Hillary Clinton to Get Secretary of State, Bill Must Provide Secret Donor Names


According to reports, Barack Obama will introduce Hillary Clinton on Monday as his Secretary of State. As Michelle Malkin stated, in the past the Clintons had long “refused to tell the public who was donating millions upon millions of dollars to Billy Boy’s charitable foundation and library fund during her presidential run”. However, it does not come without numerous strings attached. One can only speculate how a Clinton-Obama alliance will manifest itself in the future. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the ultimate “Odd Couple”, throw former President Bill Clinton into the mix and this may only represent headaches to come for the Obama Administration.

Clinton, Obama seal the deal

Clinton to Be Introduced as Part of Obama Security Team


If nothing else, this should be interesting

The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly for the transition team.

To make it possible for his wife to become the top U.S. diplomat, the officials said, former President Clinton agreed:

  • to disclose the names of every contributor to his foundation since its inception in 1997 and all contributors going forward.
  • to refuse donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Global Initiative, his annual charitable conference.
  • to cease holding CGI meetings overseas.
  • to volunteer to step away from day-to-day management of the foundation while his wife is secretary of state.
  • to submit his speaking schedule to review by the State Department and White House counsel.
  • to submit any new sources of income to a similar ethical review.

Bill Clinton’s business deals and global charitable endeavors had been expected to create problems for the former first lady’s nomination. But in negotiations with the Obama transition team, the former president agreed to several measures designed to bring transparency to those activities.

Now if only Barack Obama would make public the numerous individuals who donated to his campaign. Did any of the donations come from overseas?

The news conference at a Chicago hotel is scheduled to begin at 10:40 a.m. Eastern to introduce rival Hillary Clinton as the next Secretary of State.

Obama’s transition team gave the green light to Clinton’s nomination after lawyers worked out a remarkable agreement addressing potential conflicts of interest for former President Bill Clinton, who has extensive financial ties abroad.

Most remarkably, the former president agreed to release the long-secret list of 208,000 donors to his presidential library and foundation. As one of nine concessions, he has promised to put out the list by the end of the year.

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    1. Jeff Lockman on November 30th, 2008 2:19 pm

      I wonder how as State Secretary, Senator Hillary Clinton will approach the following dilemma:

      To what extent, the tragedy in Bombay (Mumbai) represents a devastating setback, both to Pakistani/Indian relations and to the wider war on terror?

      President elect Barack Obama had hoped to persuaded Pakistan to concentrate its gaze to the west, on Afghanistan, rather than east, on Kashmir. Would he instead, may find that he – and his allies – might wage a war on two fronts.

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