Obama Bipartisan Health Care Talks … Pelosi Aide Admits Summit is a Trick


And who doubted that Obama’s health care summit was nothing but a trick?


From the folks that brought you Obamacare … would they lie?

President Barack Obama has portrayed the health care summit with Republicans as a bipartisan meeting to come together with like ideas and to listen to one another with hostility. Republican leaders questioned why any one would want to debate and revive a health care bill that the President could not pass with his own party’s support. Then there was most common sense thinking people that just looked at the event as a political, photo-op stunt by Obama.

Now Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Aide admitted to the National Health Policy Conference hosted by Academy Health and Health Affairs that the Health Care Summit a Trick.

President Barack Obama has proposed a bipartisan health care summit for later this month that Republican detractors bill as a publicity stunt designed to generate more support for the flailing pro-abortion health care bill. Now, an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi essentially admitted that’s the case.

In comments reported by Congress Daily, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s top health care aide Wendell Primus admitted top Democrats have already decided on the strategy to pass the Senate’s pro-abortion, government-run health care bill.

Primus explained that the Senate will use the controversial reconciliation strategy that will have the House approve the Senate bill and both the House and Senate okaying changes to the bill that the Senate will sign off on by preventing Republicans from filibustering.

“The trick in all of this is that the president would have to sign the Senate bill first, then the reconciliation bill second, and the reconciliation bill would trump the Senate bill,” Primus said at the National Health Policy Conference hosted by Academy Health and Health Affairs.

Did anyone really think Obama’s Health Care Summit was legit? After a year of denying access to the health care reform debate, after having House and Senate Democrats write a 2700 page government take over of health care that Obama’s Health Care Summit was nothing more than the “Beer” Summit with out the beer?

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    2 Responses to “Obama Bipartisan Health Care Talks … Pelosi Aide Admits Summit is a Trick”

    1. super dave on February 11th, 2010 12:26 pm

      obama is the michael vick of politics. lazy, don’t care approach and could care less about his responsibility as long as he gets to do whatever he chooses.
      let them pass this bs bill. nobody is going to accept it and he can’t put the whole country in jail. we’ll all be martyrs.

    2. Harry Reid’s Bipartisan Oblivion - Opinionator Blog - NYTimes.com on February 12th, 2010 7:47 pm

      [...] course, it’s not like anybody really thinks the Feb. 25 get-together has anything to do with bipartisanship. So, is Derek Thompson being cynical, savvy or just recognizing the [...]

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