the truth I stand corrected but I think this is the truth. Arnold having security and other perks are minor in comparison.

    3. flippy on May 26th, 2011 1:47 pm

      seems fishy. According to your “laweekly” source above, the accuser (Taylor) if full of it.

      A story appearing in The National Enquirer today indicates that an individual named William Taylor previously worked as head of security at Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Hyatt Regency Sacramento never employed an individual named William Taylor as head of security or in any other capacity

    4. Greg the Great on May 26th, 2011 1:53 pm

      California Chip officers acting like pimps. Running the Hoe train to Arnolds hotel rooms on the TAX payers dollars. Oh yeah!

    5. just1girl on May 26th, 2011 7:51 pm

      While I despise Arnold, I think it only fair to remind people that he did not take a salary the whole entire time that he was governator.

    6. SUPER DAVE on May 27th, 2011 1:57 pm


    7. Arnold Schwarzenegger « The NWO Campaign Trail on May 28th, 2011 12:21 am

      [...] Bin Laden Unabomber Media Frame Bridging and Master Suppression Embed Dominique Strauss-Kahn Georges Tron John Edwards Ratko Mladic Disney/Navy Seal Team 6 Trademark Schwarzenegger Used State-Funded Security To Cover Up Affairs Bernard Munyagishari Misuse of Tax Payer Funds [...]

    8. Michelle Smith on May 28th, 2011 12:15 pm


      That still does not excuse him from misuse of the taxpayers money to support his adulterous behavior.

      He’s a scumbag

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