Democrats About to Raise Debt Ceiling by $1.8 Trillion While They Tell You to Cut back


Talk about the ultimate hypocrisy. The elected politicians (Democrats) who supposedly work for “We the People” are about raise the debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion while in the same breath they tell John Q. Public to cut back and be responsible with their money.

The government wants to increase the Congressional credit card and spend like even more drunken sailors while you are told to act responsibly. How are we ever going to pay this debt back?

Isn’t this how many Americans got into trouble with credit cards? Because the the bad financial situation they kept charging, the CC companies kept raising the credit ceiling until the debt to income ration was out of control and the CC companies then raised interest rates, individuals could not pay and people defaulted. In the case of the Democrats in power in DC, they just keep raising the debt ceiling. Must be nice when there is no one to say no and you do not care about the financial implications.

However, you do have a way to say no … VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE IN 2010 & 2012!

In a bold but risky year-end strategy, Democrats are preparing to raise the federal debt ceiling by as much as $1.8 trillion before New Year’s rather than have to face the issue again prior to the 2010 elections.

“We’ve incurred this debt. We have to pay our bills,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told POLITICO Wednesday. And the Maryland Democrat confirmed that the anticipated increase could be as high as $1.8 trillion — nearly twice what had been assumed in last spring’s budget resolution for the 2010 fiscal year.

The leadership is betting that it’s better for the party to take its lumps now rather than risk further votes over the coming year. But the enormity of the number could create its own dynamic, much as another debt ceiling fight in 1985 gave rise to the Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction act mandating across-the-board spending cuts nearly 25 years ago.

What happened to lowering the deficit. It cannot be continually raised. When will these Democrat politicians understand that the economy will never come back if they just keep creating a defict that is out of control?

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    11 Responses to “Democrats About to Raise Debt Ceiling by $1.8 Trillion While They Tell You to Cut back”

    1. rightknight on December 10th, 2009 10:39 am

      The government is currently serving “We the Government”!

    2. super dave on December 10th, 2009 10:49 am

      mobama wants to force banks to lend. he’s not even aware that people are out of work and losing homes, businesses, now how are these people supposed to repay loans ? small business will not hire on a promise from mobama since he has broken every promise he made when he bought the presidency.

    3. on December 10th, 2009 11:00 am

      The voting public also needs to remember that the Democrats are raising the debt limit now in hopes that you and I are dumb enough to have forgotten their votes come November 2010.

      The majority of voters were lured into slogans and pretend presentations in 2008, let’s hope they use their brains, ears and memories in 2010.

    4. Wolf on December 10th, 2009 11:45 am

      So you’re telling me Republians have had budget reductions when they held the Majority? Give me a’s just as much their fault! And our fault for not voting these fools out!

    5. super dave on December 10th, 2009 12:15 pm

      only those that are weak and criminal minded would vote to keep the democrats in power.

    6. Scott on December 11th, 2009 7:29 am

      Wolf…instead of spouting your ignorant mouth…maybe you should do some research and compare budget increases while Repubs held the majority and the Dems. Obama is trying to expand the government at a break-neck pace. I work in the government…I know what programs he’s trying to sneak through in this healthcare bill (just read it…). Expanding the government at this rate HAS NEVER WORKED IN OUR HISTORY! PERIOD!

    7. Wolf on December 11th, 2009 11:57 am

      Once again you’re a d bag…It’s ONLY Obama..and he’s trying to “SNEAK” things in…ok..just like he’s trying to kill all the seniors right? So if you have all this “insider” information..why not share ever detail with us? work for the governement…and you’re against the govt. trying to give more jobs to people like yourself? Do us all a favor and QUIT your job..give it to someone who could really use it…and appreciate it!

    8. Wolf on December 11th, 2009 11:59 am

      And I’m sure you have good health care if by working for the govt…
      You’re just like Fox news! Hippocrate!!!!!

    9. Che on December 11th, 2009 7:52 pm

      Wolf, by your logic everybody working in the federal government should be wanting to create more government jobs? Yeah, when was the last a government job contributed to the propagation of society?So we shouldn’t limit the federal government trying to completely take over the private sector? ie; forget limiting the powers of the government, only to those enumerated by the constitution right? yeah the constitution….. that pesky ol’ thing.

    10. Che on December 11th, 2009 7:59 pm

      “by your logic everybody working in the federal government should be wanting to create more government jobs”

      -speaking of Duh One.

    11. Wolf on December 12th, 2009 11:44 am

      How do you get my logic? I never said that “everbody working for gov. should be wanting to create more jobs.” What I’m saying is Scott is ripping the gov. for providing people like himself a job. I don’t believe in big gov…not in any way. How can you slam a gov. proposed health care..when you’re the one who is actually using one? And NO..I don’t like the gov. option on health care.

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