Cruise Missiles Hit Kaddafi’s Compound in Libya, But He is Not the Target … Right?


Operation Odyssey Dawn was not supposed to target Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, Kaddafi; however, don’t tell the cruise missile that hit in his residential compound that destroyed a three story administration building. We have been told by some that the mission is not to target Kaddaffi, other have said he might be.

A cruise missile blasted Moammar Gadhafi’s residential compound in an attack that carried as much symbolism as military effect, and fighter jets destroyed a line of tanks moving on the rebel capital. The U.S. said the international assault would hit any government forces attacking the opposition.

Oil prices jumped to nearly $103 a barrel Monday in Asia after the Libyan leader vowed a “long war” amid a second night of allied strikes in the OPEC nation. Jubilant rebels said they expected to bring him down in a matter of days.

It was not known where Gadhafi was when the missile hit near his iconic tent late Sunday, but it seemed to show that while the allies trade nuances over whether the Libyan leader’s fall is a goal of their campaign – he is not safe.

Half of the round, three-story administration building was knocked down and pieces of the missile were scattered around, according to Associated Press photographer escorted to the scene by the Libyan government. About 300 Gadhafi supporters were in the compound at the time. It was not known if any were hurt.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the real misson was in Libya and for Barack Obama to be honest with us rather than this PC garbage of not targeting Gadhafi. Are we really going through all this, with the expense per each tomahawk missile, merely to protect rebels or is this about regime change? Just curious, if Gadhafi is taken out, who takes control of Libya?

What is the end game and what is the end result in Libya?

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    One Response to “Cruise Missiles Hit Kaddafi’s Compound in Libya, But He is Not the Target … Right?”

    1. PaMom on March 21st, 2011 5:07 pm

      My greatest fear with this war is who are we aiding. I’m afraid if we knew the answer to that question, we might all be protesting against it. Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?

      I have no qualms with people who practise the Muslim faith. I have major issues with people who practise jihad as a calling to kill and destroy everyone who doesn’t believe as you do.

      When our government decides to address jihad and the irreparable damage it has done to the American people, they will have my full cooperation and respect. Until that day comes, I believe that our government and those who support jihad are our enemies and a sell out to the American people.

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