Karl Rove Says, Obama is No B+ … Worst Ratings of any President at the End of His First Year


When will Barack Obama ever take personal responsibility for his job as Commander in Chief?

Barack Obama a B+?

Not if you ask Karl Rove. In fact Rove might consider Barack Obama the worst President ever after their first year of office. Obama was touted as a “bridge to the future.” Obama was supposed to be “Hope & Change” and he campaigned on being a moderate, centrist who would reach across the aisle and change the business as usual atmosphere in Washington, DC.


After nearly one year in office, Obama has done none of it. Barack Obama has conducted himself as an extreme LEFT President, bordering on socialism. His ideology, agenda and polices have been soundly rejected by not only the opposition Republican party, but also the American people. Obama ran on the platform that he was not Bush, blame Bush and that he represented change from Bush. Obama cannot have his entire presidency based on “I am not Bush”, yet it appears it has got nothing else but socialism and liberal policies.

How could Obama think he should be given a B+ when in one short year he has taken a sky high approval rating and sunk not only his own job approval rating to record depths, but also created a complete reversal of fortune for the Democrat party?

Barack Obama made history when he was elected the first black President in US history. However, after one year in office Obama finds himself making history again. According to the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll, Barack Obama has won a place in history with the worst ratings of any president at the end of his first year: 49% approve and 46% disapprove of his job performance.

There are many factors that explain it, including weakness abroad, an unprecedented spending binge at home, and making a perfectly awful health-care plan his signature domestic initiative. But something else is happening.

Mr. Obama has not governed as the centrist, deficit-fighting, bipartisan consensus builder he promised to be. And his promise to embody a new kind of politics—free of finger-pointing, pettiness and spin—was a mirage. He has cheapened his office with needless attacks on his predecessor.

Consider Mr. Obama’s comment in his interview this past Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that the Bush administration made a mistake in speaking in “a triumphant sense about war.”

This was a slap at every president who rallied the nation in dark moments

The problem ultimately with Barack Obama is that he is incapable of leading and taking personal responsibility for his actions or the current environment. At some point Obama must say, the Buck stops here, not it’s Bush’s fault. This President has to lead. That is generally what a President is elected to do. However, Obama has managed to blame every one else for the hand he has been dealt when he knew during the election campaign what was in store.

Obama can act as if he is in Fantasy land giving himself a B+ grade; however, the America people have a much different review. Obama has failed to lead and provide any substance with his health care bill, which is the reason why it has failed miserably and the American people oppose it. When you cannot sell legislation on it’s face, the people know it’s bad. Presently 56% of Americans oppose Obamacare.

But voters seem to have a different definition of success. And they are tiring of the president’s blame shifting and distortions.

Mr. Obama may believe, as he told Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview, that he deserves a “solid B+” for his first year in office, but the American people beg to differ. A presidency that started with so much promise is receiving unprecedentedly low grades from the country that elected him. He’s earned them.

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    9 Responses to “Karl Rove Says, Obama is No B+ … Worst Ratings of any President at the End of His First Year”

    1. Michelle Smith on December 17th, 2009 2:26 pm

      I give him an F. I’m at a loss for words that 49% still approve of his performance. WTF is wrong with people? Got their heads in the sand or up Obama’s butt?

    2. David on December 17th, 2009 4:05 pm

      It’s not a secret that the right-wing wants President Obama to fail even it it harms America.

      As Jon Stewart said, “Conservative hate Obama more than they love America.”
      SM: You forgot to mention that Jon Stewart is friggin idiot. Do you take your cue in life from a comedian? BTW, his news is a spoof.

      Even if it harms America, eh? I’ll bite. You think preventing the government from taking over health care harms America? Are you on drugs?

      Here is a little tidbit for you so that you know that a President and a Party is looking to do some thing that will harm America.

      If Obama and Obamacare was sincere in actually helping the uninsured, they would not have to do the following:

      1. Pay off Senator Landieu $300M to get her vote.
      2. Scared & lie to Americans that the govt would go bankrupt
      3. Do the deal in Harry Reid’s office under the cloak of darkness
      4. Take abortion out to pass in the House only to add in back in the Senate.
      5. Take the public option out of the mix only to try and sneak it in an amendment.
      6. Lie to America that it will be deficit neutral.
      7. Lie to America that it will not cover illegals.
      8 Spend a $trillion and still not cover 10M people.
      9. Lie to Americans that they would not take money away from seniors.
      10. Lie to Americans that people would not be forced on to a govt option.
      11. Theaten to fine and jail people who so not buy insurance.

