4 Year Old Missing Haylee Donathan Found Safe … Sex Offender Robbie Robbi” Potter and Girlfriend Candace Watson (Haylee Mom) Arrested


Thankfully, missing Haylee Donathan found safe!!!

Haylee Donathan, 4, was found safe at a communal farm in rural San Diego, CA called the Morning Star Ranch. Also found at this location was 27 year old convicted sex offender Robbi Potter and Haylee’s 24 year old mother, Candace Watson. Both have been taken into custody and arrested.

Why are we witnessing recently mothers with young children associating with known convicted sex offenders and playing a deadly game of chicken with their children’s lives?


Missing Haylee Donathan found safe

4 year old Haylee Donathan had been missing since May 31, 2009 when she was picked up by her mother, Candace Watson, and the mother’s boyfriend, Robbie Potter. Both are were wanted by police as days before Haylee Donathan went missing, her mother helped Robbi Potter, a convicted sex offender escape from a half way house in Mansfield, Ohio. Robbi Potter is a Tier III sex offender, the most serious classification.

Robbie_Potter-sex offender

Robbi Potter, convicted sex offender arrested

Robbi Potter was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in federal court in San Diego, CA for allegedly violating terms of his supervised release in northern Ohio. Candace Watson is due in court tomorrow.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Ruben Brooks told Potter he was accused of violating probation for allegedly absconding from a Volunteers of America halfway house on May 28 without notifying his probation officer of his new address.

Potter also allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the halfway house on May 25, the judge said.


Candace Watson, mother of Haylee arrested … no chance of this woman ever being nominated as mother of the year after exposing her child to a tier 3 sex offender.

Once again we are presented with a case where a mother has little regard for their daughter as they associate with a convicted sex offender while the safety of their child be damned. A similar situation to missing and later deceased 5 year old Nevaeh Buchanan whose mother Jennifer Buchanan seemed to have no issue to knowingly exposing her child to convicted sex offender like like George Kenney and Roy Smith. In this case, Nevaeh Buchanan was not so lucky to have been found alive.

By all accounts Candace Watson helped Potter, a convicted sex offender escape, a half-way house. Thus, she aided and abetted a known criminal and exposed her 4 year old child to a sex offender. When found by police, Candace Watson’s hair was a bit darker and Robbi Potter also changed his appearance. It will be all but impossible for the mother to say that she was not complicit in any crime involving Potter’s escape.

What possesses a woman to expose their child to a sex offender? Who plays Russian roulette with their child’s safety like this? A a convicted tier three sex offender to boot. It is one thing to be stupid enough to put one’s self at risk with a convicted sex offender, but one’s child as well! Candace Watson needs to be sent away for a long time and never be able to gain custody of her child ever again.

Tier 3 (High risk)

A convicted sex offender who is assessed as posing a substantial risk of recidivism and threat to public safety. Requires notification to law enforcement, organizations in the community, including schools, religious and youth organizations, prosecutors and courts and general community notification. The same information listed under Tier 2 is also available to the public on Tier 3 offenders


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    4 Responses to “4 Year Old Missing Haylee Donathan Found Safe … Sex Offender Robbie Robbi” Potter and Girlfriend Candace Watson (Haylee Mom) Arrested”

    1. Dan on June 25th, 2009 6:01 am

      Lets hope this child wasn’t harmed. This mother makes me sick. I hope she gets the max on the charges she will face. As for creepy child rapist, he needs to go away for good. How do you have a rating system on a rapist? This guy should never see the light of day……

    2. ANewGirl on June 25th, 2009 8:30 am

      I agree that ANY parent who exposes a child KNOWINGLY to a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER should automatically lose custody of their child(ren.) This fits the description of an
      “unfit parent”.

      To endanger your child in this manner with knowledge beforehand is negligent and this Mother is guilty of CHILD ENDANGERMENT. What makes a Mother do this? Insecurity, stupidity, selfishness, mental incompetence. We have to keep asking—what is WRONG with ANY MOTHER who would do this? Obviously, something or all of the above?? How are our laws written to held parents responsible for these crimes against children?

      Thank God this is one child who was lucky enough to have intervention before she paid with her life or was subjected to any further harm.

    3. Justen on June 25th, 2009 9:12 am

      “Why are we witnessing recently mothers with young children associating with known convicted sex offenders and playing a deadly game of chicken with their children’s lives?”

      Nothing has changed here, this has been going on for a long, long time and if anything is on the decline. What *has* changed is that the news media has latched on to this narrative because it pulls in ratings. You’ll notice a common thread: pretty little girl, trashy mother. There are plenty of kids being kidnapped every day and thousands in the same kind of risky situations, but the pretty girl-trashy mom story is hot in the media so that’s the one you hear about. It makes for good TV. Once people get sick of hearing about it it’ll go back under the table and these children will be still be suffering.

    4. Michelle Smith on June 25th, 2009 10:55 am

      My question is this: Why was this animal out of jail? He was staying in a halfway house and he’s a sex offender. He should have been locked away for life and never allowed to walk among the general public.

      I still have a hard time understanding why any mother would knowingly put her child in harms way.

      Thankfully the child is out of the mother’s care or lack thereof I should say and hopefully she can be placed with someone who will give her the love & attention she deserves & needs.

      What is sad is how much of this is happening everyday that we don’t hear about.

      Some people should never reproduce.

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