Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts and Democrat Party willing to Destroy itself for Obamacare


After Republican Scott Brown’s stunning victory in last nights special Senate election in Massachusetts and a complete repudiation of Obama’s health care reform, Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are still willing to destroy their party for Obamacare.


One needs to ask the question, why? The liberal wing of the Democrat party are acting like suicide bombers on a one way political death mission. After just witnessing a Republican win the former Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy, one would think that Dems would pull back on the reins and rethink the health care debacle.

The answer would be no as Nanacy Pelosi as meeting with other democratic leaders late at night in a closed session in her office.

Someone didn’t get the message…
Nancy Pelosi told reporters last night that depite Scott Brown’s huge win in Massachusetts that she would move forward with her plan to ram Obamacare through Congress. Pelosi was meeting with other democratic leaders late at night in a closed session in her office.

As Indiana moderate Senator Evan Bayh warns of a catastrophe for the Democrat party if they do not learn a lesson from The Bay State Backlash, Speaker Pelosi adds more steam and heads directly into the iceberg.

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    39 Responses to “Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts and Democrat Party willing to Destroy itself for Obamacare”

    1. tuyvnsurvivor on January 20th, 2010 1:01 pm

      I continue to think, the only reason librals would choose political suicide to force feed us this terroistic health care plan and unprecidented loss of freedom is: they have some things to hide. Things only (they think) hidden if the bill goes through.

      For all the corruption exposed by this administration and terroist Congress — can anyone say there have not been many immoral, unsavory, borderline, extendings beyond all usual corruptive activisum’s? That exposed. Imagine what we do not yet know about. For we the public, that is not an unreasonable fear.

      Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton’s hide things far worse than Kennedy submerging his girl friend.

    2. Michelle on January 20th, 2010 1:20 pm

      Nancy Pelosi is a nasty, angry, waste of good oxygen. I will not call her a woman because she does not represent anything that real women stand for. She is a mass of nastiness & flappy skin. (gross) She is absolutely a cold heartless biotch. She needs to take her old ass to an assisted living community and shut the hell up.

      Harry Reid is a nasty, angry waste of good oxygen. He is lower than pond scum. He is not a man, but a mass of nastiness. He needs to take his old ass somewhere and shut the hell up.

      They do not care what the American people want. They think they know what’s best for us but they don’t know squat. If this health care reform bill is so great then why are the exempt from it? Why are they hiding behind closed doors in the dark of night to get this passed?

      They need to retire and stay out of our lives.

    3. NewGirlBoston on January 20th, 2010 1:28 pm

      Wow…someone else is really upset Brown got elected.

    4. brie. on January 20th, 2010 2:35 pm

      She looks and acts crazy….!!!

    5. Tamikosmom on January 20th, 2010 2:35 pm

      Not all elected Democratic representatives are willing to manipulate the democratic process as well as the will of the American people.

      Kudos from this Canadian captal C Conservative to Senator Jim Webb of Virginia.



      January 19, 2010
      Democrat: Suspend health care reform until Brown is seated
      Posted: January 19th, 2010 11:10 PM ET
      From CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby

      Washington (CNN) – A moderate Democratic senator is calling on his colleagues to shelve health care reform legislation until Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown takes his seat in the United States Senate.

      “In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia said in a statement Tuesday after Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat.

      “It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.”

    6. Dawg1948 on January 20th, 2010 3:28 pm

      As far as Pelosi, Reid, and Obama; I can only repeat what “Dirty Harry” said. Go ahead make my day. Do you feel lucky, well do you, Punks?

      If they do feel lucky they will go ahead with their health care BS and November 2010 will be a worse bloodbath than we thought. In addition 2012 will be the Mother of all Disasters for them.

    7. Just Bearly on January 20th, 2010 4:06 pm

      If Obama really wants to do the right thing he would drop Pelosi, Reid, and Emanuel like a lead balloon. (And make good on his vow to be moderate.)

    8. Michelle on January 20th, 2010 4:16 pm

      #3 Haha…I love it….

    9. Tamikosmom on January 20th, 2010 4:23 pm

      Dawg1948 (6)

      The only problem is that by 2012 … the United States government will have the controling interests is all major private industry … there may be no turning back.

      Think about … Barack Obama has been on a roll since he was elected President in regards to controlling financial institutes … the auto industry … the media and … now thisclose to controlling health care. Three years down the road …


    10. tuyvnsurvivor on January 20th, 2010 6:23 pm

      #9, observant you are. While we have paid so much attention to health care the liberals have passed many a freedom loss to us, and gains for world activisum. Though we all took health care infringements personally, it would not surprise me if it was all a planned deverssion. Trust is not to be seen.

