Barack Obama Eats Junk Food Behind First Lady Michelle Obama’s Back


Michelle Obama’s food police are for thee, not for me.

Isn’t this special … Barack Obama chowing down on a “shaved ice” snow cone while on vacation in Hawaii.  The very type of “junk food” that First Lady Michelle Obama tells the rest of American parents that is evil. So why is it ok for the President and the first family to eat their fair share of junk food, yet they dictate to “We the People” quite a different story. Wait until Michelle finds out, oh what, the one on the left is for her.

The hypocrisy knows no limit.

President Barack Obama made the first public appearance of his vacation Monday, stopping by one of his favorite local shops for a Hawaiian snow cone known as “shave ice.”

The president, dressed casually in a black polo shirt, khaki shorts and flip-flops, ordered a flavor combination of melon, lemon-lime and cherry at Island Snow, a store Obama has frequented during past trips to Hawaii. The president chatted with excited workers and asked them about their holidays as he placed about a dozen more orders for his family and friends.

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    15 Responses to “Barack Obama Eats Junk Food Behind First Lady Michelle Obama’s Back”

    1. johndao on December 28th, 2010 9:09 am

      I don’t think it is hypocrisy.It is ok to have a snack every once in a while.I think she is trying to get kids to excercie more and stop drinking 6 sodas a day and eating fast food all the time.It is not healthy and it is the leading cause of preventable diseases like diabetes.It is ok to eat a burger and fries every once in a while.I know you hate this guy and everything but come on,,,,,,seriously.
      SM: When you tell other people what to do and then do not set the example yourself, what is that? When you are the leader of the free world, you have a certain obligation … Obama has never realized this because he is too small for the job. You also do realize there is hyperbole in this, right?

      This is a microcasm of this President’s administration. Tell the people to cut back and be responsible, yet they spend money beyond what drunken sailors could. And they spend our $’s.

    2. Greg on December 28th, 2010 11:09 am

      Is there anything that president Obama does that is not an outrage? Have you considered keeping your powder dry?

      And anyways, this mixes M. Obamas’ campaign to curb childhood obesity with B. Obamas’ not being obese (perhaps he is active and eats a balanced diet).
      SM: Yup, a balanced diet and smoker. Oh yea, that’s right, he supposed ly quit after years of smoking. How dare he want healthcare.

      I am sure there is something that Obama does that is not a total outrage, I just can’t think of it at the moment. He did continue the Bush era tax cuts. Has not closed Gitmo. Who knows, maybe he will bring back waterboarding too.

    3. Dawg1948 on December 28th, 2010 1:09 pm

      You are right SM. You can sum this man’s Presidency in one word, HYPOCRACY!!

    4. Tweets that mention Barack Obama Eats Junk Food Behind First Lady Michelle Obama's ...: The very type of “junk food” that First Lady... -- on December 28th, 2010 1:40 pm

      [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lorri S. and others. Lorri S. said: Barack Obama Eats Junk Food Behind First Lady Michelle Obama’s Back | Scared Monkeys: [...]

    5. Wolf on December 28th, 2010 5:10 pm

      #1..I don’t either…it’s the same as Laura Bush and HHS launching a childhood obesity program. I’m sure H.W took his daughter out for ice cream every now and then…maybe even shared a beer with her. Obama is not obese…neither are his children…nor Bush or his children for that matter.
      So now it’s not OK to share part of an American summer pastime with your daughter? It all starts in the household. If you’re looking at a gov. rep. or dem. ran to look out after you kid you’re crazy in the first place.
      SM: Wolf, ya lost cred with the beer cheap shot. Also, Michelle Obama is no Laura Bush and never will be.

    6. NoBama in 2012 on December 28th, 2010 9:55 pm

      Obama is the pictorial definition of hypocrisy. Mr. Healthcare had a how many a pack a day habit? He probably has a special stash of Doritos in the Oval Office.

    7. Jumper on December 29th, 2010 4:55 am

      Michelle Obama’s a^^ is getting wider and wider..
      Their younger daughter is resembling a fat dumpling.

