Boston Globe Declares Dewey, Oops Coakley Winner 10 Hours Before Polls Close



Great job Boston Globe, or is it just wishful thinking … Globe posts that Dewey Wins, oops, Martha Coakley. UNREAL! Who knew we did not even have to wait for the vote counting after the polls closed this evening at 8 pm ET. The Globe provided us with a premature Coakley win.


The Boston Globe declares Martha Coakley Winner in the special Senate race in Massachusetts. There is just one problem, they declared it 10 hours before polls close. briefly put up this map of the final results of today’s election — some 8 hours before polls closed!

As you can see, over 2 million people voted, with Coakley eking out a 50-49 victory.

The Corner asks, maybe they know something we don’t. I look at it as The Globe was providing Coakley with some consolation of a win, albeit premature and worthless.

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