      I took it serious, truthfully without a thought of my own situation. As mentioned before, my dermotoligist and surgeon a Syrian and praticing musilum (tops for nice guy and doctor), voted for Obama. We talked of it much during my last skin cancer, over a year ago. He now sides with me, proud of me for the Tea Party activities and talkking to him in a way he could choose to see things my/our way. Had my latest skin cancer surgery last Friday. My doc says I would be dead with Obamacare. Even though you taxpayers never paid my medical bills, nor my family…would have been free to me through VA these decades, but I paid my own way.

      Gosh, I would have loved to have been a member of congress. Once reviewed by the Republican party for state rep,. Though I admitted too many super fine women in my younger decades, and the but kicking of a couple of bullies — enjoying and happy with those experiences…great memories. But anyone who might have known me, not always happy with my firey side now and then, I feel sure they agree I am fair in all dealings, totally uncorruptable, not bribeable or any candidate to be held hostage or blackmailed. How many of those are in congress.

      I missed my chance. There is bound to be 1000′s (100′s of k’s) of us that think that…if honest? And to think my PU truck is 14 years old…laughing. Let us all vote for some people who have lived life and know life, responsible and independant — seeing patriotisum proudly.

    11. brie. on January 20th, 2010 7:04 pm

      The Wicked Witch of the West, including her mobats, Harry, Obama and of course Barney(Elmer Fudd)

      Dorothy needs to click her ruby red slippers and get us out of this mess…!!!

      None of them care what the American people want…they are suppose to be working for us…the whole thing is unconstitutional….
      why are they not subject to Obamacare? Because it sucks…that in itself is truly unfair..they are not exceptional!!!

      And if your going to take your company to another country and hire cheap labor, then you should be taxed severally….some of these businesses that you call the people can barely speak English….the last person I spoke to was from Malaysia and I could not understand hardly a word….meanwhile the people of own country are losing their jobs….we need to take care of our homeland…as Ross Perot said, one of these days your going to a big suck and it will all be gone….!!!!

      Obama is not the chosen one, nor the Messiah, nor the prophet, he’s the makings of Rev Wright…and he says a shining light will descend upon’s more like hell’s fire and damnation… only a community organizer and he thinks he deserves a B+, let’s talk about a big fat F…

    12. Dolf on January 20th, 2010 7:26 pm

      or Massechphuses as the Dutch newswoman said.

      the analysis was abit the same as on SM, but a bit friendlier.

      Obama hasn’t filled many of his promises.

      and that the campaign was pourly run.

    13. Tamikosmom on January 20th, 2010 7:39 pm


      Thanks for the clip. I laughed and … laughed and … laughed

      I do believe that Barack Obama has yet confer with higher ups … has yet to confer with those who are actually in charge. He forgets that he is just the puppet in a political agenda. (LOL)



      Updated January 20, 2010
      White House Reduces Expectation of Passing Health Care Reform

      … But asked again whether he was sure Congress would pass health care, Axelrod hesitated.

      “I believe there is going to be a will to move forward,” Axelrod said. “The benefits of doing it are much greater than the peril of not moving forward at this point.” ….

      After Brown’s victory Tuesday night, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., called on the Senate to stop all health care legislation until Brown is seated. President Obama told ABC he agreed.

      “The Senate certainly shouldn’t try to jam anything through until Scott Brown is seated. People in Massachusetts spoke. He’s got to be part of that process,” he said.

    14. Tamikosmom on January 20th, 2010 7:57 pm

      President Obama’s senior adviser: David Axelrod

    15. Dawg1948 on January 20th, 2010 8:20 pm

      It want happen #9. Everything the bafoon has done will be repealed. It will be a matter of survival of the Republic and the Republic will survive believe me. It may take a long time to clean up his mess but it will be done.

    16. Pat in Alabama on January 20th, 2010 8:42 pm

      #2 Michelle

      These are examples of modern day carpet baggers. They act like they are there to “help” the people, but they just feed off them.

    17. athena on January 20th, 2010 10:11 pm

      This administration must really think the American people are stupid, that broken promise’s don’t matter as long as Obama is charming on a personal level. The far left liberal’s have driven the Dmeocratic Party over a cliff and intends on taking the whole country over that cliff if the people don’t stop it.

