Barack Obama Approval Rating Drops Among Whites and Pretty Much Every Major Demographic


Obama should be worried, but so should America … be very, very scared.

Beware of a President and a political party that this in complete free-fall in the polls which Obama_sinking_shipmeans they will do every partisan thing possible and ram every liberal piece of agenda through as fast as possible knowing that they soon will be soon rode out of town on a rail.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Barack Obama’s approval ratings have dropped 22 points among White voters from 61% in February ‘09 to 39% presently. OUCH, that’s is going to leave a mark. I am sure the cries of racism will start up once again. However, the fact remains, all are fleeing the SS Obama.

At this rate by the time 2010 midterms are here, major winds of change could be taking place and in 2012 if Obama does not rebound, he could be facing a Democrat Primary challenge.

During the 2008 Presidential election, Barack Obama garnered a considerable number of the “White” vote; however, The One has all but squandered any chance of every seeing those types of numbers in future elections for himself and his party. Just yesterday, it was reported that Republicans had a 7 point lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot over Democrats and an amazing 44% to 22% among unaffiliated likely voters.


However, the troubles for Obama’s poll numbers go far beyond just “white” voters. The Obamamessiah has seen pretty much every major demographic go negative, many in a big way. The only one Obama had a gain in was blacks, +1.

Obama has lost polling numbers with the following demographics from Feb. 1, 2009:

  • All Adults -17
  • Whites -22
  • Non-Whites -7
  • Hispanics -5
  • Males -15
  • Females -19

Hell, Obama has even lost ground with Democrats. However, the biggest concern should be the a -18% loss of Independents. I guess they will also be calling “white” Democrats racist as well?

In fact, it appears as though Obama’s relatively small loss in support among Democrats has come exclusively from white Democrats. In late January/early February, Obama averaged 87% approval among white Democrats and 90% approval among nonwhite Democrats. Now, his approval rating among white Democrats is 76%, down 11 points, but is essentially the same (if not a little higher) at 92% among nonwhite Democrats.

  • Democrats -6
  • Republicans -24
  • Independents -18

Obama has even lost ground with liberals at -5 and moderates have abandoned the SS Obama by -18%.

There is a reason why Obama’s Gallup poll numbers have dipped below 50%. This President has basically found a way to upset every major voting demographic that once supported him. Obama’s liberal partisan and liberal agenda has caused Independents to run from him as fast as they can. Obamacare is unpopular, yet he pushes the agenda. Cap & trade and global warming policies that is bad for the US economy is unpopular, yet he rams it down Americans throats.

 Two great Exit questions from Hot Air: Why are white Democrats racist? And which deep red state now has Obama’s approval rating at a feeble 51/42? Go to Hot Air and see who, it will certainly surprise you.

Ha, ha, ha … With such terrible post-racial polling numbers, The Gateway Pundit says, it might be time for another Obama “Beer” Summit.

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    6 Responses to “Barack Obama Approval Rating Drops Among Whites and Pretty Much Every Major Demographic”

    1. NewGirlBoston on November 25th, 2009 12:33 pm

      Hmnnnnnnnnn…in preparation for Thanksgiving tommorrow—as I log on to SM today and find this story…it brings a sense of warmth to my soul and a smile to my face.

      While I do not begrudge any human their respective mistakes and do not wish for harm to come to Barack Obama—I am content with knowing that the rest of America who voted for him now not only has a severe case of “buyers remorse”—but more and more the numbers and outcries of po’d Americans are coming to the forefront.

      President Obama will not be re-elected to a second term. He will go down in US History as one of the WORST Dem Presidents since The Peanut Farmer Disaster.

      In what condition overall with the US be left once 2012 rolls around remains to be seen. With TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS (not even billions! Astounding!) being spent and the stupidest attempt at GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE possibly being put through the Senate- one can only wonder.

      This Thanksgiving- we all have much to be thankful for. I am thankful that after less than one year in office–Americans are finally seeing the light when it comes to O-Bomba!


    2. Scared Monkeys on November 25th, 2009 12:55 pm

      I actually thought that this country would never elect a worse President than Jimmy Carter.

      Sadly, I was proved wrong.

      This President is completely over matched and overwhelmed by the position. Of course this is what happens when you hire Bob from the mail room to be CEO of a Fortune 100 company after he had been on the job 100 days.

      Let this be a lesson that one does need some form of executive skills.

      There is a reason why usually Governors make the best Presidents.

      Sadly, Obama seems only comfortable when he is campaigning and making promises. Or pardoning Turkeys.

      I guess there is a future in opening grocery stores for The One.

      Let the campaign motto for 2012 be: The One is One and Done.

    3. super dave on November 25th, 2009 1:31 pm


    4. Jerry Mander on November 25th, 2009 3:43 pm

      No surprise…The One is in way over his head. He’s turned governance over to Nancy and Harry…he just doesn’t know what to do. He’s an amateur…a community organizer…a rookie US Senator thrust into a job that’s way too big for him.

      Even some of his media, which is most of it, is beginning to notice.

      Reminds me a lot of a young JFK…Bay of Pigs, drugs, sex, and lots and lots of trouble understanding that a president actually needed to lead…whatever you want to say about LBJ…he knew where he was going…over the cliff…Kennedy and Obama have no clue.

    5. nurturer on November 25th, 2009 4:36 pm

      #4 – It would be comical, if it weren’t so HYPOCRITICAL, when liberals criticize Sarah Palin for her “lack” of experience. And in the same breath gush all over this clown. Because they embrace superficiality that require little to no thinking.

      Obama has no concept of what he’s in for.

      Neither have we.

    6. tuyvnsurvivor on November 25th, 2009 5:49 pm

      It burns that Obama will get a press opportunity out of his far too late decission on troop support. Any private could make a more sound and timely…guess? Just look how this emboldens any and every enemy, advarsary, competitor or softball team.

      And this: I am ready for some media voice or congress person of courage and clear vission, to call Obama and the Democrat Congress terrorists. Sound far fetched at first…think it over. Who with a real life or having any property, is not fearing those (life and property) in loss to the “terrorists”? How can that be denied a truth. MOst I know of, or have heard of by standard, sub-standard and grain eating winged messagers — are doing all they can to protect their real life and property from the terrorists. Please, legal bodies, cast the charges.

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