Obama Failed in Copenhagen and Bowed Again … Will O-bow-ma Ever Learn?


Oops, he did it again …

After a rather listless speech and having failed to deliver on any meaningful global warming change, Barack Obama once again did the unthinkable. Or in his case what seems to be the all to often … he bowed yet again.

What is wrong with this President that he would continue to bow when he knows that it irks the American people so and is looked upon as a submissive lack of leader ship?

Hate Tip: News Busters

What is it with our head of our state and Commander-in-Chief that sends him diving toward his shoes whenever a foreign dignitary hails into view? Will the MSM cover this latest installment in the adventures of Pres. O-bow-ma?

Glad to see some one else thinks the MSM has a liberal bias, as the UK telegraph reports, AP wins world brown-nosing championships for ‘How Obama saved the world’ article.

Every time Obama bows  his job approval goes down another point. A US President is supposed to be seen and perceived as a leader, not bowing like a community organizer looking for approval.

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    One Response to “Obama Failed in Copenhagen and Bowed Again … Will O-bow-ma Ever Learn?”

    1. david r on December 20th, 2009 3:24 pm

      Actually, this makes me feel better about him. I was concerned that he had really considered the bows beforehand, and did them as an expression of hat-in-hand, apologetic diplomacy. Now I see that he’s just quick to bow to anyone, and would probably bow to the clerk at J.C. Penney’s.

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