State Run Media Already Making Excuses for Future Increase in Obama Economy Unemployment Numbers


Why should we not be surprised that the state run media like the WAPO is making a preemptive strike to soften the blow when unemployment numbers may rise in the not to distant future. So can we expect an increase in the unemployment rate in the future? After all, it is not like the underemployment rate, which the media and Obama seems to ignore is not at 20.3%.

The increase in jobs highlighted in the nation’s most recent unemployment report carried the sound of economic promise, but Obama administration officials said Sunday that the public shouldn’t expect any dramatic improvement in the jobless rate, largely because of the effect of thousands of “discouraged” unemployed people who have resumed their search for work.

Some economists assert that the unemployment rate, which held steady at 9.7 percent in March, is likely to be driven higher as many more such people are lured into looking for work by signs of recovery.

The number of people looking for jobs rose by more than 200,000 last month compared with February, according to the Economic Policy Institute — and that’s a good sign, economists say. It means that Americans are seeing more jobs being created and that they’re optimistic about their prospects.

However, Beat the Press seems to think that the Washington Post is inventing a surge of Job Seekers. Say it isn’t so … the MSM fabricating a defense for this Administration, NEVAH!!! What would Obama do without his complicit media?

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    2 Responses to “State Run Media Already Making Excuses for Future Increase in Obama Economy Unemployment Numbers”

    1. super dave on April 5th, 2010 4:16 pm

      yes, i do believe that one of obama’s peasants
      did say that they don’t let anything get to them
      media that the white house doesn’t control.

    2. Wayne from At The Water Cooler on April 7th, 2010 11:29 am

      WAPO has picked a fine time to pull its head out of the sand. Keynesian Jobless recovery; been posting on this since December 2008 – although only this year on at the water cooler [ linked to your post: Currency • Keynesian Economics ]

      Government can not compete on a level playing field with private enterprise and win. The free market rewards efficiency which brings down the cost of products – creates more products and jobs IE allows those with less resources to enjoy more product and hires somebody to build the product. Until we get the monkey [figure of speech] of the back of business the job market will remain weak.

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