Charlie Sheen Winning? Officially Fired from Two and a Half Men … Vows Lawsuit with Tiger Blood


Winning? Hardly Charlie … any one who hires this guy is us out of their mind … Tiger blood, Goof grief

Charlie Sheen calls the following winning … we call it a train wreck with an unhappy ending.

Charlie Sheen is officially fired from CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” and then does what Charlie Sheen does best, threatens a law suit and goes on yet another bizarre and foolish rant. Are you serious Charlie, waiving a machete from TMZ and making mock of Martin Luther King Jr. by “saying free at last” when asked about your firing by CBS. Good grief, my only question in all of this is why you were not fired sooner?

Because we all know he is not bi-polar, he’s bi-winning.

Just a note to Charlie Seen and his lunacy rants, tweets and videos … REAL WINNING IS SANTANA, NUFF SAID!!!


Sadly, the only reason why anyone in the media is following this “train wreck” is so they can watch him crash live on TV or the Internet. And here you have it, the real reason why Charlie Sheen gets PR, folks looking to make a dime off of the bizarre rantings of Sheen … now available every where, Tiger Blood cocktail.

You know folks, any of you that actually purchase Sheen’s “Winning” merchandise or worse yet wear it … you have issue and might be in need of getting a life.

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    4 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Winning? Officially Fired from Two and a Half Men … Vows Lawsuit with Tiger Blood”

    1. NGBoston on March 9th, 2011 6:03 am

      IMO, don’t think Charlie Sheen is out of his mind. Is he and his entire life spinning madly out of control- most definetly and has been intermittently for years and years.

      I think he is brilliant as an actor and honestly, the guy is funny as hell on Two and a Half Men.

      Without repeating a lengthy diatribe on all the many things that are clearly wrong with Charlie- (i.e, the personal/family issues, drug and alcohol abuse, sex addiction, etc., etc,.)

      My overall synopsis brings to my mind – a famous line that Chazz Palmienteri wrote from his Screenplay in the Movie “A BRONX TALE”
      (He also played Sonny, the top Mafia Head in that neighborhood in the Bronx who ends up dying)

      “A Bronx Tale”

      Calogero ‘C’ Anello: [as C walks out of Sonny's funeral] Sonny and my father always said that when I get older I would understand. Well, I finally did. I learned something from these two men. I learned to give love and get love unconditionally. You just have to accept people for what they are, and I learned the greatest gift of all. THE SADDEST THING IN LIFE IS WASTED TALENT , AND THE CHOICES THAT YOU MAKE WILL SHAPE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. But you can ask anybody from my neighborhood, and they’ll just tell you this is just another Bronx tale.
      Sheen’s storym is unfortunately, just another Hollywood tale. Will be interesting to see how Sheen ends up—a la Robert Downey, Jr. is my prediction. Another great talent who certainly FOUND THE RIGHT WOMAN, BATTLED SERIOUS DEMONS AND DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE and came BACK OUT ON TOP.

      IMOO, Charlie Sheen is intelligent, smart, witty and hilariously blunt and funny and has the same great talent level of some of the best there are today in Hollywood. If Downey, Jr. could turn it around—why can’t Charlie?

      So, for now- Mr. Sheen has a lot of work to do and he’s a fighter. I don’t see him giving up or giving in. He is still in deep, deep denial, however. Once Charlie faces his true demons and gets rid of them once and for all—his true talent will still be there in the end. America is usually willing to give good people a second chance. No one loves the comeback and going for the underdog more than us Americans.

      Good Luck, Charlie Sheen. May the grace and wisdom of the good Lord be with you and your family during this difficult time. Charlie has got to want to be open to God, and trust him this time around (and that’s the other half of one of Mr. Sheen’s biggest problems—-he does not trust many at all, and has not put his faith in God fro quite some time it seems. Due to his wild and crazy past, Sheen has been expolited and extorted hundreds of times and he never sold out. Not yet. Sheen has also paid literally millions and millions to several Ex’s who he had beautiful children with and the only one I see truly standing by him is Denise Richards- the Mother of his Twins he loves passionately. Brooke Meuller Wife was not a good choice for Charlie, another addict and we all know 2 addicts do not a good couple make. She is not the one for Charlie- she was his rebound from Denise and that money-grubbing USER b*tch has got to go. So don’t all the high class hookers Sheen pays thousands to party and have sex orgies with. Come on Charlie, GROW UP and get help!!!!!!!!)
      P.S. Ironically, and sadly—the really strange thing about the last quote from Calegero “C” in A Bronx Tale is that, to this day- due to drugs- Lillo Brancato, Jr. who played “C” in the flick sits in a State Prison serving time for his involvement as an accessory to murder of an off-duty Police Officer. Honestly, he kind of got a raw deal- claims he didn’t know that his friend who actually killed the PO had a gun- but it was all about a B & E to score some pills from someone because these 2 heroin junkies were having withdrawls and needed their fix. Sad, really sad.

      How ironic, that the very last line in the movie (and what the screenplay was really all about) comes back to haunt and reminds Lillo Brancato, Jr. that IT WAS DEAD ON B*LLS TO THE WALL ACCURATE. Too bad he played the part, spoke the exact words, but never really paid attention!)

    2. NGBoston on March 9th, 2011 6:06 am

      sorry for all the typos in my lengthy post. Hope the Nazi English Spelling Moonbat Trolls don’t come and hunt me down.

      Peace and Love from Beantown today to all the Monkeys–

      New Girl

    3. May on March 9th, 2011 11:28 pm

      this man is the poster child for bi-polar disorder. I watched a program on TV the other night that outlived his past abuse of alcohol, drugs, and women. I se a pattern here. He is on drugs and alcohol, he abuses someone, he goes to rehab and levels out. each time things get worse and worse. Somehow he is still able to center himself after rehab without drugs and alcohol, but after a while things get to be to much again and he goes back to his old ways. Until it all happens again…. this last time he was unable to maintain a facade of “normal existence” and finally went fully bi-polar in front of the world…. I have to agree with SM here, the only reason he is getting so much media now is for the 1st ones there get break the news of his full breakdown. Mark Cuban is the worst among them, he really wants to make a TV show with charlie just to watch him go down. No one can stop Charlie from going to medias and doing this to himself, Mark on the other hand wants to try and harness this for his own gains!!! Shameful!!! As a family member of someone who suffers from the same mentality this is horrifying. I wish Carlie the best and hope that one day he will get to place in life where he needs to be for his happiness and peace!!! WITHOUT the world watching.

    4. WINNING? Sounds More Like Bombing … Charlie Sheen’s Booed & Heckled at his Disasterous | Scared Monkeys on April 3rd, 2011 11:47 am

      [...] that they would not be? Did people who went to see an out of control, drugged on Charlie Sheen drinking Tiger’s Blood actually think that what they were going to witness was going to be [...]

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