    18. rightknight on January 20th, 2010 10:51 pm

      We hired what we thought were servants, and
      instead got a collection of weird control freaks!

    19. NewGirlBoston on January 21st, 2010 9:33 am

      #13- Janet/Tamiko’s Mom—I couldn’t resist posting that, I found it hilarious as well.

      Interesting—Yesterday Pres. Obama said in his interview w/George Stephanopoulus (loosely quoted)- one of the reasons he believed that Americans elected Scott Brown was the same reason/way he got elected. Americans were still “angry” and “frustrated” with the way things have been going for the past year, the past 1 or 2 years—then he also has to mention in the same breath-the past 8 years! So, here is Barry still clinging to finger pointing and blaming GWB when NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT ANYMORE! You are so accurate with all of your political observations, Janet. It is time for Mr. Obama and all of his Washington Cronies and special interest groups to stop UNDERESTIMATING the majority of Independent thinking Americans! We are NOT stupid and we can clearly see what direction our Government is headed in.

      He promised us change, alright and he does not have (nor did he have when elected) the necessary experience to run a Country and put us back on the right track again. Instead- he has spent TRILLIONS of dollars with his pork-barrel politics and bogus stimulus plans which have done NOTHING for this Country but put us all further in debt.

      We are still at a War he said he’d “stop”. Well, doesn’t work that way, Barry. DUH. He waffled on that campaign promise and instead has ordered a surge in troops.

      Unemployment is still at all time high’s percentage wise across the US. Where are all those jobs you’ve promised our economy? Oh, that’s right—there aren’t any but yet Congress is asking us to pass a Health Care Plan we can’t afford to give “everyone” benefits? No Socialized Care, Mr. President! Get a clue! Americans do NOT want this forced on us! As far as I’m concerned, that is dead as a door mat now that Mr. Brown will be coming to Town! He’s not a Rock Star or a Superhero—Scott Brown won because he ran an honest, open campaign and spoke with common sense.

      Americans are tired of the same old thing from Washington! The people have spoken in Massachusetts and questioned Authority—-let’s hope the rest of the Nation will follow suit and send most of Congress their pink slips, too! We have a lot of work to do before 2012 rolls around but Barack Obama must be swept out of office and restore some amount of sanity and political balance & bi-partisanship back to our great Country.


    20. super dave on January 21st, 2010 10:54 am

      #19: the difference is that Americans are angry and fed up even before his (first year). he would never make it in 8.
      and the thing that got him elected wasn’t the frustration and anger.

    21. brie. on January 21st, 2010 11:18 am

      How can we continue on with the ultimate liberals in control…Obama is a liar, a complete disrespect to some of our past Presidents and what they have accomplished.. he is tax and spend…has an ego beyond belief….what has he done so far but created monumental debt for our country and is trying to create complete government control with his health care program without the approval of the American people…now even beyond a headache…..why did we elect such a fool!!! We need to change the rules and elect another President…!!!!Get rid of him!!!

    22. NewGirlBoston on January 21st, 2010 1:39 pm

      #20- Dave. I have to correct you, Sorry. Living here, I can tell you that is was most definetly frustration and disappointment in the Democratic Party that helped to motivate the voters of this State—- What got Scott Brown elected was a few things!

      Since I have been born and brought up here-let me tell you on behalf of Mass. Residents a few of the reasons why many jumped ship and voted for Brown.

      #1. He publicly stated he did not want the bill in Congress on Health Care to be passed in it’s present state. While he stated he agreed with portions of it and the idea of reform, he specifically sent a message “NO to Health Care Reform. No one in this entire State wants it…Uhm, Duh—we already have a Mandatory Health Care Program that we pay big bucks for and it hasn’t really been successful. That was a big issue here.

      #2. Brown also stated that he believed his opponent was too soft on terrorisim and disagreed with her stance regarding the recent Christmas Day attempt with the Underwear Bomber. We were plain pissed off that our own AG in the State was willing to give a TERRORIST rights that are only to be afforded to CITIZENS OF OUR OWN COUNTRY—NOT OUR DAMN EMEMIES! Was she OUT OF HER MIND stating that? She also made a bad mistake in not prosecuting a child rapist in this State (Amirault case) and that turned off many voters towards her as well. When your own Husband is a Retired Cambridge Police Sgt. and the Mass State Police Union do not even want to endorse you—what does that tell you?

      #3. Coakley also lied and ran a rotten campaign. Brown kept it clean, which is hard to do in this State. We have just as much corruption here as any other State.

