PBS’s Bill Moyers: “Crackpot Republicans Are Trying to Cut Obama’s Throat” … The Left Unhinged


More liberal bias in the media …

Welcome to PBS and your hard earned tax dollars at work as Left loon Bill Moyers goes on a rant against “crackpot” Republicans.

Now you are not just stupid and a racist for disagreeing with the socialist agenda of Barack Obama and the government take over of healthcare known as Obamacare … you are trying to cut his throat.

 Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

Dear Mr. Moyers, how can this be a Republican thing against the Obamamessiah? Democrats control the House and the Senate by wide majorities. If Democrats really wanted to pass Obamacare, they could on their own. However, the nationalization of health care is not a “crackpot” Republican issue. The fact of the matter is that too many Democrat politicians know that Obamacare is a loser and the President’s sinking polls show that to be true.  

Pelosi claims she has the votes; however, that is doubtful. Now they state they want a bill done by mid-October. Didn’t the President want to ram this down the throats of Americans before Congress left on August break? The truth of the matter is, there is even more opposition against Obamacare now than there was then. Yet if The One pulls the trigger on health care he will do it without the will of the people and the Congress will take the hit in 2010.

23 Dems have said they will vote ‘no’ on healthcare reform.

What is the urgency that Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to pass health care when so many Americans are against their plans? Could it be they know that the longer the debate goes on, the even less support Obamacare will have?

No matter what cute speech that Obama comes up with tonight that looks more like a campaign speech of promises rather than one of a President … remember, Obama has always wanted a ‘>single payer healthcare system  (Video) and this is just a means to an end.

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    14 Responses to “PBS’s Bill Moyers: “Crackpot Republicans Are Trying to Cut Obama’s Throat” … The Left Unhinged”

    1. Dawg1948 on September 9th, 2009 10:52 am

      Thank you, Bill Moyers for spreading more Manure. Just what we need is a Left Wing Zealot spouting Left Wing BS about this Bill that sucks canal mud to high heaven. Kill the Dmn Bill please and put us out Obama’s Misery.

    2. Scott on September 9th, 2009 11:17 am

      PBS — LOL!


      Joke of an organization!

    3. rightknight on September 9th, 2009 12:30 pm

      The Islamofascist Terrorists used our own airplanes
      against us. Every taxpayer pays for PBS, and yet a
      Marxist style has-been (Moyers) is using that pulpit
      against Freedom in this Country. Ironic, huh?

    4. Steve Holloway on September 9th, 2009 1:26 pm

      Yeah right.

      We just want WE THE PEOPLE type government that’s all. Below is the latest on the court case in CA. concerning O’s records. Your prayers are needed.
      Please set aside time each day and ask God to let the truth come out for all to see and protect those’s involved and all the Christians in this bad time ias history unfolds before our eyes, in Jesus name amem. Steve

      EYE WITNESS REPORT: Obama Eligibility Case Santa Ana, CA
      Whoa! What a day!!! I’m exhausted, but wanted to get this information out….so please forgive the inevitable “typos” and grammatical errors. You can get the jist of what is going on.

      Ok here’s my report on the events at the Obama eligibility hearing today:

      1) Thank—you for your prayers! Over 100 people showed up for the hearing today!! PRAISE GOD! When I first arrived at 7:30am, there was quite a line already, about 30 people. And at first I didn’t know who was who? Who was for Obama and who was for America? So I just started handing out my flyer from the attorney Orly Taitz’s website, with the salient facts of the case, and why she is pursuing this case. Once I started doing that, hands were extended to me from just about everyone in the line. I had a Christian T-shirt on, which also helped we Christians identify each other. Anyway, BOTTOMLINE? 99.9% of the spectators who showed were CHRISTIANS standing up for America! There were a handful of Obama supporters but they were very quickly identified as they pulled away from the crowd and stood alone, and didn’t want any of Orly Taitz’s materials. THANK GOD FOR PASTOR CHUCK for his announcements on Sunday! God’s FAITHFUL SHOWED UP from
      ALL over Southern CA! The people from Orly Taitz’s group, THEY WERE ASTOUNDED WITH THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP TODAY!…..so was the court! We had to wait an extra hour for them to set up an “over-flow” room to accommodate all the “concerned citizens” interested in this case. We need to keep up this momentum. The crowds showing up for the case shows the JUDGE and MEDIA that this is an IMPORTANT CASE!

