Independent US Senate Candidate Charlie Crist … OMG He Throws Like an Obama … No Wonder Republican Marco Rubio is Cleaning his Clock in Polls by Double Digits



What a desperate, pandering attempt on Charlie Crist’s part to the FLA voters to throw the ball so far inside to show that he was way right as a candidate, wink, wink. I hope this was not Crist’s attempt as a last ditch effort to impress the Florida voters.

Charlie Crist’s attempt at throwing out the first pitch an the Ray’s game might have finally sealed his fate in the Florida US Senate race. It might have been the worst and most embarrassing first pitch ever in a game. He even topped his pal Barack Obama. No wonder the Rays lost to the Rangers in game two of the ALDS. What is more embarrassing, Crist’s pitch or his polling numbers?


Is it any wonder after watching that pitch why Republican Marco Rubeo is destroying both Crist (I) and Meek (D) in the polls. In teh most recent Rasmussen poll, Rubio is now far out ahead of his two rivals as he has hit the 50% mark … RUBIO (R) 50%, CRIST (I) 25% and MEEK (D) 19%.

Coming off a contentious televised debate, Republican Marco Rubio has now jumped to a two-to-one lead over Independent candidate Charlie Crist in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek still runs third.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Florida shows Rubio with 50% of the vote, up nine points from just over a week ago and his best showing in the race to date. Support for Crist, the state’s current GOP governor, has fallen to a new low of 25%, while Meek captures 19%. Three percent (3%) like another candidate in the race, and three percent (3%) more are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

You know what they say about birds of a feather and water seeking its own levelRemeber how patheticallty bad Barack Obama’s attempt was as well at trying the first pitch? How ironic Obama’s was inside and extremely LEFT. However, just like Obama’s job approval numbers, Crist is finished in the US Florida Senate race.

UPDATE I:Is Crist and Democrats looking to play dirty politics in order to get anyone but Rubio elected? Will Meek drop out to help pave the way for Crist? How pathetic is Crist? He drops out of the Republican primary because he was losing by double digits to Rubio, after he had stated he was going to only run as a Republican. Now as an Independent his campaign is going no where so he needs the Democrat to drop out to have a chance. UNREAL! To the Independents and Republicans in Florida that actually might vote for this politically hack, can you see now that he is nothing more than a Democrat?

Meanwhile, Mr. Crist is striving to assemble a center-left coalition by winning over Democratic voters. His latest mailing throughout the state was titled “Ten Reasons Democrats Should Vote for Charlie Crist.” On issues from health care to taxes, Mr. Crist has moved dramatically to the left.

Mr. Crist has also refused to say which party he would caucus with if he wins. His latest nonanswer: “I will caucus with the people.” But Mr. Crist has met privately with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, adding to GOP paranoia that Democrats may be getting ready to throw the sure loser Mr. Meek over the side. One Republican Party leader tells me he wouldn’t be surprised to hear suddenly that “Meek was offered an ambassadorship from Barack Obama.”

Didn’t the Democrats learn their lesson with lame duck US Senator Arlen Specter? However, according to the Weekly Standard, Meek denies the rumors. If Democrats pull such a stunt as to have Meek step down, I find it hard to believe that the Florida voters would take to kindly to this type of sleazy political games. As states at Hot Air, it is too late to take Meek’s name off the ballot. In an environment where political game playing is not looked upon kindly by the voters, such a Democrat stunt will merely prove correct what Rubio has been saying all along, he is the only candidate who is running as a Republican and against Obama’s policies and agenda.

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    2 Responses to “Independent US Senate Candidate Charlie Crist … OMG He Throws Like an Obama … No Wonder Republican Marco Rubio is Cleaning his Clock in Polls by Double Digits”

    1. Scott on October 8th, 2010 1:27 pm

      Charlie Crist knows he can not beat Marco Rubio in a straight up election which is why Crist COWARDLY left the GOP race to run as independent. Now, he has to resort to even a lower sneaky way of trying to win and that is teaming up with Meek and convincing him to drop out to gain Meek’s votes.

      Crist, based on his throw, is a non-jock and has not athletic ability whatsoever, like the Prez, who can’t play an ounce of hoops.

    2. rightknight on October 8th, 2010 2:56 pm

      “Real” ladies throw ‘em better!

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