Gas Prices Head Toward $4.00 Per Gallon & Obama Admin Appeals Oil Drilling Ruling



The Obama Administration is hellbent on making gas prices exceed $4 per gallon and to prevent jobs from being created and making the US dependent on foreign oil.

As chaos is breaking loose in the Middle East and Africa and the uncertainty is causing the price of oil is skyrocket and in turn gas to climb near the $4 per gallon, the Obama administration does nothing but make matters worse in appealing the oil drilling ruling. Never has there been a time in the US that there needs to be an intelligent, common sense Energy policy; however, Obama and his minions are dead set in making America continually dependent on foreign oil and having oil prices continue to rise. Why does the Obama administration continue to prevent deep water drilling permits applications to go through?

The Obama administration late Friday appealed a judge’s orders directing the Interior Department to act on several Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling permits.

The appeal is the latest salvo in the ongoing fight over the speed with which Interior is – or isn’t – letting oil drillers get back to work after last year’s BP oil spill.

Gulf state lawmakers and the oil industry have accused the department of enacting a “de facto” moratorium against new drilling, while Interior says it needs to ensure safety and environmental protections are in place.

It is not just a matter of oil prices and a continued dependence on foreign oil and national security … WHAT ABOUT THE JOBS! Obama has continually provided lip service that the primary goal of his presidency was to create jobs. REALLY? How many individuals in the Gulf Coast would be provided jobs if the self imposed Obama moratorium was lifted on deep water drilling?

The Obama Department of the Interior has been found in concept citing “dismissive conduct” by blocking offshore drilling during last year’s spill. Most American just have contempt for this administration for their actions in failing to provideand substantial energy policy. However, Obama and his minions just hang on the ideology of “green” energy is the answer to all when it is obviously not the case. A comprehensive energy plan must include a short, medium and long term plan … not “green” is the answer to all. There needs to be more drilling, more refining, more construction of nuclear power and other sources of energy production to make the US less dependent on forign oil, especially from the volitale Middle East.

Let’s see how the electorate feels about Barack Obama when the gas prices move close to or over $4 per gallon. Will Obama and Democrats blame GWB and being in bed with Big Oil?

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    2 Responses to “Gas Prices Head Toward $4.00 Per Gallon & Obama Admin Appeals Oil Drilling Ruling”

    1. St. Stephen on March 6th, 2011 2:24 pm

      …what about the jobs the President promised, indeed.

      What a waste of four years…2010 was satisfactory, 2012 can’t come soon enough. He can’t buy himself out of this mess, I guess.

      Gas is already at 4 bucks a gallon and sees no sign of abating. I do not trust the Democrats nor do I place my chips on the old Replicans who bed with them to change the course of our country.

      The tea party have done the most to set a straight course for America but I see the msm and both parties demonizing them as well.

      Donald Trump or Ron Paul may be our best bet. Sarah Palin has done much to encourage the citizens as well that the people make the Democracy.

    2. 55% of US Voters Oppose to Obama’s 7 Year Ban on Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling | Scared Monkeys on March 6th, 2011 4:23 pm

      [...] Americans continue to feel the pain at the gas pump, the Obama administration is only interested in appealing court decisions and delay deep water drilling applications to go through, provide more domestic oil drilling and [...]

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