IDIOTS: Two Passengers Arrested in Portsmouth, NH Bus Bomb Threat


Sometimes it pays to just shut up and listen, especially when it comes to following what the police say.

Two passengers have been arrested following the Portsmouth, NH bus bomb threat that took place yesterday. However, its not what you think.It was not the man who was overheard by other passengers who was thought to have said bomb.

When will people ever learn that when dealing with a potential terrorist bomb plot, it might make the most sense to listen and obey what the police have to say. Sadly, such was not the case for John Smolens of Lewiston, ME and Calvin Segar of New York City. Both men were charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice for simply not following police order. Who in their right mind in a potential terror bomb scenario with police and FBI present does not follow orders?

John Smolens, of Lewiston, Maine, was charged with resisting arrest for refusing to follow orders after getting off the Maine-to-New York bus, police said Friday. Calvin Segar, of New York City, was charged with obstructing government administration for allegedly giving police a fake name. Both were due in court Friday afternoon.

Hmm, wonder what this guy was trying to hide?

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    One Response to “IDIOTS: Two Passengers Arrested in Portsmouth, NH Bus Bomb Threat”

    1. kitty on May 7th, 2010 4:11 pm

      one charged with assisting arrest
      the other with lying and lying…
      just watched on WBZ news~

      Calvin gave the police two separate names until this afternoon…he was carrying $2,900.00 dollars cash and apologized for not telling the truth.

      John Smolens seemed confused as he went into court and he was tazered by police and resisting arrest yesterday ~ released ~


      On other end of the cell phone the person said “bomb on the bus”… that is what the passenger overheard and went to the bus driver …and then the authorities were called in..

      ~ question? why hasn’t this guy who was on the other end of the phone call been brought in for questioning?

      If that conversation was being said on an airliner, that person would’ve been hauled in for questioning, one would think? or the person making the comment also been investigated?

      Another question… in traveling on bus lines, many if not most do not allow cell phone use. Was this normal practice on this bus line?

      that’s all.

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