Gallup: Barack Obama in Tie With Generic GOP Candidate for 2012 Presidential Election


According to the most recent Gallup Poll, Barack Obama is a deadlock tie, 45% – 45%, as to if registered voters would support Obama or an “unnamed” Republican candidate. One year ago Obama had a 44% to 42% lead when the same question was asked. So where did that so-called bounce for Obama and come back kid go that the MSM has been shilling?

As stated at The Hill, the results of the Gallup poll provide optimism for the many GOP candidates that are expected to run in the Republican Presidentialprimary to face Obama. Obama’s talk of “winning the future” looks like it may not include him politically. Although Republicans have a long way to go and need to come up with a dynamic new candidate, not a past retread … Barack Obama does face the spectre of losing to an unnamed candidate, not even a headline name.

The poll, release Wednesday, underlines an opportunity for the large field of potential Republican candidates looking to defeat Obama on the heels of the Democrats’ “shellacking” in the 2010 midterm elections, when they lost control of the House and six Senate seats.

The results of the generic ballot survey are virtually unchanged from last year, when Obama held a slight two-point edge over a generic Republican.

But the poll suggests Obama is more vulnerable than former President George W. Bush at this point in his presidency.

Interestingly enough, when Obama’s poll versus a generic candidate is compared to GWB at the same time, Bush beat a generic Democrat among registered voters by 47% to 39%.

In polling from October 2001 through January 2004, George W. Bush consistently led an unnamed Democratic opponent, although by a shrinking margin as his job approval rating descended from a post-9/11 reading of 87% to the 50s and 60s. In February 2003, the point in Bush’s presidency comparable to Obama’s presidency today, Bush beat a generic Democrat among registered voters by 47% to 39%.

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