Not Quite RAthERGATE, but Tests Show That Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Is a Forgery


More Barack Obama Change you can Believe in …

It is not quite RAthERGATE … at least not yet. However, one really must ask the question why would anyone feel the need to present or post a fraudulent birth certificate?

In the end tests by ATLAS prove that the Barack Obama birth certificate that was was posted at the Far Left Daily Kos blog and the Barack Obama Fight the Smears website is a forgery. Define irony? Barack Obama setting up a web site to battle and disprove lies and misconceptions about Obama, only to have the very site have a forgery of Obama’s birth certificate on it. Simply amazing. Wouldn’t one presume, that a web site where the sole purpose is to counteract false rumors and accusations would actually not post fraudulent documents? Or is that asking too much? Once again, more chance we can believe on from Obama.


Fraudulent birth certificate

The further irony in this matter is the fact that the LEFT made quite a big deal earlier this year about where Republican candidate John McCain was born. Because McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936 the queries surfaced about whether that rules him out  Who knew we should have been asking Obama where he was born? Once again Democrats, I think thou dost protest too much.

Check out the comprehensive analysis done at ATLAS. As the Gateway Pundit has pointed out, they have even included the dreaded RGB value heat maps test in her report.

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    7 Responses to “Not Quite RAthERGATE, but Tests Show That Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Is a Forgery”

    1. Maury Amsterdam on July 20th, 2008 11:28 pm


      Obama’s Pastor Celebrates 9/11 (explicit) Only 5 Days After 3,000 Americans Killed

      Jeremiah Wright Says America Deserved 9/11

      Obamas Racially-Divisive Pastor

      Obama Disrespecting U.S. Flag and Anthem

      The Audacity of Barack Obama

      The Audacity of Barack Obama 2

      Is Obama Wright? – Pastor Wright and Senator Obama

      Obama’s Pastor – 9/11 Fault of Israel Association

      Barack Obama: There Will Be Bamboozling

      The Two Things Senator Obama Accomplished

      The Jeremiah Wright Lifetime Achievement Award

      Gaza Strip Palestinians Campaigning for Obama

      Barack Obama Doesn’t Want His Daughters Punished With a Baby

      Obama: Bitter Americans Cling to Guns and Religion

    2. LilPuma on July 21st, 2008 9:55 am

      Change? Not the same old politics as usual? Read about Obama’s endorsement of Todd Stroger, Cook County Board President, who has mishandled the County budget to the point where parts of the County Hospital (Stroger Hospital, named after Todd’s father) have had to close. So much for universal health care. And don’t forget that Michele tells us you need to give up a piece of your pie for this:

      Tuesday, May 13, 2008
      Stroger’s Mess
      Introduction: For full disclosure, I am supporter of Tony Peraica for Cook County State’s Attorney, and Peraica is a long time rival of not only Todd Stroger but his father John. That said, the reason that I support Peraica is he is one of the few in Cook County that is battling against the deep seeded corruption that exists there. Among Peraica’s biggest targets is Todd Stroger. Finally, for those outside of Chicago, keep in mind that Barack Obama endorsed Stroger in 2006 for Cook County Board President, campaigned for him, and now Stroger has returned the favor for Obama in the Presidential election. I believe that McCain and other Republicans would be wise to make an issue of Obama’s ties to corruption in his home city, county and state.


      Financial troubles at Cook County’s Stroger Hospital and health clinics are worse than previously reported. Officials tell CBS 2 that income fell short by $21.6 million in the first four months of the fiscal year, about 24 percent less than projected.


      This is the sort of political pedigree that Todd Stroger has. As the piece mentions, Stroger has recently passed the biggest sales tax increase in the United States. Despite that Cook County Hospital is struggling to survive. On top of this, CBS 2 has discovered several “friends of Stroger” that are currently holding onto cushy six figure jobs on the dime of Cook County tax payers.

      On a national level, to me the relationship between Stroger, as well as the entire Chicago, Cook County, and Springfield political machine and Barack Obama is the most important unreported story there is. While Barack Obama holds himself out as some sort of agent of change, he is in fact a product of the same corrupt and cynical political machine that produces the likes of Todd Stroger. Everything I have reported is common knowledge here in Cook County and yet Barack Obama campaigned for Todd Stroger and now Stroger is returning the favor this time around.

      It is simply disingenous and cynical for Obama to hold himself as some sort of agent of change when you consider that most of his biggest political allies are part of one of the most corrupt and cynical political machines in US history.