      When you mention the name First Lady and President Obama what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

      That they think they are in Hollywood, and keeping appearances with the celebrities….They think they are Hollywood elite and have fondness only for those kind.

      That they take vacations whenever and wherever they feel like it, flaunt their spending and snub the American Citizens with “Yes we can because we are privileged.
      For Michelle it’s a fashion show extravaganza, as she honestly thinks she is Victoria Beckham, it’s look at me…look at me, and she has to upstage every other leaders wife.

      Who gardens in designer labels with full face makeup?.. only Michelle Obama looking like she is going to a freak show.
      Those are the glimpses that flash in my mind when someone mentions their names.

      When is the next Oprah and company bash at the White House?
      Obama is counting heavy duty on Bill Clinton to bail him out and help…I bet Bill spends more time mentoring him behind the scenes than anyone else….Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton might as well be The President and First Man, they are very much in charge.

      She was miserable in India with a scarf and the ugly suit because she could not upstage anyone.
      She should have watched some videos of Princess Diana on her visit and how culturally fashionable she looked on her visit..

    8. LynneinMd. on December 29th, 2010 12:06 pm

      Michelle should practice what she preaches.
      What is with the cardigan sweaters with the top button ? Looks like an American Girl doll.

    9. Dolf on December 30th, 2010 9:45 am


      I remember the last time a child was attacked (Bristol Palin) here.

      Was a big no no

      But its ok to go after Obama’s kids??
      SM: What are you talking about? Who is going after Obama’s kidsd?

    10. Dolf on December 30th, 2010 12:05 pm

      Jumper on December 29th, 2010 4:55 am

      Michelle Obama’s a^^ is getting wider and wider..
      Their younger daughter is resembling a fat dumpling.
      SM: Did not see that and children should be off limits, you will never see me making such a comment, but ya know Dolf … you are pretty desperate if you think that is the same as the evil and heinous thinks that were said about Palin’s or GWB’s children. You really need to get a grip on proportionality. Hmm, a fat dumpling as compared to a hooker. Gee.

      A fat dumpling as opposed to saying that Trig was really Bristol’s and not Sarah’s child.

      Kids are off-limits,” Stewart pronounced:

      Last night on the ‘Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart mocked media reports of the man that shot his TV because of Bristol Palin’s performance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and the conspiracy theories behind Bristol Palin’s longevity on the reality show.

      “It’s Bristol Palin! She’s not running for anything. said Stewart, “She’s not doing anything wrong. If you don’t like how far she’s going, don’t watch the show.”

      Also rounding out the Palin coverage yesterday was a report on Willow Palin’s controversial comments on her Facebook page.

      “Stop making me feel sympathy for the Palins!” Stewart exclaimed, “It’s a 16-year-old kid’s Facebook page!”

      “Kids are off-limits,” Stewart pronounced, “As a matter of fact, we should all go out of our way to treat her children with kid gloves and respect to show that we don’t judge individuals and mock them purely based on who their parents are.”

      But to prove that he wasn’t about to let up on Sarah Palin, Stewart shot off several jokes at the expense of TLC’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ followed by a parody of the show with his correspondent Jason Jones.

    11. Greg on December 31st, 2010 2:09 am

      SM (#10)
      Kids are off limits, as long as they are not public figures in their own right. It’s not OK to go after Sarah Palin using her kids, same for Obama and his kids. If you ask me, I would add Michele Obama, to some extent, who should not be ridiculed as to her body or other personal aspects. She is not a politician, and deserves much more respect than she seems to get.

      However, now that Bristol has put herself in the spot-light, she is a public figure of her own choosing. The story should still be about her, but speculation on why her vote totals seem high can also include her famous mom.

      Same goes for Willow; if she puts controversial public posts on FB, then she has stepped into the light, and her controversies can be discussed (gently).
      SM: No, children should be off limits, Michelle Obama is not. Neither would Sarah Palin be. Please Greg, I grow weary of your self-serving nonsense. A child is a child. Period. You liberals have been going after the Bush twins and Palin’s kids long before they ever did any thing that you would call public.

