Clean Up Day in Wisconsin: Tea Party Members Plan “It’s Time to Take Out the Trash Day” at Wisconsin Capitol


Tea Party to the rescue to help clean up the mess left by union protesters.

It was reported the other day that it may cost up to $7.5 million in order to clean up the mess and restore the damage done at the Wisconsin Capitol building caused by the disrespectful union protesters. However, Wisconsin Tea Party members are planning a “It’s Time to Take out the Trash Day”at the Wisconsin State Capitol to clean up the mess left by the teachers unions and other protesting union members during their sleepover.

One has to wonder why these protesters were not fines or arrested for defacing public property and graffiti. Since when is it ok and legal to deface property? Why should all Wisconsin tax payers have to pay for damage done by unions? Send them the bill, you know who they are. The union protesters turned the Wisconsin capitol building into their own person pig sty, see pics HERE.

Its Time To Take Out the Trash Facebook.

As stated at Sistertoldja, it speaks volumes of the character of the Tea Party folks, who would go and help clean up the mess left by inconsiderate union protesters. If one ever wondered what separates the Tea Party from the LEFT and unions, look no further. But of course, where is the MSM reporting that the Tea Party is picking up the trash of the unions? I thought the LEFT was supposed to be so “GREEN”.

It’s not about partisanship or protests, but pride.

It is time to take out the trash… literally. In true Flash Mob fashion, on Sunday at exactly 1300 hours (1:00 pm for you non-military types) we will do an extensive police call (pick up the trash) around the capitol square. Regardless of the state the grounds are in, we will do this as both a literal and symbolic way to show our respect for our home.

TEA Partiers know how this is done. It is time to show OUR pride for OUR state OUR way and be the example.



VIDEO Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

By the way, it is a crime to willfully deface property and graffiti:

Wisconsin Criminal Code §943.017: Graffiti.

(1)?Whoever intentionally marks, draws or writes with paint, ink or another substance on or intentionally etches into the physical property of another without the other person’s consent is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
(2)?Any person violating sub. (1) under any of the following circumstances is guilty of a Class I felony:
943.017(2)(a) (a) The property under sub. (1) is a vehicle or a highway, as defined in s. 943.01 (2) (a) 1., and the marking, drawing, writing or etching is of a kind which is likely to cause injury to a person or further property damage. (snip)

Wisconsin Criminal Code §943.01: Damage to property -

(1) Whoever intentionally causes damage to any physical property of another without the person’s consent is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.
(2) Any person violating sub. (1) under any of the following circumstances is guilty of a Class I felony:

(d) If the total property damaged in violation of sub. (1) is reduced in value by more than $2,500. For the purposes of this paragraph, property is reduced in value by the amount which it would cost either to repair or replace it, whichever is less.
(e) The property damaged is on state?owned land and is listed on the registry under sub. (5).

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    14 Responses to “Clean Up Day in Wisconsin: Tea Party Members Plan “It’s Time to Take Out the Trash Day” at Wisconsin Capitol”

    1. Political Byline » Blog Archive » Go figure: Tea Party Group cleans up after union protesters in Wisconsin on March 5th, 2011 7:43 pm

      [...] Sister Toldjah, Scared Monkeys, Nice Deb, American Power and [...]

    2. Steve on March 5th, 2011 10:38 pm

      Agreed; it is a crime to willfully deface property and graffiti. Now you need to find somewhere this crime took place to make make these statutes relevant to the story. And don’t try to pass off that lame video as evidence of anything. Those Fox News spokespeople read what they are told, and have no clue what reality is.

      This whole story is just hilarious. And sad. And not true.
      SM: You can see plain as day the graffiti on the walls.

      Actually … what is hillarious is the fact that if TEA PARTY folks ever did this, it would be a federal crime and the MSM would be demanding Congressional investigations.

    3. Steve on March 6th, 2011 1:02 am


      If it’s not too much to ask, can someone who can see the graffiti post the time-codes during which it is visible?


    4. SUPER DAVE on March 6th, 2011 9:00 am

      once again, tea party members have to clean up the mess left by the union and democrat trash.
      they have to pick up the trash left by trash.
      all protestors should have been arrested and jailed until further notice.
      actually the democrat chicken politicians should be forced to clean up the mess left by their fellow obamunists.

    5. Michelle Smith on March 6th, 2011 12:29 pm

      @#3 Steve

      You really make my head hurt with all your anal responses. If you will watch the video posted at 24 seconds in you will see they are cleaning graffiti off the marble. They are having to clean up what looks like black sharpie (you do know what that is right?) off the walls and floors.

      Honestly Steve, your high school behavior is getting really annoying. I realize you love your boy Obama and everything he approves of but when you turn a blind eye on what is right in front of your face; it shows your true character.

      You would rather shoot the messenger than hear the message.

      Typical liberal behavior and what is ruining America. You think that because you are an educated man, and write eloquently, and psychoanalyze every comment and every post, that you are better and smarter than the rest of us. You like to point out how an article is written rather than the content of the article; anything to try and discredit what is being posted. It’s not working Steve, we are on to you.

