Washington State High School Football Player Penalized for Excessive Celebration For Honoring God


What part about honoring God is “excessive celebration”?

A Washington state high school football player Ronnie Hastie was penalized after scoring a TD for “excessive celebration”. What did he do, did he dive and do a flip into the end zone? Did he pound his chest and taunt the opposing player? Did he do a dance and spike the football? No, Ronnie simply dropped to his knew, pointed to the heaven and and gave praise to God. That’s excessive?  Who knew we had atheist referees. Had this ref pulled this BS call in Texas rather than Washington state, he would have been fired. Some one really needs to sit this “power hungry” ref and educate him that his actions were excessive.


UNBELIEVABLE!Hastie had done the same thing all year after scoring 17 touch downs and had never received a penalty before. The rules say that you are not supposed to bring attention to your selfand are supposed to give up the ball immediately. A note to the dumb-ass referee, he wasn’t bringing attention to himself … he was doing just the opposite, he was giving glory to God.  Even the folks at CNN saw nothing wrong with this two second act. I guess this fool of a ref has never saw the moving ‘Facing the Giants’.

As long as we honor God, nothing is impossible … nothing!


Taking a knee and praising God is something that is done at every level of football from Pee Wee, pop Warner, high school to college to the NFL. But for some reason this clueless, Godless ref is his pea brain mind thinks that a player praising himself is the same as God. Thankfully, Tumwater went on to beat East Vally in the semifinals 63 – 27. Tumwater went on to win the 2A Championship over No. 1 Archbishop Murphy 34 – 14.

Heck, had the kid scored again and the score was that lopsided, if I were the coach I would have given Ronnie Hastie a Bible and have him read his favorite verse following a score.

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    One Response to “Washington State High School Football Player Penalized for Excessive Celebration For Honoring God”

    1. Tamikosmom on December 24th, 2010 10:52 am

      To avoid riots in the streets … the referee would have been condemned all the way up to the White House if a Muslem player would have spontaneously fallen to the ground in gratitude and shouted “Praise be to Allah”.

      Maybe Christian should unify and peaceful but forcefully let it be known that “enough is enough”.

      Merry CHRISTmas referee.


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