Obama’s Green Czar Van Jones Also a Mumia Abu Jamal Supporter and a Music Video … Van Jones Must Go!


To second Blue Crab Boulevard HOW MUCH MORE!!!

How much more garbage are we going to learn about Obama’s Green czar Van Jones and his comments, associations and views? How much more hemorrhaging is the Obama administration willing to suffer with Van Jones? Now comes out that Van Jones is a Mumia Abu Jamal supporter. Good grief!!!

I guess the Obama White House missed this too in their vetting process of Van Jones? The question is not whether Van Jones resigns or is fired from the Obama White House, the questions to The One is how the hell was he allowed in the first place?

You have not seen or heard anything yet until you watch the YouTube video below, thanks to The Gateway Pundit. It is unbelievable.

Barack Obama’s wacky communist-Truther Green Czar who hated Bush, whitey and capitalism also spent some time in the music studio. While he was director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Van Jones cut a vile CD against whites, the government, Israel, The Man, oil companies, and everything else American.
Van Jones was even featured in the recording!

Warning: offensive language … actually the entire video is pretty offensive

Funny, I missed this music video on MTV

Keep in mind Green czar Van Jones is responsible for $30 billion of stimulus money with no accountability. And still has a job. It is certainly interesting to see the type of people that Barack Obama surrounds himself with.

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    8 Responses to “Obama’s Green Czar Van Jones Also a Mumia Abu Jamal Supporter and a Music Video … Van Jones Must Go!”

    1. Michelle Smith on September 5th, 2009 1:22 pm

      WOW! That really made me physically ill. How disturbing.

      The problem is that there are still plenty of people in this country that believe Obama & congress are doing the right thing and agree with obamacare. It’s absolutely frightening to think this many people want something for free…only it’s not free because the taxpayers are paying for it.

      How many time I have heard that Bush went to war over oil, yet we are not in control of the oil in Iraq. Does not make any sense.

      Obama says he was against the war but has yet to bring our troops home. Liar,Liar,Liar

      I’m sick of politicians on both sides. We need to clean house and start over. We need politicians that work for “we the people” and not themselves. We need politicians who care about the Constitution and the Bill or Rights.

      Power hungry, greedy politicians will destroy our freedoms and tax & spend us into poverty.

      They keep taking & taking till there will be nothing left to take.

      God help us

    2. Jayne on September 5th, 2009 1:44 pm

      How many other czars are just as anti USA? There is over thirty czars, I think, does anyone know for sure? If this one goes so must all the others.

    3. Scared Monkeys on September 5th, 2009 2:35 pm

      I distinctly remember everyone being warned that this would happen if Barack Hussein Obama was elected.

      Is it any coincidence that he surrounded himself with people like Bill Ayers and Rev Wright. We were supposed to believe in 20 years that Obama never heard any hate or racism or anti-American rhetoric from Wright.

      Guess what America, i think Barack was listening.


    4. Maggie on September 5th, 2009 3:08 pm

      Can you see the FBI vetting this guy to work for the U.S. govt.? If they did and missed all that something is wrong with the FBI..if it wasn’t made known.then someone is keeping secrets.

      All these czars and noone knows anything about them.. Why didn’t they have to go through Congress hearings first? The car czar came out shortly after he was appointed and said I know nothing about cars.

      Ayers..Wright this guy, geithner, Seriously if you went to work for the govt..and had these people in your group of friends..FBI wouldn’t let you in.. What is going on.

    5. Maggie on September 5th, 2009 3:09 pm

      Charlie Rangel needs to go.. Chris Dodd who tried to redeem himself some during Ted Kennedy’s funeral, needs to go.. Barney Frank needs to go.. Enough is enough.

    6. Greg the Mongoose on September 6th, 2009 1:59 am

      Van Communist resigned! Oh happy DAY.

    7. flutter1 on September 6th, 2009 1:03 pm

      “The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.” –Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1823. ME 15:491

      Jefferson knew the importance of a free and independent press. The MSM no longer fits that description. Thank GOD for the internet which now serves to fill the void that that once was the domain of conventional journalists.

    8. krys on September 6th, 2009 1:40 pm

      What get’s me mad is my tax money paying this guy $170,000 anually and what is so scary is this can claim executive priviledge good riddence

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