      Also since so many hard core praying Christians WERE IN THE COURT ROOM….JESUS CHRIST WAS THERE!……whenever 2 or more are gathered in Jesus name, Jesus IS THERE! So the ultimate Judge was IN this court room….to assure righteous justice! Praise God!….this is “key” to Success!

      2) THE JUDGE: My impression of the Judge was that God has gotten to him! (PRAISE GOD!) He kept reiterating how IMPORTANT THIS CASE WAS, ITS DEALING WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, AND IT EFFECTS MILITARY PERSONEL AS WELL AS THE LAWS OF THIS LAND TO SAY THE LEAST. He said it is important to the Defendant (Obama) as well as the Plaintiffs to expedite this case, to examine all the relevant facts and make a sound determination as soon as humanly legally possible. As such he made it clear to all attorneys present that this case will be EXPEDITED…..NOT DELAYED (delay, stall, and derail tactics have been the modus operandi of the Obama camp on all other cases to date…..and judges complied. BUT NOT THIS ONE!…PRAISE GOD!!)

      He also noted that the Obama lawyers didn’t file their Motion to Dismiss this case until LATE last Friday 9/4/9, giving Orly Taitz little or no time to prepare her response……he said he didn’t receive the motion, so he wouldn’t even discuss the subject at this time, until he received it and had time to review and consider it in an unhurried fashion…….this was said over repeated protests by the Obama lawyers that there is “no case here”. (BRAVO JUDGE!!!) The Judge said that this typical “legal ambush-type tactics” will not be tolerated in His courtroom! Timely responses are required by both sides going forward. This case is going to be tried to determine if OBAMA IS IN FACT ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. That is the goal of this court case, so that this matter can be laid to rest once and for all.

      (My impression: he is not going to tolerate Obama lawyer tactics to date to avoid determination of whether the facts reveal that Obama is entitled to be president or not. As such, I suspect unless, Orly Taitz really falls on her face here some how, he is going to error on the side of trying this case to put to rest any doubts or rumors of whether Obama is eligible to be president……THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS!!….because clearly if Obama had any legal “proof” that he is eligible to be president he wouldn’t be spending hundreds of Millions of Dollar$ preventing his “proof” from being seen. Right?)

      3) Unfortunately the Orly Taitz Team were in the middle of a dispute. Taitz wanted to separate out a couple defendants and let their case be tried separately by another attorney (Mr. Creep) that she doesn’t get along with…..or has problems working together with. She cited some instances in the past during critical periods of legal research and case development before a trial date, when the Mr. Creep (I’m not kidding that is his name) suddenly decided to go on a 2 week vacation, leaving Orly Taitz alone to do all the work. Naturally since this happened in the past, she is reluctant to “depend” upon him ever again. So in August she filed a motion to separate the cases. The Judge spent a great deal of time on this subject, his point being that separating the cases and making 2 cases out of one that are basically both on the same subject, (Is Obama eligible to be President) would only drag these cases out for 1 or 2 more years…..and what was
      the point of that?….this would be disadvantageous for the plaintiffs and the defendant (Obama)…..because all the while his authority as President would continue to be subject to question. So the Judge recessed the court and forced Orly Taitz and Mr. Creep to meet in chambers to hash out their differences, if possible. At this point we in the court room prayed that God would intervene so that this case would not be delayed any further than it already has been. When the court reconvened, no agreement was found between the two plaintiff attorneys, and so the Judge made the command decision to force them to work together. Orly Taitz protested that Mr. Creep (can’t get over his name) had a different interpretation of the legal requirements for a natural born citizen eligible for president. The Judge responded, that that was ok and they could in fact even present conflicting arguments, but that the court would be able to understand this and be able
      to handle it and still make a sound decision on this case. So that was the end of that subject.

