SC Mom Amanda Raegan Smith Gets 8 Years for Murdering her Son Devon Epps with Alford Plea


Eight years and time served for killing your own child … are you friggin kidding?

What the hell is up with South Carolina these days? Have DA’s heard that there should be time attached to the crime? File the following under the WTF category. I am not sure which is more criminal, the murder by Amanda Smith or the acceptance of the Alford plea and the pathetic sentencing. In the end, Amanda Smith basically got a away with murder and a slap on the wrist.


Devon Epps

In November 2007 Devon Epps was murdered. His mother Amanda Raegan Smith claimed that a knife weilding carjacker got into the car and smothered her son. Of course the story sounded like complete BS at the time as why would the carjacker have killed the child and not the mom as well. Scared Monkeys reported the story at the time as follows:

The events of Devon Epps, if one is to believe them as described by Devon’s mother Amanda Reagan Smith as to what she told investigators:

  • Amanda and Devon Epps were stopped at Jacobs Road and Interstate 85 that Sunday night when a scruffy-looking white man carrying a knife ordered the mother from her car.
  • Investigators said the woman told them the man forced the woman’s son into the back seat of the car and ordered the woman to drive around.
  • Amanda was able to get out of the car but when she did, the suspect locked the doors and that’s when he got into the back of the car
  • The man locked himself in the car with Devon. Then  he smothered the boy, holding a pillow over the child’s face.
  • Devon Epps was taken to a hospital, where he was declared deceased. Amanda Reagan Smith was injured as well.
  • She was treated and released from the hospital that night.
  • The woman had non-life threatening injuries, deputies said.

Does this sound believable or like the many similar cases where a family members entire family is murdered yet they survive virtually unscathed? The story certainly sounds suspect.

The story did turn out to be utter rubbish and Amanda Raegan Smith was arrested and charged in the death of her 7 year old son Devon Epps. Almost 3 years later,Amanda Raegan Smith entered an Alford plea  and the judge found her guilty of both involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice. Amanda Smith will serve as many years in prison for the murder of her son as Devon lived on this earth. Greenville, SC … is that justice?

A South Carolina mother who claimed a carjacker smothered her 7-year-old son has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Assistant Greenville County Solicitor Cheryl Aaron says Amanda Raegan Smith entered an Alford plea on Tuesday, and the judge found her guilty of both involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice.

The plea means the 29-year-old Smith does not admit guilt, but acknowledges the state has enough evidence to convict her.

UNBELIEVABLE! Kill your kid and get 8 years and time served. Does the Greenville DA’s office think this is justice for the murder of Devon Epps? Amanda Raegan Smith allegedly kills her kid and is able to get out of prison at the age of 34? UNREAL!  office

Amanda Raegan Smith, 29, appeared in court Tuesday in Greenville and entered an Alford plea to involuntary manslaughter and received a five-year prison sentence on that count, although she maintains her innocence.

She entered an Alford plea to obstructing justice and received a three-year sentence for that. In an Alford plea, the defendant does not admit guilt but admits that there is sufficient evidence for a judge or jury to return a guilty verdict.

The two sentences will run consecutively. She got credit for time served. It was not immediately clear how much more time she would serve.

Amanda Smith’s trial had been scheduled to begin next week and should have. The Greenville Sheriff’s Office appears to be a bit pissed over the sentencing as well, see there response HERE

“We feel sure that we had substantial evidence against Miss Smith. Although I realize that … it’s a necessity from time to time to make plea arrangements … I feel like we had a strong case and I am disappointed with the outcome,” Sheriff Steve Loftis. “My thoughts and prayers do go out to Devon Epps’ family.”

Aaron said the solicitor’s office did not object to the Alford Plea during the proceedings but “strenuously” attempted to avoid it beforehand and bring the case to trial.

A note to the assistant solicitor Cheryl Aaron, an Alford Plea might be a guilty conviction even though the defendant does not have to admit guilty; however, you in no way provided JUSTICE FOR DEVON! You should be ashamed of yourself. Quit your excuses and BS about how a jury would deal with a mom killing her son or admissible evidence. You copped a deal and that’s the bottom line. Then there come the following ridiculous comment … “solicitor’s allowed the Alford Plea, under the condition that Smith also be charged with obstruction of justice”. Why was it so important Cheryl Aaron, the sentencing for the obstruction of justce runs consecutively with the so-called involuntary manslaughter.

Aaron said the solicitor’s office also considered how a jury might react to a crime that accuses a mother of killing her own child.

“It’s not a crime we can wrap our heads around. We cannot wrap our heads around the fact that a parent would kill their child. I think in order for a jury to find someone guilty of that, they’re going to have to be strongly convinced that it was an intentional act of killing,” said Aaron. “Had the jury not found that it was an intentional act, they could have felt sorry for her and turned her loose to go out the same door that we all went out of and that was unacceptable.”

