A Name Change for MSNBC.com, Like That Will Make a Big Difference


Are you serious …

NBC media bigwigs are meeting to discuss a possible name change for MSNBC.com. In a word, why? Wait a minute, you mean the sites name is not BSNBC? Who knew? Oh wait, that’s the liberal bias slanted cable news name that the Internet site is trying to distance itself from. According to reports, one of the new names under consideration is NBCNews.com. Isn’t it interesting that the Internet site is looking to distance itself from the far LEFT loons of the cable TV MSNBC. Interesting indeed that the web site is looking to be a greater news source than its TV counterpart.

NBC Universal and Microsoft, the parents of MSNBC.com, are holding high-level talks about a name change, something that could be a risky endeavor for the third most popular news Web site in the United States.

The two parents have determined that the brand of MSNBC.com, a strictly objective news Web site, is widely confused with MSNBC, the cable channel that has taken a strongly liberal bent in recent years, according to internal memorandums obtained by The New York Times this week.

Charlie Tillinghast, MSNBC.com’s president, wrote in a memo last March, “Both strategies are fine, but naming them the same thing is brand insanity.” The channel and Web site are already separate companies.

Who is NBC kidding, if they wanted to re-brand MSNBC.com in a success manner and draw more readers they would change the name to Fox News.com.

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    2 Responses to “A Name Change for MSNBC.com, Like That Will Make a Big Difference”

    1. Ed H on October 7th, 2010 12:13 am

      a rose by any other name is still a loser, liberal, last place news organization

    2. William Teach on October 7th, 2010 8:11 am

      It would probably be a good move. MSNBC.com is actually, in my mind, a pretty decent place to get news. Yet, I tend to avoid it because of the TV station.

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