      Tell me, are you being paid by Obama are do you just enjoy being a tool?

    6. Kill the Bill on March 6th, 2011 6:03 pm

      Were any of you physically there?? by the way now they are estimating that damages to be 350,000 – well this mistake could be why we have a budget proble. The Painters Union volunteered their time to clean up the capital for FREE! and all of the $ that has been donated to support to Kill the Bill will go to landscape fees – And I would like to see the receipts for the $350,000 dollars been there – no way is it going to cost that -
      LOL, the Painters union. Are they going to paint the marble?

    7. Steve on March 6th, 2011 7:06 pm

      My guess is that the sharpie reference is for two distinct, very black lines that appear rather briefly at 00:24 near where the two men are using a rag. The same black lines also appear in more of a close-up view near the 00:26 mark.

      The two men are also seen near the 00:28 mark with rag(s) and some narrower lighter dark marks.

      Well, there are no sharpie marks in the video or on the Capital marble. These apparent “graffiti” marks from protesters are not that at all. Perhaps some of you have active imaginations.

      I wonder; what kind of graffiti was this imagined to be (really,two lines?)? Who was the first person (or group) to claim this was graffiti? What was their evidence?

      I guess because Fox News reported it, it must be true. Fail!
      SM: Oh you mean you found marker lines on the video that you claimed never existed. Who lied?

    8. Steve on March 6th, 2011 7:09 pm

      BTW, what ever happened to the flash mob, that was going to take the trash out (and by that they meant cleaning up the Capital Square (where is the out door?)?

      Perhaps another fantasy?
      SM: Maybe like the union teacher that never showed up for work or maybe like the Democrat AWOL coward politicians, they went to IL instead.

    9. Dennis Schehl on March 6th, 2011 7:22 pm

      The $7.5 milllion was a pure BS number that was discredit by real newspapers even while FOX news was broadcasting this lie. They also accused the union of vandalism without any proof. More likely it was Gov. Walkers supporters in an attempt to discredit the union. It would make no sense for the teachers union to have caused this damage. Govlernor Walker already planted this seed of sestructive behavior when he admitted that he discussed planting supporters among the protestors to cause problems. Keep watching FOX for a retraction to their usual lies. Not much chance oof that happening.
      SM: Nah, they just left the place smelling like a sewer. Just curious, why didn;t they take their signs and clean up after themselves? Are they too important to do such a thing?

    10. Steve on March 6th, 2011 9:49 pm


      Can I guess that changing the subject is a way of saying: “OK, I guess you’ve got a valid point there.”

      Otherwise, why avoid addressing the actual reason for this story. Jeez, what was this all about anyways?
      SM: Steve, I will say this to you one more time. The next time I have to you will be banned. You will respect the site when you are here. I do not owe you anything as a response. You are a guest in my house, do not ever forget that. You can rest assure that I disagree on 100% of what you say, think and believe.

      You have zero vallid points. If I do not respond, you can take this as the reason why … you bore me and I am a bit too busy to waste my time trying to convice a lib of anything.

      Another point, I can respond in any way I fell like it. Get your ouw site and then you can do the same.

    11. Steve on March 7th, 2011 12:14 am

      Given the question: “Who lied?” – one thing is clear; I didn’t. No one can find a single place I ever even mentioned marker lines, and that is a fact.

      The real lies (or unconfirmed rumors) are this: that there ever were sharpie and/or other marker lines (graffiti) in the Capital. And yet Fox “News” gets away with claiming this kind of junk as a news story. If they get small stuff like this wrong, you can bet they tell more lies on bigger stuff too. Everyone needs to wake up; don’t be fooled.

    12. Tiberius on March 7th, 2011 2:25 am

      That totally bogus $7.5 million figure was put forward by the Chief Legal Council of the Walker administration’s Department of Administration last Thursday before a judge of the Dade County Court. False testimony, used to convince a judge to issue the order evicting the protestors from the State Capitol Building.

      Walker’s people LIED IN COURT.
      SM: It still does not dismiss the fact that the protesters left the capitol building worse than they left it. I still have not heard a valid or rational argument from the LEFT as to why the protesters did not pick up after themselves .

    13. Steve on March 7th, 2011 9:00 am


      I would suggest that there is a valid and rational explanation for the events that led to the Capital being evacuated without the signs being removed in comment 24. It seems that this is sometimes referred to as “not picking up after themselves“, but I don’t consider that an accurate label or descriptino description.

      I do agree with the claim that the court testimony given by the Walker administration was not accurate, and discussed this in comment 5 at the link above. I haven’t, however, seen any reporting or discussions that specifically consider if the inflated amount was used to force eviction.

    14. Dolf on March 11th, 2011 9:19 am

      lol@ Red

      if we don’t like the facts, we won’t mention them…

      and for the ppl not cleaning up after them, they don’t have respect for the surrounding.

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