Now Unions & Liberals are Attacking Dem Senator Harry Reid’s Jobs Bill as a Joke


More from the Gang who could not shoot straight …

$15 billion? What’s $15 billion jobs (stimulus) bill when Barack Obama had previously passed one for $787 billion. Now Democrat leaning Unions and other liberal groups are up in arms over this ridiculous and “puny” attempt of jobs legislation.

Unions and liberal groups have dismissed Sen. Harry Reid’s $15 billion jobs bill as “puny” while calling for larger stimulus measures.

More than two dozen organizations, including the AFL-CIO, National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP) and the National Council of La Raza, warned Democratic leaders in Congress to avoid tackling the troubled economy through incremental action.

How does the LEFT really feel about Reid’s jobs bill? These people can do nothing right as they manage to just upset all sides and do nothing to get people back to work. This will become the latest FOX TV show, ‘When Liberals Attack Their Own’.

“If this $15 billion was the only thing [that passed], that would be like having an amputated arm and sticking a band aid on the end of it,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, on a conference call Friday.

Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid did have a bipartisan jobs bill on the tabeble. That was until he took it upon himself and  killed it. He ended a bipartisan jobs bill for this? No wonder Democrats and Reid are failing miserably in the polls.

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