      You obviously do not have children as if you did, you would know thay children are off grounds. Try and screw with some ones kids and see what happens to you when you are not hiding behind a key board.

    12. Greg on December 31st, 2010 1:10 pm

      SM (#11)
      I have no idea what “self-serving” means in this case. This story and all comments are not about me or my “self”.

      I have not been going after the Bush twins at all, so I couldn’t care less about that. And as far as Palins’ (or any other kids), it is clear what I believe; they need to have stepped into the public arena by themselves. Don’t accuse me of others possible actions; it’s a non-sequitur.

      A child is a child“: seems to be an easy definition. When does childhood end, I wonder? I was legally a full adult at age 18. Some may think 21 is the age for adulthood. Bristol Palin was 2 months shy of 18 when it was publicly announced she was expecting. Since then Bristol has appeared publicly many times for many reasons. Her dancing gig was just this year, while she is (or nearly is) 21 years old. At this point, she is clearly in the spotlight (literally), and she is no longer a kid, so any comments are fair game.

      Willow is only 16, so she deserves her privacy. That is until she makes public statements that are controversial. By stepping into the public in this way, she invites scrutiny. It was her choice, and there can be consequences.

      I doubt any of what happened regarding these situations can be regarded as “screw(ing) with some ones kids” as you put it. In any case, I’ve never engaged with these events or people. Meet Mr. non-sequitur (again).

      Oh yeah, I do have kids, and I believe that are able to control themselves to avoid such adverse life events.

      p.s. – Do I understand that comments about Michelle Obamas’ a$$ are really what you think are legitimate discourse, and that you’re looking for this type of comment?

      Oh yeah, I do have kids, and I believe that are able to control themselves to avoid such adverse life events.

      Sorry dude, but there is a reason why they are called children, kids and minors. By mere definition they are not able to avoid such adverse life events. By what you just said, I seriously doubt whether you do really have children. Especially, in the age of the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and texting.

      Do you know how many missing persons cases, kidnapping, child abuse and exploitation of minor cases I have either taken part in or posted on where the people thought the same thing? You might want to rethink. Just a helpful bit of advice.

    13. NoBama in 2012 on December 31st, 2010 2:52 pm


      I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.
      Sigmund Freud

    14. Greg on December 31st, 2010 3:29 pm

      SM (#12)
      It’s difficult to know if your doubt on my children’s existence reaches the level of saying I’m a liar, but no matter what you say, they do exist (internet-of course, FB-naturally, Twitter-no, texting-impossible to have friends without it). But enough about that.

      If I’m not mistaken, this has been expanded to a whole new level. You’re talking about actual criminal acts, whether or not kids are the target. Wow, that is quite a change from a discussion about what someone says. I didn’t see that coming.

      Actually, I’m well aware of your passion for covering terrible events where people are preyed upon. For instance, Natalee Holloway is featured by you and/or this site. She was 18 (and 1/2) when she disappeared. What I don’t know is if she was still considered a kid (by whom?), and what relevance her situation has to what I was discussing. No disrespect intended, but does her being or not being a kid relate to her story (since we were primarily discussing kids)?

      I, as well as most people, recognize the world can be an unpredictable and dangerous place. There will, sometimes, be circumstances beyond our control, and bad things are possible. IMO, I feel these bad things are more likely to be about the perpetrator, and less so about the victim, age included. We’ve taught our kids to think safety, and ensure they are safe by watching them when they were young, and seeing they have adults around or are with groups so they are less of a target.
      SM: You know what Greg, I am tired of trying to reason with a TROLL, Bye. You are nothing more than a PITA.


    15. Greg on December 31st, 2010 3:44 pm

      BTW – what about comments on the first ladies anatomy?
      SM: She is an adult, who cares. People are allowed to voice their opinion regarding Michelle. I am sure she can handle it.

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