Muslim Man Mohamed Ibrahim Arrested in Memphis, TN for Making Bomb Threats & Wanting to start a Jihad Holy War



Mohamed Ibrahim, a man claiming to be Muslim was arrested and released on $100 bond after he walked into several Memphis, Tennessee businesses and threatened to blow them up in the name of jihad and a Holy War.

Tonight, Mohamed Ibrahim is out after posting $100 bond. Earlier in the day, he was arrested after police say he walked into several Memphis businesses and threatened to blow them up.

Court records show Ibrahim was also telling people he was Muslim, and wanted to start a jihad, or holy war, in Memphis.

Police say when they arrested him, he had a butcher knife hidden in one of his jacket sleeves.

What on Earth are we doing in this country? A man was making terrorist threats, claiming to be Muslim, blowing up businesses, all in the name of jihad and had a weapon on him and we release him into the community on $100 bail!!! HUH!!!

But Jihad Watch has it correct … its all just a Muslim, jihad misunderstanding. No sarcasm here. Looks like Atlas Shrugs nails it too … “The judge is either blind, deaf and dumb, an Islamist, a Democrat or a Muslim.”

Now he is free on $100 bond. Clearly this far-seeing and right-thinking judge understands that Islam is a Religion of Peace™, and that therefore this man only intended to butcher his sinful inclinations, as part of his inner spiritual struggle to conform his life to the will of Allah.

So when this individual winds up killing some one or blowing some thing up, are we going to say the system worked like clockwork again?

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    11 Responses to “Muslim Man Mohamed Ibrahim Arrested in Memphis, TN for Making Bomb Threats & Wanting to start a Jihad Holy War”

    1. Michelle Smith on December 28th, 2009 10:25 am

      Well, they didn’t take it seriously in Fort Hood either until people died. How many more people have to die at the hands of these terrorists before people wake up & realize that we have a serious problem?

      We are the enemy. They want us dead. That should not be too hard for the average person to comprehend. Rather, let’s put our head in the sand & maybe it will go away. After all, we don’t want to offend the Muslims now do we?

      I feel uneasy with this clown as president. I don’t feel safe. I’m concerned that we will have another terrorist attack but it will be much worse than the previous.

      $100 bond? Are you serious? That is very disturbing.

      Mr. President, I hope you enjoyed your vacation in Hawaii while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that your family is safe & that your children got the Christmas they wanted. I know you can’t be bothered by some silly thing such as a bomber on an airplane. Hope your Christmas vacation wasn’t disturbed too much by the news. (sarcasm)

      God help us

    2. Sanny on December 28th, 2009 11:53 am

      Now Napolitano says…..”WE FAILED”
      duh……….WTH qualifies these dummies who hold important positions in DC….a Certificate from STUPITY COLLEGE?

      Will they wait until planes are blowen out of the skies to say again…..WE FAILED? and it MUST BE

    3. Carpe on December 28th, 2009 12:47 pm

      “Making Jihad in Memphis for about $100 a day!”

      by: Mohamed

      Interviewer: Can it be done in these tough economic times?

      Ibrahim: Yes.

      Interviewer: How?

      Ibrahim: Time management. Investing in a nice cutlery set. HSN has some great deals, so does E-Bay. The will of Allah never hurts!

    4. Americaneocon on December 28th, 2009 1:28 pm
    5. Rusty Bridges on December 28th, 2009 1:28 pm

      Well, lets look at the big picture for a moment. We have to let in just enough extremists to cause “man made disasters” so the gov’t can enact martial law for our own protection.

      We can’t let a good crisis go to waste now can we?

    6. St Stephen on December 28th, 2009 1:32 pm

      To be fair, the presidency is a 24/7 job…no vacation, and yes, as that famoud commercial once equivocated, there is always the prospect of that 3 o’clock in the morning phone call.

      President Obama should realize that and understand that there are times you need to pull away from your vacation time and address the American people when needed.

      This was a serious threat and the fact that this TERRORIST(if the President will not say the word, I will, I guess) had al qaeda connections and apparently received the weapon from Yemen makes it even more critical to assure the citizens that this threat will not go unanswered. That is what a leader does.

      Why is this so hard to comprehend?

    7. J.Jay on December 28th, 2009 8:34 pm

      Yeay. Right. Yemen. That’s a place that is really longing for a good bombing. It seems to be their most popular party gag.

      1 out of 100 ppl is a total idiot. 1 out of 100 idiots is a crazy wacko. How many people are living in the US?

      If I were president and had the first real vacation since … I don’t remember… I wouldn’t interrupt it for anything above defcon 2. You get 2 knife wielding idiots per day on a year’s average. This one screamed “jihad” and had a beard. *yawn*

    8. Frank on December 28th, 2009 10:27 pm

      J.Jay: Let him blow your ass off, and perhaps you would change your mind! It’s obviously on Ibrahim’s mind, or he wouldn’t be shouting it out! At least lock him in jail until more information can be obtained! YOU, imo, ARE STUPID!

    9. Carpe on December 29th, 2009 1:17 am

      “1 out of 100 ppl is a total idiot.”

      Oh, I think you’re low-balling it.

      Obama was elected President! Big Daddy never even
      ran an Orange Julius.

      Grasshoppa lack uh the mad skills.

      It’s much like Showtime at the Apollo… only the dancing clown with the hook never comes out.

    10. Michelle Smith on December 29th, 2009 12:03 pm

      #7 Get real! This president has been on vacation since he took the job.

    11. J.Jay on December 29th, 2009 9:09 pm

      Why empower these people?
      Why rage on about it? Why get scared?
      Shrug them off!
      If they blew my ass up I wouldn’t want them to get any attention(=reward) for it.
      Reacting to those attention whores is a sign of weakness. Why do you think that these terror networks want to be responsible for everything? If you spectacularly blow up a hundred people in the streets of NY because you were bored and ppl ask ok who did it? These guys would jump up and claim responsibility.
      If you close your country, search every asshole these guys have won.

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