Barack Obama, You Lie … Most Americans Don’t Believe President’s Rhetoric About Economy



When you lose the trust of “WE THE PEOPLE” … you have a real problem and one that is not mended any time soon. The people do not believe a word that Obama is saying about the economy. This is bad news for Obama and Democrats heading into the 2010 midterm elections especially when the economy is the #1 issue on Americans minds.


Such is the case with President Barack Hussein Obama and his rhetoric during his State of the Union speech last week regarding the economy.  In a recent Rasmussen poll, only 21% of voters nationwide believe that taxes have been cut for 95% of Americans and 53% say it has not happened, while 26% are not sure.

During his State-of-the-Union address Wednesday night, President Obama spoke about a deficit of trust between the American people and political leaders. New Rasmussen Reports polling on the president’s speech shows just how deep that trust deficit has become.

The president in the speech declared that his administration has cut taxes for 95% of Americans. He even chided Republicans for not applauding on that point. However, just 21% of voters nationwide believe that taxes have been cut for 95% of Americans. Most (53%) say it has not happened, and 26% are not sure. Other polling shows that nearly half the nation’s voters expect their own taxes to go up during the Obama years.

During Obama’s SOTU speech he claimed that steps taken by his team are responsible for putting two million people to work “who would otherwise be unemployed.” The American people do not believe The Chosen One on this statement either. Just 27% of voters say that statement is true, while 51% say it’s false.

Although why should Americans believe Obama’s fuzzy and fabricated employment math when three of his top advisers when on the Sunday Talk Shows last week and provided three different created or saved jobs numbers, thousands and thousands, 1.5 million and 2 million. Interestingly enough Obama went with the highest number for his SOTU speech.

The American voters also have no confidence in Obama’s spending freeze.  The voters also want no part of talking another look at Obamacare either. We the People have spoke in VA, NJ and MA regarding Obamacare and yet this President refuses to listen. The people want Obamacare scrapped.

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    8 Responses to “Barack Obama, You Lie … Most Americans Don’t Believe President’s Rhetoric About Economy”

    1. Thingumbobesquire on January 30th, 2010 12:06 pm

      Watch the Pollsters Attempt to Change the Agenda Now That Obama’s Down for the Count
      Here’s the new game in town. And it goes like this. The media, like the son of a mother dog that we so well know it to be, will forthwith put in for its usual Mutt and Jeff routine, now that Obama has incompetently run afoul of the Families’ agenda. Polls are now going to show more and more Americans are excruciatingly worried about the deficit. Of course this is pure manipulation. The Republican party is ginning up this Simple Simon brand of Joe six pack falderol a la that slow drawling Republican version of Al Gore, Phil Gramm and his kitchen table economics for kindergarteners: Mr. and Mrs. America: the government has to pay as you go just like you and me. Ergo, the Mutt and Jeff ragtime. So John Q., you aren’t ready for deathcare euthanasia a la the Obama kill your granny meme? Well here’s what you are telling us now you want in this latest poll: you demandbudget cuts: soto voce–read Schachtian austerity. Come on, you know you want it. After all, money rules the world doesn’t it. Pleased to meet you, I hope you guess my name. Woo hoo hoo. Hail her royal satanic majesty. Hail Satania!

    2. Innocent Bystander on January 30th, 2010 5:05 pm

      From Hope & Change to Americans don’t trust one word out of his mouth all in one year.

      Obama is the biggest disaster of a President since Carter. Actually he may be worse.

    3. Greg the Mongoose on January 30th, 2010 6:17 pm

      I did not believe the Commander and Liar when he was launched at the DNC Convention in 2004. Your speech was looped and played for 4 hours straight on major channels. I told my family that you would be the next Democratic President in 2004.
      A first class BS artist.

    4. rightknight on January 30th, 2010 10:44 pm

      Perhaps unknowingly, we elected Barry to be the next
      “Progressive of the United States of America”. Bush
      had a bit of a Woodrow Wilson streak running down
      his back as well, tho not as sinister. Obowma wins
      hands down in the lying department however. Barry
      seems to have been denied the ‘shame gene’ at birth.

    5. Obama Refuses to Listen to American Voters … Maybe Barack Obama is the President of No! | Scared Monkeys on January 31st, 2010 3:18 pm

      [...] it is, a majority of the American voters no longer trust this [...]

    6. Cragsdale on February 8th, 2010 8:09 pm

      This president is a joke to all Americans and our country. I am so glad people are finally waking up and seeing what kind of person BO is. I did not vote for him since I knew from the beginning he was evil. He refuses to listen to the American people and this will cost him big time in the end. I can’t wait until November 2010. If we do not take back our country this year this man will screw all of us over so bad that it will take more than my lifetime to correct the problem. This man is a walking disaster and timebomb. This man says one thing and does the complete opposite which is why he can’t be trusted anymore. This man wants to take away all our human rights and control our lives. He has no idea what he is doing since he has to hire all these radical Czars to control every of the Government for him. What a joke! I still wish there was enough support to Impeach the man because I hate the idea of this man in WH for nearly three more years. Oh well, it just means that much more time for him to screw up even more.

    7. Ross Wolf on July 6th, 2010 1:42 am

      Americans Don’t Trust Obama

      How could Americans trust Obama. Obama lies repeatedly to their face, perhaps pathologically; duped Democrats to elect him President—then wrecked their Party, ordering Democrats to support suicide economic policies, spending trillions of tax dollars on senseless economic/public programs destined to bankrupt America; while Obama was endeared by his constituency of Socialists/Marxists. Obama has done more damaged to our national and economic security than any known spy working for a foreign Government. Because Obama has little understanding of economics, endemic of leftists, it is not surprisingly Obama’s only solution to the economic crisis, is to keep borrowing and spending until everything collapses. Despite Obama’s poor performance as president, Obama’s latest poll has leveled off at 45%, the same percentage of Americans that pay no taxes.

      Is it a mistake for Americans to believe Obama represents the United States? If Obama is an extreme leftist, America is in trouble. Historically extreme leftists support a Marxist ideology—that mandates crushing democracies and individualism, forcing socialism or communism on Citizens—even if that means destroying their economy and certainly their Constitution. If you look at Obama’s past life, it is apparent he has associated with Communist/Marxist groups and like individuals. Many Americans believe Obama’s allegiance is first to a leftist ideology, not to America. At a time in history when Americans needed a great President, they got their worst nightmare.

      Openly some in the Obama Government admit they support dismantling capitalism. Whether or not their endgame entails destruction of the United States, dismantling capitalism will cause the majority of Americans to become unemployed, many forever.

      When Americans voice their objections to the direction Obama is taking their country, Obama response is to propose laws to arrest Americans with no probable cause or evidence see Sound-Video: and support gag legislation such as the Disclose Act. Obama’s Neomarxists intend to drown out your voice, the voice of America with Obama propaganda, enforcing new regulations that will cripple bloggers and other alternative media disseminating information, free speech that grass-roots among other organizations and Citizens depend on to make informed decisions. How dare this person who calls himself President act to curtail Americans’ right to know, restrict American’s right to communicate via the Internet or other medium. Obama’s leftists if permitted, will brainwash your Children before they gain prospective what life is about, with Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that will restrict the flow of information. Historically when leftists have attempted or taken over a country, their first step is to control the media and all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations.

    8. JerryM on November 11th, 2010 10:25 am

      26% of those asked if their taxes had been cut said they didn’t know. Well, How would they know if they don’t work? Over half of those who voted for Obama don’t work but live off the rest of us.

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