Police Continue to Search for Criminally Insane killer Phillip Arnold Paul who Escaped During a Field Trip


WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!!! Police in Spokane, Washington are still on the look out for an escaped criminally “insane Phillip Arnold Paulkiller” who escaped during a field trip to the County Fair Thursday. Yes, sadly you read that correctly. 57 year old Phillip Arnold Paul was last seen Thursday morning in the northeast part of the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

  • What is legally insane is for these idiots at the Eastern State Hospital to allow a criminally insane mental patient out of the asylum and inflict this murderous nut job on society. Oh, wait this gets even worse, Eastern Shores is a state run mental hospital. Welcome to the precursor to the insanity of Obamacare.

Paul was committed after he was acquitted by reason of insanity in the 1987 slaying of an elderly woman, whose body he soaked in gasoline to throw off search dogs. Paul buried the woman’s remains in her flower garden. In 1991, Paul walked away during a day trip to a Washington lake and was later captured. He attacked a sheriff’s deputy in the jail booking area, knocking him unconscious, and was convicted of first-degree escape and second-degree assault.

This is what they thought was appropriate to take to the fair and expose unsuspecting people to? Maybe the officials at the Eastern State Hospital need to lock them self up for being insane to allow him out in public. Phillip Arnold Paul had previously tried to escape during a field trip in 1991. What, did they think he got it out of his system?


Time Line of key developments in  Phillip Arnold Paul’s legal history Want to know why this psycho was allowed to go on a field trip for funnel cakes and amazement park rides? Take a look at this liberal, bleeding heart agenda for recovery for a many who soaked an elderly woman’s body in gas and burned her in a flower garden to throw off dogs. BTW, that does not seem to be crazy, isn’t that a conscious thought to destroy  evidence? Good grief, check out the mission statement and recovery principles. Why didn’t they just pay for his way on a Carnival cruise?

Mission Statement: Eastern State Hospital is a key partner in assisting adults with psychiatric illness in their recovery through expert inpatient treatment whenever needs exceed community resources. Recovery Principles:

  • Hope
  • Self management and autonomy
  • Dignity and self respect
  • Tolerance and forgiveness
  • Adaptability and capacity to change
  • Personal responsibility and productivity
  • Peer support and community life
  • Acceptance and self awareness

What the hell was a criminally insane killer taking a field trip to the County fair? What the hell were authorities at Eastern State Hospital where Phillip Arnold Paul was a patient thinking? Was to zoo closed? Could you not get tickets for the matinee movie? WTF!!! How on earth were these people putting the citizens and children at risk by taking a psycho-killer like Paul to the fair? Oh wait, let’s make it even worse, let’s give the insane killer $50 in spending money so that he can buy some cotton, candied apples, play whack-a-mole and buy a bus ticket out of the area.

A criminally insane killer from eastern Washington is on the run after escaping during a field trip to the county fair that his mental hospital organized. Why such a dangerous person was out in public was a question many, including Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, were asking as authorities searched for Phillip Arnold Paul. Authorities at Eastern State Hospital, where Paul is a patient, are being criticized for allowing him to visit the fair despite his violent criminal past and a history of trying to escape.

First of all this killer should have been locked away and or met with the death penalty, not allowed to plead insanity and then be allowed field trips as if he was some elementary school student. UNREAL! Oh, wait, let me guess that the bleeding hearts in Washington state think he can be rehabilitated. As Hot Air points out, maybe the inmates are running the asylum. Check out this comment from the mental hospital when asked about the background of the patients on the field trip.

Thirty-one patients from the mental hospital were on the trip Thursday with 11 staff members. Dreyfus [secretary of the Department of Social and Health Services] said she did not know how many of those had violent criminal backgrounds. A day after the escape and Dreyfus didn’t think to ask?  Or was it that the asylum itself doesn’t know?

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    3 Responses to “Police Continue to Search for Criminally Insane killer Phillip Arnold Paul who Escaped During a Field Trip”

    1. Buster on September 19th, 2009 10:11 pm

      Let me guess Obamanos signed a Bill saying all crazys get to go to the state fair once a year for a field trip

    2. Carpe on September 20th, 2009 12:37 am

      …and some people have the brass set of balls
      to wonder why citizens are having to whack ‘em
      first and ask questions later?

      Appeal up on this Your Honor!

      It’s like a jungle sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under.

    3. ed on September 21st, 2009 10:58 am

      folks listen up. this guy should be set free an put in the white house.fact hes smarter than all these people at the nut shed.plus after 22 yrs. he would be free from prison. so lets put him to work for our country. what say ye

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