      It goes on and on.

      There is a reason why nearly 60% of Americans oppose Obamacare.

      It is the biggest piece of trash ever firced upon the American people.

      You dare talk about destroying AMERICA. This will bankrupt it and prevent people from getting care. It does not improve it.

      Get a clue!

    3. Michelle Smith on December 17th, 2009 5:07 pm

      #2 Wanting Obama to fail does not mean wanting America to fail but quiet the contrary. We want Obama to fail at destroying everything that is great about this country. We want Obama to fail at taking total control of our lives and our choices.

      Stop listening to the likes of Jon Stewart and do some actual research and learn the truth.

    4. Scott on December 18th, 2009 10:06 am

      #2 Oh you mean kind of how the leftist liberal pukes such as yourself who wanted GWB to fail even if it meant hurting America; believing 9/11 was a govn’t set up; disregarding the fact that Bill Clinton had two opportunties to kill OBL and passed for fear of making angry Muslims….

      I love it…liberals are pissing in their cheerios because NOW those racists (sarcasm) tea partiers is the most favorably looked upon movement more than Democrats and Republicans; they are losing steam in all major races across the United States.

      Oh, BTW, they are going to give Fannie and Freddie $400Billion more a piece…meaning another $800B of our tax dollars that are children to our great grandchildren will have to pay for!

      Unreal how blind and stupid liberals are…

    5. Dolf on December 22nd, 2009 6:51 am

      wait…K. Rove is critical of Obama……what a surprise, whats next Cheney comming out of his darkroom?
      SM: You really think Obama is worthy of a B+? Next thing you will tell us is that he actually deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

      One does not go from Hope & Change to 47% approval rating and lose 18% of Independents, get negative ratings on the economy, healthcare, jobs, federal deficits, taxes, spending … and get a B+. Obama gets a failing grade and the people know it as seen by all the polling data.

    6. Dolf on December 22nd, 2009 8:40 am

      don’t know Red, he hasn’t lived up to his promise, but that is not his fault alone.
      Economic meltdown like we have never seen.
      The far left and far right are screaming.
      Dems don’t want to work with reps…because they are reps and vice versa

      The healthcare debat has been damaged by elected officials with absurd claims about death camps, forced euthanasy, forced abortion..and ppl actualy believing them
      SM: However, he knew what he was getting into. You can’t campaign that it is the Great Depression and demonize GWB then suddenly say after you win, I had no idea how bad it was.

      Obama is a community organizer, not a President. He campaigns, he cannot lead. The health care bill is a perfect example of a total failure of leadership. He has provided none and basically allowed Pelosi & Reid to run the bill into the partisan ground.

      Here is the comparison … you cannot take the wheel of a ship in trouble and taking on water and fix the situation by running the ship into a bigger iceberg and creating larger holes in the ship.

      That is what this President has done. You cannot have a shipping filling up with water and sinking (ECONOMY) and then think that a paint job and a change of oil is necessary. This president should have made JOBS his #1 priority and only priority. Instead he has seen fit to through out ever liberal agenda wish list to socialize America.

      He & Dems will pay a dear price in 2010 and 2012.

      I think I already told how I felt about Obama winning it, think Obama also thought “WTF” when he heared.

    7. Dolf on December 22nd, 2009 4:38 pm

      he never got a real chance of working together.

      the US political envirmoent is just to red vs. blue at the moment.

      and your first paragraph..is what any politician would say, they all twist the truth

    8. Dolf on December 22nd, 2009 4:44 pm

      and you got to explain how liberal got such a negative load. because in our view the US is the most liberal country in the world (after us prob.) and that is a compliment.

      from our dictionairy:
      supports the greatest possible freedom in the economic and cultural fields, with the least possible government intervention

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      [...] Holy Cow Batman … So this is what Obama grades as a B+. [...]

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