      #4. Brown was definetly much more in touch with the people of the Commonwealth than Coakley who did not even know who the hell Curt Schilling was! He was more of a family man, worked harder, showed more emotion. People here just could not relate to Martha! Even WOMEN here do not like Martha!

      Those are your reasons right there. Everyone I spoke to wanted a change and was sick of business as usual in this State and in WA. Also- what I believe won the elections were the votes from thousands of Independents here who are not affiliated with either party and are moderate liberals who uphold conservative values and are SICK TO DEATH of being OVER TAXED for everything. Mark my words—-Patrick Deval is next. Kerry should be watching over his shoulder as well.

    23. NewGirlBoston on January 21st, 2010 1:43 pm

      oops…Deval Patrick or whatever the hell his name is. Little dsylexia there for you, Dave.

      He’s history and in lock step with his buddy Barry.

    24. J.Jay on January 21st, 2010 4:18 pm

      Wow! Impressive guys, and girls.
      All your fingers must be bleeding.

      That photo always cracks me up! It is really cool.

      That’s one hell of an angry virtual mob you got goin here.

    25. super dave on January 21st, 2010 5:26 pm

      sorry#22: i wasn’t talking about brown’s election. it wasn’t frustration & dissapointment that put obama in office as i stated on another post. we all know how that got done. sorry i didn’t make myself clear on that one.

    26. athena on January 21st, 2010 6:26 pm

      All great reasons you gave GirlBoston. I feel your overtaxed pain hon, i’m feeling it too. But you & the other MA poster’s here have a unique perspective on gov. run health care on the State level that the rest of us don’t & i value your opinion’s on what you’ve experienced with it.

      I see the fed raised the debt ceiling another Trillion dollars yesterday. Printing & spending money we don’t have.

    27. athena on January 21st, 2010 6:38 pm

      I am so thankful for all you Independant voters! I have voted Republican but i’m not pleased with everything they’ve done or not done so it thrills me to see the number’s of Independent’s growing.

    28. NewGirlBoston on January 21st, 2010 10:58 pm

      #24—So far, you have had not a damn thing to contribute with your comments but insinuations and immaturity. And, Yeah—that photo of Nancy is a CLASSIC, isn’t it???

      Do you have a comment, viewpoint or opinion you’d like to express? You are free to do so. Got a point you’d like to make?? Let’s hear it.

      Otherwise, shut the hell up Troll because you are the one with anger management problems here it seems. If you are going to go on any public website spewing random bullshit- expect an unfavorable response.

    29. NewGirlBoston on January 21st, 2010 11:03 pm

      #25- Dave—Oh, you meant why Obama got elected?
      Hell—we all know the reasons for that. Sad, but true.

      You have no idea how absolutely wonderful and encouraging it was over the last few weeks to hear so many people admit they made a huge mistake in voting DEM the last election—or more importantly—in voting for him. Every single Dem or Indy I know in this State has indicated they will not make the same mistake twice next election. Hmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn…and all this coming from one of the most liberal States in the Nation. Maybe there is “Hope” for some REAL CHANGE afterall.

    30. Scott on January 22nd, 2010 7:31 am

      J Jay idiot – you are so clueless moron. Virtual mob…LOL Good one…you got us with that one geek!

      It’s no mob, it’s the American people rising up; those independents who have buyers remorse, now are seeing the light, the TRUTH!

      More jobs lost BTW….

    31. super dave on January 22nd, 2010 8:11 am

      jjay: a mob is a band of wild horses in Australia. a party is a group of Americans pushing to keep their rights and their freedom from the democratic dictatorship. as you can see, the deadly healthcare reform is so unpopular now that your own will not even vote on it.
      the real problem is jobs and the economy. home foreclosures are up 121% under obama. all his energy is spent on forcing healthcare and whitehouse rap parties and vacations.

    32. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 8:16 am

      clearly he didn’t get you, otherwise you would have posted something different.

    33. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 8:57 am

      The Great Tea Party Rip-Off (nytimes, Frank Rich)

      Even given the low bar set by America’s bogus conversations about race, the short-lived Harry Reid fracas was a most peculiar nonevent. For all the hyperventilation in cable news land, this supposed racial brawl didn’t seem to generate any controversy whatsoever in what is known as the real world.

