Election 2009 – New Jersey Governor: Republican Christie Still Leads Democrat Incumbent Corzine 45% – 41%


Corzine and Democrats could be in deep trouble is the Deep Blue state of New Jersey.

There are no more deep blue states than New Jersey and the incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine is still trailing in a recent Rasmussen poll 45% – 41% to Republican challenger Chris Christie. This is a far cry from the 53.5% – 43% margin that Corzine had back in 2005 when he defeated Doug Forrester to become NJ governor.  How much is Corzine’s troubles attributed to him and how much is a backlash against Obama’s policies and Obamacare?

The latest numbers show Christie getting 45% of the vote, Corzine with 41% and Daggett at nine percent (9%). Over the past week, support for Christie is down two points, support for Corzine is down three points, and support for Daggett is up three. The number of undecideds is up a couple of points to five percent (5%).

However, the race may be even closer than those numbers suggest. When voters are asked their initial choice, 38% name Christie, 38% Corzine, and 16% prefer Daggett. But 57% of Daggett’s supporters say they could change their minds before election day. That dwarfs the number of swayable Corzine and Christie voters.

Less than one year ago Barack Obama won 57% of the New Jersey vote. Corzine has spent $17 million on his reelection bid. All this in a deep blue state. If Christie pulls off this monumental upset, it will most certainly signal just how much trouble that Democrats and Obama will be in for the 2010 midterm elections.

Governor Jon Corzine is certainly not winning any last minute support stating that he is open to upping the state’s fuel tax rate during a second term to help support the state’s transportation fund.

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