Down, Down, Down … Gallup Poll has President Obama with 44% Approval, 48% Disapproval


wn, down, down … Rock Lobster.

With just five months before the November midterm elections, President Barack Hussein Obama finds himself with an all time low in the Gallup poll.The One’s approval rating according to Gallup has slipped to 44% while his disapproval is at 48%. OUCH, that is going to leave a mark. With Obama’s approval rating nearing the 30′s, Democrats must be in complete panic mode. The once Obama “Midas” touch is all but gone as even the LEFT is starting to questions Obama’s leadership.

Rasmussen has Obama with a 46% approval rating and 53% disapproval.

The Real Clear Politics average has Obama at a 47.3% approval and 46.4% disapproval.

What is dragging and continuing to drag Obama’s approval numbers down? That would be the BP oil spill and his miserable handling of the situation. Any one can plainly see that he is in over his head, has no idea how to handle the matter and is completely void of leadership. Gallup polling show that only 40% of the public approve of how Obama is handling the BP oil spill.

How is it possible that after 54 days since the BP oil spill began and 60 million gallons pf spilled oil later, Barack Hussein Obama is finally going to meet with the CEO of BP. WHAT LEADERSHIP. Only when questioned and criticized that Obama had never met with the Chief Executive Officer of BP did the White House finally arrange the meeting. Did it not dawn on Obama that he should have?

Never has there been such a naive, novice and dangerous WH running the United States of America. Their ineptness knows no bounds and can be seen by the American public as “The Chosen One” is losing support.

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    3 Responses to “Down, Down, Down … Gallup Poll has President Obama with 44% Approval, 48% Disapproval”

    1. Just Bearly on June 11th, 2010 10:18 am

      Coming soon is the start of the 2012 presidential race. (I sincerely hope a qualified independent candidate steps up to the plate) who can challenge OBama who has tons of money at his disposal, which Obama of course will use in crafty advertising ways to get votes. I’m not sure there is a Republican front runner as of yet who can best him out of office as BO is sure wage a strong campaign with money no object to get reelected. The best We the people can do is go vote your heart and your pocketbooks choice… starting this fall. Thats our clout against this administration is to vote not to fund its current proposed wild spending programs, proposed raised taxes, and unqualified national management.

    2. LilPuma on June 11th, 2010 2:10 pm

      Yea, but he did meet with Paul McCartney. He’s British.

    3. Speedy Palm Harbor FL on June 15th, 2010 2:35 pm

      True approval? Maybe in the high 20′s to low 30′s at best.
      A. I’m sceptical of normally polling less than 1000 peeps? Too much room for doubt?
      B. I’d say IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to have a 44% approval “nationwide… No way! wHERE? Except at the White House?
      C. Except for major news networks, Obama consistently performed VERY poorly on every major issue he’s involved with so far; the Gates affair; Healthcare; Economy; jobs; Oil spill; even his campaigning doesn’t work anymore?

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