      (My opinion here: I’m not sure what is really going on behind the scenes. The Judge mentioned that perhaps the reason for the division of the cases was motivated by desires for “fame and glory”….that could be what’s going on. Or we among the spectators wondered if Mr. Creep had been bought off by the Obama camp…..and may even be sending info to the Obama camp. He wanted to delay the case and drag it out, it appeared to me. The Judge intervened and said that he would speak to the lower court judge and ask for a change of date, so that this case of National Importance could move forward as quickly as possible. Also Orly Taitz comments that in a prior trial situation Mr. Creep suddenly decided to take off and go on vacation. Naturally we are not privy to all the facts, but on the surface it appears that Orly Taitz has a very valid point if indeed he did that to her. Also Mr. Creep tends to side with a very lenient interpretation of the
      law regarding requirements of a “natural born citizen”, and he has proven to perform in a manner which would lend to delaying or derailing this case. So folks, this is a BIG point of prayer focus. ONLY GOD knows what is really going on behind the scenes and what real motivations are. I’m not even sure how to pray. God bring unity? Or God have Mr. Creep dismiss himself from this case? When I listen to Orly Taitz and have seen what she has done and is doing and when she speaks she seems to have very strong conviction about this case…..passionately so. She’s a real fighter. But I also noticed that she made some technical “mistakes” for lack of a better word…..which the Judge has decided to over-look. The Obama lawyers ONLY look for technical mistakes to delay and end each case. So in my humble opinion, I think Orly Taitz could use a very savvy lawyer to work with her on the case…….but naturally not someone who would
      deliberately derail the case. Orly Taitz is a Dentist and Lawyer and Mother trying to juggle all these responsibilities and try this case of National Historical Importance, in her spare time? Her opposition are slick top attorneys from the U.S. Justice Dept. Consequently, I would love to see someone like Jay Sekulow from ACLJ work on this case with Orly. I think she would benefit from that type of help. But I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes. These are just the impressions and the gut feelings I came away with. I would hate to have this case lost because of a “fumble” that a more experienced attorney would never make.)

      4) For the rest of the case, the Judge pretty much asked all attorneys to clear their schedules now so that this case could be tried as quickly as possible. Everyone but Orly Taitz complained about this, of course, but the Judge cut to the heart of each complaint and resistance raised and shattered any attempts to delay the course of these proceedings. So there will be a hearing this Friday, 9/11/9, another on 10/5/9, another on 11/14/9, and another on 1/11/9.

      5) Before we adjourned Orly Taitz brought up the fact that she has a key witness who is from abroad, the man who obtained the authenticated Kenyan Birth Certificate for Obama. She said the man is in fear of his life, and will not be able to be relieved of this fear until he has given his testimony. Orly elaborated that his fear is not unfounded. She experienced having her automobile tampered with, and could have easily exploded if a mechanic hadn’t found the tampering. Also, there was a case in March 2008 regarding someone hacking into and tampering with Obama’s passport records. The guilty party, agreed to go states witness with the FBI, and he was shot to death in Wash DC before he could complete his testimony. So the Judge asked the Obama attorneys if they would go along with allowing this witness to give his testimony, and then this witness could be called back at a later time during the trial. This would give the Obama attorneys a chance
      to see what the plaintiff’s case was, giving them a leg-up. But the Obama attorneys, of course, said absolutely no. The Judge suggested that the two sets of attorneys meet and depose this key witness this week while the witness was in this country, and the Obama attorneys said that was impossible.
      6) I sat next to the Producer of the Glenn Beck show on Fox News! He is a devout Christian!….and he said he is pastor too…… a pastor who reads his Bible! There was also a film director on site who filmed the Orly Taitz supporters (the “birthers”) after the hearing was over, on the court house steps. At this time they filmed the key witness of the Kenyan Birth Certificate. He had the authenticated birth certificate with him (not a copy), and held it up to the camera and read his sworn statement on camera surrounded by about 40 spectator/witnesses. We did this in case this witness meets an “untimely death” (murdered or suicided or accidental deathed). A list of us of are witnesses to his testimony and saw the original birth certificate.