“The bulk our evidence is not inconsistent with an unintentional act. If that is truly what it was, then that is what it should be. Whether we believe that it was or not, personally, is immaterial,” said Aaron. “The fact that she’s willing to come in and enter a guilty plea to something that is not inconsistent with our facts does provide closure and punishment.”

Aaron said the solicitor’s allowed the Alford Plea, under the condition that Smith also be charged with obstruction of justice.

“The fact that she maintained this charade for three years is significant,” said Aaron.

Smith said she understands the public outcry that followed Smith’s plea.

Hmm, she says she understands the public outcry. Really? That is awfully inconsistent with the previous comments, “It’s not a crime we can wrap our heads around. We cannot wrap our heads around the fact that a parent would kill their child.”Personally, the people of Greenville and more importantly a jury could have easily wrapped their heads around this murder and sentenced Amanda Smith with a first degree murder charge.

Patricia Epps, Devon’s paternal grandmother stated that she did not agree with the sentence either.

“She took our grandbaby and now we have no grandbaby and I hate her for it,” said Patricia Epps. “I hope she rots in prison and I hope she rots in hell.”

Patricia Epps also left the following comment on Scared Monkeys. Our hearts go out to Devon’s family, loved one’s and friends. What a disservice and injustice that was done to Devone Epps. We can only pray for the family and that they some how find peace. As for Amanda Smith … karma is a bitch and there is a special spot in hell reserved for those who kill children.

I’m devonvs Grandmother devon did not get justice.I know my grandbaby is in heaven. And that’s whats keeping all of us going, because one day we will see him again.I just hope that BITCH! gets her ass whiped everyday, and maybe she will died. Maybe the way devon died. And that’s still not justice not for 7 years. She mudered a child. She did not sell drugs or run over somebody, She killed our grandbaby and you can’t bring that back. we love you devon love gran gran.

patty epps

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    7 Responses to “SC Mom Amanda Raegan Smith Gets 8 Years for Murdering her Son Devon Epps with Alford Plea”

    1. Melissa on August 15th, 2010 5:12 pm

      Obviously the prosecutions case was not very good or I am certain the prosecuting attorney would not allow this type of plea. Had it gone to trial, Amanda may have gotten to come home sooner. She took the Alfred please and has to still spend abotu 6 months more in prison.

      Noone was there and no one knows all the details of the crime. I am certain that the state did what they thought was best and at least Amanda will be home with her family soon
      SM: Had this gone to trial, she would have had the book thrown at her. The people in SC hate her.

    2. sick in Ca on August 25th, 2010 10:10 am

      If Susan SMith can get life, why cant this psycho get the same? what has to happen first? does she need to have more babies to kill? and to think … my man is doing life in prison for DEFENDING a child!

    3. diane on October 23rd, 2010 2:19 pm

      It is so sad that our Justice System sucks.
      The only reason she got out of this is Plain and Simply.Bob Aerial
      Someone in her family,either knows someone in the office ,or it was Bought out.There are so many Crooks in our Law inforcement.
      It is the worst I have ever know it.
      Amanda Smith took a 7yr old Child’s Life.
      She Done this with Her own hands,She tried to burned him up in a House fire 3 months before that.They knew she done it,but could not Prove it,Now she Chokes him with her hands ,and She gets to gets a few yrs in jail.I Hope and pray the Man up above Has a bigger Punishment for you.
      May you R.I.p.My Little Angel Devon
      We all Miss you more than we can say…

    4. Amanda Smith Devon Epps Murder Update « Bruce Tyson on June 25th, 2011 5:16 pm

      [...] in the Greenville, South Carolina community were shocked at the unceremonious and lenient end to what was one of the most tragic and bizarre murder cases in [...]

    5. brittney on April 30th, 2015 3:25 pm

      Devon was NOT murdered in November is 2007. He was murdered August 12, 2012. His mother is a monster but she is out driving around greenville in a brand new Kia her grandparents bought her. So moral of her story is kill your kid and get a brand new car. Guess she’s playing the price is right dumb cum guzzling gutter slut whore twatwaffle cuntmuffin!

    6. Bruce Sanchez on December 11th, 2015 8:49 am

      F*ck Amanda Epps I hope the devil tortures that bitch for killing my cousin!!! Yes Devon in a better place but i don’t believe it was his f*cking time to go!!! I love u Devon!!!! (RIP)

    7. Sheena Epps Buchanan on January 11th, 2016 7:39 pm

      YES, Brittney, he was murdered in 2007. But it was in August.
      I truly hope that vile murderer, has nightmares every single night.

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