Arkansas Senate Race, Election 2010 … Democrat Blanche Lincoln Trails all Republican Challengers, Kim Hendren, Gilbert Baker, Curtis Coleman & Tom Cox


How soon will it be before Democrat Blanche Lincoln says that she is retiring from the Senate as well? With all things considered, her situation does not look much better than Dorgan in ND.

As the new year begins and the voters still have the bad taste of the Senate passage of Obamacare, Democrat incumbent Blanche Lincoln still trails all of her Republicans challengers for the Arkansas Senate seat in 2010. Blanche Lincoln trails Kim Hendren 39%-47%, trails Gilbert Baker 39%-51%, trails Curtis Coleman 38%-48% and trails Tom Cox 38%-48%.

State Senator Gilbert Baker leads Lincoln by 12, and State Senate Minority Leader Kim Hendren holds an eight-point edge over the incumbent. Curtis Coleman, a private businessman, and Tom Cox, head of the Arkansas T.E.A. Party, both lead her by 10 points. In reality, however, the numbers reflect very little about the challengers and are best viewed as a referendum on the incumbent.

The two-term senator, who was reelected with 54% of the vote in 2004, appears more vulnerable because of her visible and pivotal role in the Senate debate over health care. Lincoln was the last Democrat to vote for allowing the debate to formally begin, but she took a lower profile in the vote for final passage.

When will these Democrat Senators start listening to the will of the people of the majority of their constituents. Ultimately, they will feel the wrath of the voters. Who in their right mind votes for a bill where a 60% to 35% oppose it?

We can add Blanche Lincoln’s name to the list of Democrats who will pay the price for supporting Obamacare. Whether she votes for the final bill is irrelevant, when she had the chance to continue the debate, she voted no. Arkansas is against Obamacare 60% to 35%. Once again we have a case of a Democrat Senator telling their constituents to go to hell.

Lincoln can act all she wants like she is against Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s corn husker kickback; however, it certainly did not stop her with her cloture vote on Obamacare. She is not, Lincoln is grasping at anything that will make her look concerned to the voters.

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