Mike Tyson’s 4 Year Old Daughter Exodus dies after Hanging Incident … Taken off Life Support



The 4 year old daughter of former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson has died. She had been earlier rushed to the hospital in critical condition after she was found hanging by her 7 year old brother from an exercise machine cable at the Tyson home. Well you like or dislike Mike Tyson, it need not matter. No one should ever lose a child. Say a prayer for Exodus and for Mike Tyson and his family.

Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support and in “extremely critical condition” after she was discovered hanging from a treadmill cable in her family’s Phoenix home, police said.

Exodus Tyson’s 7-year-old brother found her Monday with her neck in a cord dangling from the exercise machine, police Sgt. Andy Hill said, calling it a “tragic accident.”

The accident had left Tyson’s daughter in critical condition and on life support. Sadly, she died while on life support. The Tyson family has asked for privacy.

There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus,” the family said in a statement. “We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal.”

Tyson, who has been living in Las Vegas, flew Monday to Phoenix, where he was seen entering the hospital.

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    5 Responses to “Mike Tyson’s 4 Year Old Daughter Exodus dies after Hanging Incident … Taken off Life Support”

    1. Patti on May 27th, 2009 7:54 pm

      God, please let Exodus be okay. We are all sinners and fall short of your glory but it is not up to us to judge one another. I fear that she may have not had enough oxygen to her brain to be, truly, alive and if that’s so… please, give the family the strength they need to let go.

      Through Christ we pray…


    2. ANewGirl on May 28th, 2009 5:10 am

      We all know what a f’d up individual Mike Tyson is…regardless of all his new revelations about how he has “found God” in his life. Why is my Bullsh*t Meter going off on that one?

      PUHLEEZE! Now that Tyson has a gazillion different children from countless women—let me ask the obvious question here:


      Uhmmmn, ok. So real Mom in absentia—then- Mr.Tyson—WHERE WAS A NANNY OR OTHER CHILD CARE PROVIDER IN YOUR HOME?


      What a tragedy that another one of his young children had to discover this poor toddler, dead.

      We all realize that, indeed–accidents do tragically happen…but here is my question of the day to Mr. Mike Tyson:


      Dear Exodus-RIP Sweet Child.

    3. Carpe on May 28th, 2009 7:26 am

      Kids will get into anything and everything. I think they believe it to be their jobs or something.

      It would be great if you could stick them in an inflatable suit with a special helmet and let them bump around into stuff until they reach the age of 21. That’s not really feasible.

      Every day is a calculated risk and you are just working against the odds. Do the best you can, and then take it about 10 more steps. Because
      even the best of us at times are lying like a
      mf when we say “I am doing the best that I can!”

      I feel pretty sick about this one for the Tyson family. Nobody should have to lose a child. It is probably one of the worst things that can happen in life.

    4. ANewGirl on May 28th, 2009 11:01 am

      Carpe–I do appreciate where you are coming from and what you are saying….accidents are just that.,,horrible accidents.

      My sole point was..why would a man with his money and resources NOT have had a responsible adult supervising his children while he was away in Vegas. I do understand that even, we, as parents make mistakes and I also agree that losing a child for anyone is probably the worst thing to happen to anyone.

      I’m sorry—I just cannot believe that Mike Tyson couldn’t have had someone in his household watching out for these young children.

    5. Carpe on June 9th, 2009 7:19 pm

      Tyson got married over the weekend 6/8/2009!

      We all grieve differently? LOL

      Some cry for months on end, others throw big parties and stuff. Ya know, people are just
      funny like that!

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