Andrew Breitbart Got ‘Walker’s Pneumonia” while in Wisconsin … GET WELL SOON!



Andrew Breitbart got ‘Walker’s Pneumonia” while in Wisconsin … GET WELL SOON!

More from the bogus doctors notes being handed out in Wisconsin. Andrew Breitbart asks, what if I am perfectly ok, am I going to get in trouble. The response, no, you have walkers pneumonia. Just curious, if everything these folks were doing was do legit, why did they want people to stop filming?

In checking the ICD-9 diagnosis codes, it would appear that “walker’s pneumonia” is not referenced. Or would it be pneumonia caused by an organism unspecified, like fraud.


VIDEO Hat Tip” The Founding Bloggers

I wonder if Obamacare would consider this doctor fraud?

UPDATE I: How pathetic that the LEFT is trying to say that the VIDEOS of these doctors committing fraud are a hoax. Sorry, but The Right Sphere and Big Government have you folks pegged dead to rights. The LEFT just has nothing to stand on when claiming hoax, unless they can get a doctor’s note for that too?

Get ready to have your mind blown. One of the worst hacks in the Lefty blogosphere is claiming, with a straight face, that the video above is a hoax. Her “evidence”? The video has ties to Andrew Breitbart.

 More video from Ann Althouse of the fraud being perpetrated as phony doctors dates are being handed out. What might be the line of the day form Ann, “You’re really providing real doctors notes for people who missed work,  I thought this was a little street theater…”


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