      7) I was up until midnight making signs/posters for this event. They were used at this documentary filming post hearing. I met a lot of wonderful dedicated patriotic Christians today……its sad to leave them and head for SF now. I bequeathed my signs/posters to the Orly Taitz team for future hearings. In all it a very memorable experience. God is IN this, there is NO question about that. The wheels of justice grind very slowly……too painfully slow for me personally. But I have confidence that with the court room filled with devout praying Christians, that this case will end in victory……and I’m not exaggerating at all. This Judge is anxious to at the facts and end the rumors about Obama, and he is not willing to put up any nonsense that complies with the letter of the law, but not the substance of the law. Unless the Orly team fall on their faces, this Judge seems to be anxious to subpoena all of Obama’s records and get to the bottom
      of the facts as soon as possible. Some have said that even if this case is won, it will be appealed to the 9th District Federal Court, in San Francisco, a bastion of liberal LEFTS. BUT, if Orly Taitz wins this case, it will be because either 1) sufficient evidence was found to convict Obama of fraud because he is not a natural born citizen according to the Constitution and he knows he is not eligible to be president (since Obama is an attorney himself, he can hardly “Oops, I didn’t know”.), or 2) Obama has no evidence to prove that he is a natural born citizen according to the Constitution, and Obama has known this, and again would be guilty of premeditated fraud. Either way, with this conviction of such Federal offences, Obama will be hand-cuffed and removed from the Oval office in shame, and escorted to a penitentiary. He can appeal all he wants but he is out of office and in prison for the duration of these appeals.

      If Obama is convicted of defrauding the American People, and he is ineligible to be President, the Democrats put an invalid ticket on the ballots last November, so their entire ballot is tossed out. The winner of last November’s election will go to the Presidential candidate with the 2nd most votes, that being the McCain/Palin ticket.


      1) Continue to hold this Judge up in prayer. Ask God to continue to shower him with God’s wisdom and insist into the truth, and the courage to render a righteous decision……cutting through all the cloak and dagger and wicked schemes of the Obama team of lawyers.

      2) This is a real David and Goliath situation. A woman with children and a dental practice is trying to bring Obama to justice. Meanwhile the Obama camp has 600 lawyers working on his cases, not to mention the U.S. Justice Dept (i.e., OUR Tax Dollars) burning the midnight oil trying to find ways to derail this case. So we need to pray for supernatural wisdom and cunning for Orly. And personally, I would pray that God would a Messianic Christian Attorney in to volunteer to assist Orly Taitz. (Note: Orly Taitz is Jewish and is unsaved. But I think she would work with a Jewish Messianic Christian….like Jay Sekulow? What better case could Jay Sekulow work on, I ask you? The fate of this entire nation hangs in the balance of THIS CASE!)
      3) We need to pray about the lack of unity on the Plaintiff Attorneys (Orly Taitz and Creep). Not sure how to pray here. Should we pray that Creep dismiss himself from the case and let Orly go it alone? Or should we pray that God bind them together so they can work effectively together, and the two being better than either one alone? They are up against a formidable force with the 600 Obama lawyers. But if Mr. Creep is actually an Obama supporter, and here to spy on and undermine this case, God should remove him. But only God knows for sure what is right here. Ask the Holy Spirit your prayer here. But make no mistake the current lack of unity is a major stumbling block to this case. It’s a subject worthy of serious prayer focus.

      4) Pray for Divine Protection of Plaintiff Attorneys and their families (Orly Taitz), the key plaintiff witnesses and the Judge. Plead the blood of Jesus over them daily! Pray that God sends confusion into the enemy Obama camps and continues to confound them and cut them off at the pass with every evil maneuver they come up with.

      OK, folks I am exhausted. I should have been packing for my move up to SF, but I felt called strongly by God to put my persona interests aside for this weekend and do whatever I could to assist Orly Taitz with this Landmark Court Case, and I’ve been working around the clock for the past 3 days on this! This weekend it seemed as important as the air I breathe. I can’t stand injustice……and I’ve been heart-broken since Nov 2008 with the wicked direction this country has gone in. I feel as though our country has been hijacked…..and we have an illegal alien sitting in OUR oval office and to date Congress and the Watchdog (or should I say Lapdog) Media have all been complicit in this crime against the 300 Million Americans they are “suppose to “ SERVE. But God has raised up little Orly Taitz a Dentist/Attorney/Mother to take on Goliath (Satan) for us, and try to wrestle this country back into our hands again. That’s a worthy cause. It
      has given me hope again. I feel strongly that God is IN this whole issue/case, and Victory is ours for the taking IF we will PRAY with all our hearts and DO all that we can to aid this heroic effort for the sake of future generations……assuming the Lord tarries (which I hope He does not, but we don’t know). Anyway, Saturday when I came across the post on the internet about this upcoming landmark historical case being tried in MY backyard, even if none came with me, I knew I was going to be there! And I couldn’t rest until I did everything in my power to get a good representation of Christian support at that court house.

