Arianna Huffington Gets Spanked by Rudy Giuliani & Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe … Oh the Hypocrital LEFT


If you missed it and you might have since it took place on MSNBC, watch the following video below and see smear merchant, cheap shot artist and uber-liberal Arianna Huffington get spanked after her typical LEFTist, troll-like attempt to hijack the discussion. Watch her make a fool of herself and then get slapped down. Because only Arianna Huffington has never made a mistake in her life, until it is pointed out that she has made many.

The topic was former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s enforcement of Republican MaroRubio for the GOP primary for the Florida US Senate seat over Charlie Crist. It turned into a typical attempt by Arianna Huffington to throw cheap shots rather than discuss the topic at hand.

Rudy Giuliani’s response to Arianna Huffington’s attacks …

“I come on here just to talk about Marco Rubio, you’re attacking me on Bernie Kerik, you’re attacking me on how I ran my presidential race. I imagine you’re going to attack me on what I did in the Little League when I was a child”

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Wacth Arianna Huffington get her hat handed to her in the exchange.

HUFFINGTON: I mean, this is a man who also spent $50 million in the presidential race and got one delegate.

SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. Arianna, I’ve got to say this. Just stop. If we’re going to do this, Arianna, I, understand, we’re going to talk about your race in California.

HUFFINGTON: I never, I mean, my…

SCARBOROUGH: You ran for governor of California, and it was a complete flop. I still want to hear your ideas, and I don’t always go back to your failures here or your failures there. But for some reason, you’re doing it with Giuliani. And I, by the way, I would be defending somebody on the Left if someone on the Right was doing the same thing to them.

GIULIANI: The reality is you criticized the Tea Party movement and the right-wingers for getting terribly personal and terribly irrelevant and racist, and you’re the worst offender. I mean, I come on here just to talk about Marco Rubio, you’re attacking me on Bernie Kerik, you’re attacking me on how I ran my presidential race. I imagine you’re going to attack me on what I did in the Little League when I was a child. I mean, this is an over the top, emotional reaction as opposed to an intellectual discussion of whether Rubio or Crist would be the better senator.

More VIDEO here.

Hot Air point out, it is not the first time she has made an idiot of herself.

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    7 Responses to “Arianna Huffington Gets Spanked by Rudy Giuliani & Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe … Oh the Hypocrital LEFT”

    1. Greg the Mongoose on April 7th, 2010 7:59 am

      Arianna Huffington acted like a idiot Harpy.
      My visit to NYC on June 11, 2000 was a nightmare. I saw women getting sexually assaulted ten feet in front of the NYPD. They refused to act. Giuliani was the Puerto Rican Day Parade Grand Marshal. I was trying to get my family to the MET! Instead I got them to safety. The five days I was in the rotten apple I saw worse. The news showed Giuliani with his mistress Judi Nathan living in Grace mansion. While he pushed his wife and small children out of their home. The NYC taxpayers paid for Nathans security while she was his mistress. Cheap SOB. I could write a book on my five days of hell in NYC. Yes 911 saved Giuliani career.
      A hero I think not!

    2. Michelle Smith on April 7th, 2010 9:02 am

      Arianna Huffington annoys the crap out of me. I can’t understand a word that comes out of her mouth. She’s rude, condescending & just a nasty bitter hag.

    3. NewGirlBoston on April 7th, 2010 10:03 am

      Good for Rudy G! Another person in politics that whether or not you like or loathe him on a personal level—he doesn’t take any ridiculous crap when it’s doled out to him.

      I’ll always stick up for Mr. Guiliani-especially in light of how he handled himself, the City of NY and the people surrounding him when 9/11 went down. Never forget that and will always be grateful for his tenacity, grit and composure during the entire epic tragedy. He really wasn’t a hero- just stood his ground there and thought of everyone else (before himself) for a change.

    4. Jayne (on the left coast) on April 7th, 2010 11:35 am

      Zsa Zsa only got where she is form her ex-husbands money and name. Why is this woman even relevant? Why should her opinion matter to anyone? She made a real fool out of herself when she ran for Gov. here.

    5. Greg the Mongoose on April 7th, 2010 5:57 pm

      Donna and Rudy were married on April 15, 1984. Separating in 2000 after reports of Rudy’s affair with Judith Nathan, Donna formally filed for divorce in December 2000. Donna claimed that she learned of Rudy’s decision to leave her when he announced it during a television news conference on May 10, 2000. Rudy quit wearing his wedding ring in early 2000. Rudy and Donna divorced on July 10, 2002.
      Donna and Rudy reached a $6.8 million divorce settlement out-of-court settlement tax-free”after Mr. Giuliani admitted to cruel and inhumane treatment based on a relationship with another woman.” She also was awarded their apartment, child support, litigation fees, and custody of their children.

    6. 11B40 on April 7th, 2010 8:33 pm


      Occasionally, I have my doubts about how much of a New Yorker Rudy really is. I was born and bred in the Bronx, the mainland part of New York City, and my response would have been, “Bold words from a woman who managed to marry a homosexual man.”

    7. Carpe on April 8th, 2010 12:56 am

      I heard Arianna liked it. ;)

      Green Acres is da life forrrrr me, dah-ling!

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