      It’s not guilt by association. Obama is very much a part of this corrupt political “machine”.

    3. LilPuma on July 21st, 2008 10:05 am

      Once again, we are supposed to trust and assume that, if elected, he will surround himself with good people to advise him, people who have expertise that he doesn’t possess because of his lack of experience. Yet, some of the people he surrounds himself with are posting fake birth certificates.

    4. flippy on July 21st, 2008 12:28 pm

      Personally I would expect any image scanned and posted online to be run through photoshop, and the basic batch of adjustments done (color fix, sharpen, etc). The fact that there is Photoshop in the EXIF is a non-starter.

      The misalignments are odd, though I have seen simular things when photoshop goes off and resizes/scretches images followed by additional “sharpen/Blur”. Why someone would do all those operations to a document…I dunno.

      Obama has many faults…work on those. People who delve into the fantastical (Like he is a radacial muslim or not even a citizen) are just drawing attention away from the real issues of this candidate.

    5. Juan on July 21st, 2008 7:35 pm

      “Purported Obama Birth Certificate”

    6. Susy Q on July 22nd, 2008 9:31 pm

      He was born in Hawaii wasn’t he… cousin was born in Honolulu in 1940. My uncle was stationed at Pearl Harbor. She is a US citizen. He could not run for President if he was not a citizen.

    7. DNC Top Executive "John" on October 12th, 2008 2:54 am

      Dear American People,

      Hello. I will not be giving you my real information, as it needs to remain secret – at least until after our plan is enacted. I am a Top Executive at the Democratic National Committee. I can tell you this. What you have have been suspecting is true – Barack Obama was not actually born in Hawaii. The document that we have provided him to show as his birth certificate is not authentic; it was created in our experimental laboratories at the DNC’s World Headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This experimental lab – and, this may be quite shocking – this lab is where Barack Obama himself was also created, almost 48 years ago, as part of PROJECT FLAGBURN.

      Yes, we had been trying for years, using the latest technology, to create the perfect candidate to enforce our liberal agenda. In the fall of 1960, we were finally successful, in our ninth try, in using recombinant DNA and artificial insemination to inject our carefully-crafted genetic material into an electronic womb (by bubbling Argon gas through radioactive stem cells). As the BARACK9 grew, we fed it nutrients infused with “Memory Cells” culled from the brainstems of famous left-wingers such as Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Ambrose Bierce – guaranteed to transmit our policies and doctrines into its growing brain. We radioactively stimulated the liberal centers of the brain and implanted radio-controlled microchips into its cerebellum.

      Here at the DNC, we detest nationalism, pride, the Christian religion, and our troops. We have decided that a hybrid of Communism and Islam would be a much better system for our country. As BARACK9 grew up, we taught it to have these values as well. When the time was right, we entered it into politics, controlling its brain with our “Brain-Control Device”. We also were responsible for 9/11, the financial crisis, and other key events to ensure that George Bush has a low approval rating. Now, the time has come. Soon BARACK9 will be voted in as the head of the most powerful country on earth. You will soon have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As his first act, Barack Obama will issue the following executive orders:

      1. All flags will be replaced with pictures of Barack Obama’s face
      2. All personal property and land of registered Republicans will be forfeit to the state
      3. All churches, pictures of Jesus Christ, and religious iconography will be destroyed immediately. All mentions of the Christian religion will be punished by death
      4. Everybody must wear a turban at all times and pray to Mecca 12 times a day
      5. Arabic will now be the official United States language
      6. The country will be renamed to The Islamic Communist Republic of Ameristan
      7. All white people must issue public apologies to minorities for former misdeeds of their race. The jobs and money of Whites will be offered to blacks, muslims, and atheists as punishment.
      8. White women will be offered as brides to black muslim men who get first priority of choosing up to ten wives. Whites will be put into forced labor camps for one year to show them what slavery was like
      9. All heterosexuals must issue public apologies to gays and lesbians. In order to increase sensitivity to homosexual issues, they will be incarcerated for one month with a homosexual member of the same sex who is allowed to use them as seen fit.
      10. Republicans will be branded with a R on their forehead and must kiss the buttocks of a liberal whenever requested to do so

      I am only divulging this because there is nothing which can be done about it at this point. We initially saw Sarah Palin as an immense threat to our cause, but we have launched a huge and successful disinformational smear campaign against her which has neutralized her influences.

      Prepare for your new leadership to begin on January 20!
      DNC Top Executive “John”

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