      Ok, thanks for listening. Thanks for your prayers! Lets fight this good fight. Victory IS within OUR reach, thanks be to God! Pray and BELIEVE! Pray like your life and the life of this nation depends upon it, because it does!

      PS: I can’t emphasize enough: Christians really need to be IN the court room and being praying as the court case is going on. Being there also helps the Christians to know how to pray specifically.

    5. juleswheel on September 9th, 2009 2:35 pm

      Wow, Steve Holloway, please get some help, asap. I will pray for you that you will be delivered from your delusional mental anguish.

    6. brie. on September 9th, 2009 3:29 pm

      God love ya Steve!!!

      Rev Wright probably sneaks in the back door…I don’t believe Obama…

      The first American black president…he is half white you idiots…not that it makes a difference because he proclaims to be black….a man wanting to make history…maybe in Kenya!!!

      We don’t need his communistic and liberal attitude..he was voted in by the American people, if the numbers were correct, which I doubt, so we need to remove him from office…..He is destroying America…

      His health care program is to eliminate Senior Citizens,without care and therefore help Social Security….you can die under his health care… my neighbor has a friend that has vaginal cancer and under the new plan, she only has a one time attempt to cure her cancer….if it doesn’t work that is all she gets…the doctor said you mise as well lay down in the corner until your number is up…..this is pathetic…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Damn Democratics..!!!!.

    7. brie. on September 9th, 2009 3:45 pm

      Obama…the bomb that hit America!!!

    8. Steve Holloway on September 9th, 2009 4:14 pm

      #5 juleswheel If you want to name call…I will pass on your pray. And no I am NOT in mental anguish because God is in CONTROL, not O.

      I will say this, God may use O to bring judgement on America for its sins.

      I just reported on what is going on. I didn’t cause this problem, O did. Now it needs to be straighten out.

      Why would O spend time, money and resources on blocking his records?

      I’m sorry you can’t answer that can you julewheel?

      And you really don’t want the truth to come out do you?

      I do feel sorry for you………

    9. super dave on September 9th, 2009 4:46 pm

      obama does not know what the term truth means. neither do any of his henchmen. his administration is chocked full of tax evaders. no more than petty criminals given high paying jobs as payback for favors done for obama.

    10. yoyo muffintop on September 9th, 2009 6:49 pm

      #5 is right. I sure as heck hope you are very far away from any children – what you just ranted about in #4 is classic “i’ve got somebody locked in a shed for the last 10yrs” type stuff ala Phillip Garrido.

      Your post #4 is the rantings of a lunatic. You need to get some help.

    11. super dave on September 10th, 2009 7:13 am

      seems yoyo just like most of the democraps are
      athiests. no religion except communism. what a sad bunch of human waste.

    12. Steve Holloway on September 11th, 2009 10:03 am

      #10 yoyo My help comes from the Lord. PS I am a great father, husband and provider.

      Your words mean nothing to me……………

    13. Sunnstarr on September 11th, 2009 2:22 pm

      Thanks to Steve Holloway for the excellent report on the Obama Discovery Hearing and congratulations to Orly Taitz and Judge Carter.

      People with good character and integrity always stand up for the truth.

      Please folks, if you don’t have faith in prayer and have chosen to put your faith in Obama, at least refrain from childish insults. Do some research and try to enlighten others with what you find.

      These are dangerous times for America. We are under a two-pronged attack: From one side we have Radical Islam, from the other, the globalist banksters in charge of the Federal Reserve System.

      On our side we have ‘Freedom of Speech’ by way of the Internet, protection from big government and tyranny from the ‘U.S. Constitution’, and yes, most of us can count on our faith and prayers.

      Please view the “Creature from Jeckyl Island” and “Geert Wilders’ Islamification Speech in LA – April 2009″ on Youtube. Educate yourselves while these videos are still available.

    14. joesmith on September 17th, 2009 7:07 am

      Moyers isn’t referring to all or even most Republicans. The “crackpots” he refers to are members of a Church in Arizona who routinely pray for Obama, and others with whom they disagree, to get terribly sick and die. Not very Christian.

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