      Eugene Robinson, the liberal black columnist at The Washington Post, wrote that he was “neither shocked nor outraged” at Reid’s less-than-articulate observation that Barack Obama benefited politically from being “light-skinned” and for lacking a “Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.” Besides, Robinson said, Reid’s point was “surely true.” The black conservative Ward Connerly agreed, writing in The Wall Street Journal that he was “having a difficult time determining what it was that Mr. Reid said that was so offensive.”

      President Obama immediately granted Reid absolution. A black columnist at The Daily News in New York, Stanley Crouch, even stood up for the archaic usage of “Negro.” George Will defended Reid from charges of racism as vociferously as Democrats did. Al Sharpton may have accepted Reid’s apology, but for once there’s no evidence that he ever cared enough to ask for one. So who, actually, was the aggrieved party here? What — or who — was really behind this manufactured race war with no victims?

      It would be easy to dismiss the entire event as a credulous news media’s collaboration with a publisher’s hype for a new tell-all-gossip 2008 campaign book, “Game Change,” which breathlessly broke the Reid “bombshell.” But this is a more interesting tale than that. The true prime mover in this story was not a book publicist but Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican Party and by far the loudest and most prominent Beltway figure demanding that Reid resign as Senate majority leader as punishment for his “racism.”

      Steele is widely regarded as a clown by observers of all political persuasions, but he is clownish like a fox. His actions in this incident offer some hilarious and instructive insights into what’s going on in the Republican hierarchy right now as it tries to cope not just with our first African-American president but with a restive base embracing right-wing tea-party populism that loathes the establishment in both parties. And though Steele is black, and perhaps the most enthusiastic player of the race card in American politics today, race was a red herring in his Reid vendetta. It threw most everyone off the scent of his real motivation, which had nothing to do with black versus white but everything to do with green, as in money.

      A profligate spender, Steele had inaugurated his arrival as party chairman by devoting nearly $20,000 to redecorate his office because he found it “way too male” for his sensitive tastes. In the weeks just before “Game Change” emerged, Steele was in more hot water. Over the holidays, G.O.P. elders were shocked to learn that their front man had a side career as a motivational public speaker at up to $20,000 a gig. The party treasury, which contained $22.8 million upon Steele’s arrival at the end of January 2009, was down to $8.7 million by late November, with 2010 campaign expenditures rapidly arriving. “He needs to raise money for the party, not his wallet,” one Republican leader griped to Politico.

      Then, just after New Year, Steele published an unexpected book of his own, “Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda.” He hadn’t told his employers that the book was in the works, and, to add further insult, he attacks unnamed party leaders in its pages for forsaking conservative principles. Since it hit the stores, Steele has pursued a book tour for fun and personal profit, all the while daring his G.O.P. critics to bring it on. “If you don’t want me in the job, fire me,” he taunted them. “But until then, shut up. Get with the program, or get out of the way.”

      Fire him? Steele knows better than anyone that his party can’t afford what Clarence Thomas might call a “high-tech lynching” of the only visible black guy it has in even a second-tier office. Steele has said that white Republicans are “scared” of him. They are. He loves to play head games with their racial paranoia and insecurities, whether he’s publicly professing “slum love” for the Indian-American Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal, or starting a blog on the R.N.C. site titled “What Up?,” or announcing that he would use “fried chicken and potato salad” to recruit minority voters. As long as the G.O.P. remains largely a whites-only country club, Steele has job security. But he had real reason to fear some new restraints on the cash box; last year the party was driven to write a rule requiring him to get approval for expenditures over $100,000.

      On Jan. 9 The Washington Post ran a front-page article headlined “Frustrations With Steele Leaving G.O.P. in a Bind,” reporting, among other embarrassments, that the party had spent $90 million during Steele’s brief reign while raising just $84 million. Enter “Game Change,” right in the nick of time for Steele to pull off his own cunning game change. On Jan. 10 he stormed “Fox News Sunday” and “Meet the Press” to demand Reid’s head. There has been hardly a mention of Steele’s sins since. He can laugh all the way to the bank.

      His behavior is not anomalous. Steele is representative of a fascinating but little noted development on the right: the rise of buckrakers who are exploiting the party’s anarchic confusion and divisions to cash in for their own private gain. In this cause, Steele is emulating no one if not Sarah Palin, whose hunger for celebrity and money outstrips even his own. As many suspected at the time, her 2008 campaign wardrobe, like the doomed campaign itself, was just a preview of coming attractions: she would surely dump the bother of serving as Alaska’s besieged governor for a lucrative star turn on Fox News. Last week she made it official.

