Reefer Madness … Christopher J. Gray Arrested for Advertising Pot for Sale on Craigslist … 420


Craigslist in the news again …

A note to drug dealers … the police know what 420 means as well. Heck, who doesn’t? I guess ReeferMadnessthose who sell pot on Craigslist do not.

30 year old Christopher J. Gray was arrested by Quincy, MA police for advertising pot, marijuana, cannabis, reefer on-line on Craigslist. It would seem that once again Craigslist has got another black eye. This time for the advertising of illegal drugs. With Craigslist being in the news so much recently, and not for the good, one wonders why anyone would not think that law enforcement is not keeping a special eyes on the on-line site these days?

Quincy police arrested a man advertising his wares on the online classified site Craigslist with the words “420 help is here.” Drug detectives knew that in the cannabis culture, 420 means getting high on marijuana.

The Craigslist item said “Give me a ring if you need some help,” and listed a phone number, which a detective called Friday.

He told the man who answered, later identified as Christopher J. Gray, 30, of Marlborough, that he wanted to buy a quarter ounce of marijuana, and a meeting was set up for later that day in parking lot on Southern Artery.

Just as an FYI for those not familiar with the “420” reference, this was how I learned what the reference stood for … a group of California high school students in the 1970s used to meet at 4:20 p.m. each day to smoke marijuana.

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    9 Responses to “Reefer Madness … Christopher J. Gray Arrested for Advertising Pot for Sale on Craigslist … 420”

    1. txchic on June 24th, 2009 4:02 pm

      idiots like this don’t deserve to walk amongst us. i really take no issue with what the guy does in his own home but i imagine that he’s now sporting a dunce cap at the county jail. what a dork.

    2. PlatinumSkye on June 24th, 2009 7:56 pm


      Marijuana is a dangerous substance that causes people to commit more crimes just to get more dope. It also causes many cancers and other serious diseases which makes taxpayers pay millions each year. Plus most “legal” marijuana suppliers are nothing but drug dealers with a named business.

      The first line is what this moron has been brainwashed by the liberals.

    3. on June 24th, 2009 8:16 pm

      I’m sorry, never heard of that reference (420) before.

    4. Dolf on June 25th, 2009 5:22 am

      me neither.

      and legalize

      alcohol and tabacco are worse.

      and that if you smoke weed you will use harddrugs as well is totaly BS

    5. Justen on June 25th, 2009 9:00 am

      The thing with craigslist is that anyone can post there, and anyone else can view it; there’s no review process except the public moderation. As such it is sort of an idiot trap. Good on the cops for paying it some attention. It’s sad that their time is wasted on such a frivolous law, but I’m glad law enforcement is starting to adapt to new technologies.

    6. SUPER DAVE on June 25th, 2009 10:56 am

      yep, you can walk one block and legally buy the two biggest killers of all. alcohol and tobacco. during prohibition illegal alcohol sales and crime were abondant. after it was legalized, most of this crime went away.
      just by decriminalizing marijuana, alot of kids’lives would not be ruined due to having 10.00 worth of pot,and the prisons would not be full, thus lessning the burden on the taxpayer.

    7. Scott on June 25th, 2009 11:03 am

      #2 – you’re an idiot! FALSE information!

      Dolf – you’re a liar…never heard of 420…please. It’s all over Amsterdam!

    8. PlatinumSkye on June 25th, 2009 11:25 am

      4 – Blame Franklin Roosevelt (Democratic) for the legalization of alcohol.

    9. Dolf on June 26th, 2009 5:21 am

      yep never heard of 420

      wait…maybe we have a different name for it…a Dutch name……(Amsterdam being Dutch and all)

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