Anchorage Police Officer … Mexican Illegal Alien Rafael Mora-Lopez (Rafael Espinoza) Charged with Passport Fraud


So those pesky illegal aliens are only doing the jobs that Americans don’t want to do, eh?

Mexican national Rafael Mora-Lopez has been charged with passport fraud as he took on a false identity and committed identity theft in order to become an Alaskan police officer. Lopez went by the name of patrolman Rafael Espinoza. Rafael Mora-Lopez’ identify was discovered when he went to apply for a US passport when the State Department found that the Rafael Espinoza identity he was using was actually another person, a U.S. citizen. Looks like this illegal immigrant just committed a federal crime. Obviously he was using anothers social security number as well. Does it really matter whether he was a good employee?

An Anchorage police officer who took on a false identity that masked his Mexican citizenship has been arrested and charged with passport fraud, federal officials said Friday.

At a news conference Friday, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler said that patrolman Rafael Espinoza, on the Anchorage police force for about six years, was really Rafael Mora-Lopez, a Mexican national working in the United States illegally.

Good grief, what is wrong with the powers that be in Anchorage, Alaska? They keep saying in the story that Lopez was a great employee and had done nothing else wrong or been apart of ant conspiracy. Are you kidding. WHAT PART ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT AND BEING IN THE UNITED STATED ILLEGALLY DON’T YOU QUITE GET!!! Who honestly cares how this individual was previously hired and how he did it. He has broke the laws of the United States. PERIOD!

Just curious, how many others would have been willing to do the job that this illegal took in their place?

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    8 Responses to “Anchorage Police Officer … Mexican Illegal Alien Rafael Mora-Lopez (Rafael Espinoza) Charged with Passport Fraud”

    1. rightknight on April 24th, 2011 12:28 am

      Here is a perfectly good ‘Progressive’ vote being challenged
      by those who simply believe in the Constitutional Republic
      and it’s old laws. Pfffft!

    2. sablegsd on April 24th, 2011 3:52 pm

      Disgusting. Anybody that supports these illegal alien invader vermin should be made to move to mexico. Or better yet, dumped into the muslim (edit)hole country of their choice with no money and no phone.

    3. super dave on April 25th, 2011 7:49 am

      what ? another natural born democrat arrested ?

    4. on April 25th, 2011 10:29 am

      Of course there’s no need for comments like #2, but yes, it’s despicable that many don’t get that being in the USA illegally and identify theft are CRIMES.

    5. Waterboy on April 25th, 2011 10:19 pm

      His preference for an egg and sausage burrito over donuts gave him away.

      Give me and egg, sausage, and potato burrito any day—oops.

      Jerry (maybe Pedro)

    6. Cheri on April 26th, 2011 1:31 pm

      An excellent employee that broke the law more then one time!!!!!!! 1st he came here illegally and then he stole someones identity. I am sure that there are a lot of good people who do crimes such as rob banks and other things because their families need the money and they are not praised or given any special attention.They are considered criminals!!!! What kind of message does that send. How would you like to have surgery done by someone who wasn’t a surgeon. Hmmmmmm who do I want to be today??????? Let me pick a name out of a hat. So if your a serial killer and you decide to become a model citizen and do nothing but good deeds. But people that know you now say your a good person that lessons the crime you’ve committed. Give me a break. He should not get any special attention because he was a good police officer. Maybe American citizens that fall on hard times should be able to pick a new identity so we can maybe get a better job or credit rating just because that is what we want to do!!

    7. Waterboy on April 27th, 2011 6:57 am

      sablegsd ,

      Give him a parachute, a bottle of water, a snack, 5 bucks; and drop him from a 747 over the Mexican State of his choice.


    8. Alberto on May 1st, 2011 2:01 am

      1-”THE LAW” is what “voters” decide to respect and impose as their “majority opinion” about what is right to do on any issue.
      2-Read the preamble of the US constitution and you shall learn that it is a democracy, NOT A REPUBLIC as elected officials wish to belief.
      3-Usually Americans like to help aliens alike myself and give us a chance to inmigrate and the INS try to pick up aliens that wll be a nice addition to the USA society, but sometimes the INS granr residency to crimnals or cheaters that only want the money of USA and not the freedom and humane lifestyle USA offers to people here. Also other times the INS denie residency to people that are good and would become good members of USA either as alien residents or citizens.

      I say APD should investigates if their fellow police is really clean, not helping mexican drug dealers or lying in other matters alike and if he is decent, then request amnisty for his only “crime”; as my many illegal aliens whom Reagan and a Republican congress gave amnisty in 1980s and many are role citizens and volunteer today. The INS purpose is to prevent undesirable aliens to come into USA, and is not likely that 100s of mexican will want to come here to become police officers. Police pay too little money for RISKING DAILY YOUR LIFE on the line, contrary to crossing the border and only RISK ONCE YOUR LIFE.

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