      Both Steele and Palin claim to be devotees of the tea party movement. “I’m a tea partier, I’m a town-haller, I’m a grass-roots-er” is how Steele put it in a recent radio interview, wet-kissing a market he hopes will buy his book. Palin has far more grandiose ambitions. She recently signed on as a speaker for the first Tea Party Convention, scheduled next month in Nashville — even though she had turned down a speaking invitation from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, the traditional meet-and-greet for the right. The conservative conference doesn’t pay. The Tea Party Convention does. A blogger at Nashville Scene reported that Palin’s price for the event was $120,000.

      The entire Tea Party Convention is a profit-seeking affair charging $560 a ticket — plus the cost of a room at the Opryland Hotel. Among the convention’s eight listed sponsors is Tea Party Emporium, which gives as its contact address 444 Madison Avenue in New York, also home to the high-fashion brand Burberry. This emporium’s Web site offers a bejeweled tea bag at $89.99 for those furious at “a government hell bent on the largest redistribution of wealth in history.” This is almost as shameless as Glenn Beck, whose own tea party profiteering has included hawking gold coins merchandised by a sponsor of his radio show.

      Last week a prominent right-wing blogger, Erick Erickson of, finally figured out that the Tea Party Convention “smells scammy,” likening it to one of those Nigerian e-mails promising untold millions. Such rumbling about the movement’s being co-opted by hucksters may explain why Palin used her first paid appearance at Fox last Tuesday to tell Bill O’Reilly that she would recycle her own tea party profits in political contributions. But Erickson had it right: the tea party movement is being exploited — and not just by marketers, lobbyists, political consultants and corporate interests but by the Republican Party, as exemplified by Palin and Steele, its most prominent leaders.

      Tea partiers hate the G.O.P. establishment and its Wall Street allies, starting with the Bushies who created TARP, almost as much as they do Obama and his Wall Street pals. When Steele and Palin pay lip service to the movement, they are happy to glom on to its anti-tax, anti-Obama, anti-government, anti-big-bank vitriol. But they don’t call for any actual action against the bailed-out perpetrators of the financial crisis. They’d never ask for investments to put ordinary Americans back to work. They have no policies to forestall foreclosures or protect health insurance for the tea partiers who’ve been shafted by hard times. Their only economic principle beside tax cuts is vilification of the stimulus that did save countless jobs for firefighters, police officers and teachers at the state and local level.

      The Democrats’ efforts to counter the deprivation and bitterness spawned by the Great Recession are indeed timid and imperfect. The right has a point when it says that the Senate health care votes of Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana were bought with pork. But at least their constituents can share the pigout. Hustlers like Steele and Palin take the money and run. All their followers get in exchange is a lousy tea party T-shirt. Or a ghost-written self-promotional book. Or a tepid racial sideshow far beneath the incendiary standards of the party whose history from Strom to “macaca” has driven away nearly every black American except Steele for the past 40 years.
      SM: Dolf seriously … do you think any one in the Tea party movement would listen to the likes of the NY Times?

      Please … without any of the BS listed above Tea Party’ers voiced their muscles in MASS and ousted the Democrats. Y’all just dont het it and we do not expect you or Democrats to.

      Its called a movement of the People … it has been dismissed and insulted by every lib and media type; however, it is the voice of the silent majority that is silent no longer.

      I want the LEFT to keep dismissing it … it just means more House and Senate wins come 2010 and 2012.


    34. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 8:58 am


      a mob is also used to clean floors, but its used everywhere to describe a group of ppl (angry mob, lynch mob)

    35. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 10:39 am

      no Red what I got out the article is that the ppl who attend the parties are sincere in their believes, but that the politicians and media exploiters and marketeers are quick to claim it as theirs
      It also raises some questions about the integretie of mr Steel.

      and an honest movement where ppl gather to talk about the political future….well, thats called democracy

    36. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 10:43 am

      and I would listen to the likes of the NYTimes (if been a tea-party’er), listening doesn’t cost you anything. and if you don’t listen to them, why would they listen to you?

    37. Scott on January 22nd, 2010 1:04 pm

      my post disappeared. am I not allowed to respond to the idiot who has no clue?

    38. Dolf on January 22nd, 2010 7:38 pm


      what your going to say?

      you got my ip-number, your going to beat me up, the usual name calling?

      your not a very inovative person are you?

      and where do you find your clues scott, in those same schoolbooks you say glorify Stalin and Mao?

    39. Michelle on January 24th, 2010 2:29 pm

      #34 We call that a mop (what you use to clean the floor) You are still commenting on things you have no clue about.

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